wednesday 12/08/2009


Sledg, Anita, Lea, Steve, Kerry, Alec, Larry/Vinny and Slyde

Lol,im shocked by the price when i calculate itsmiley

I don't think Montana/Sakrohm is a great combi for daily, because you will take long fight, both Clans aren't that suited for winning fast. But a solid deck would be something like

Uranus 3
Graksmxxt 4
Murray 3
Petra 4
Edd 4
Mona 3
Sphiagi 2
Sharon 3

26* for Type2 dt

It's really strange...if she were in there because Roots was in the top 5, there would be at least 4 Roots cards to vote for.

Are you sure she wasn't banned last week?

For the time being I'm aiming for a T1 or T2 deck, the difference is only a single star afterall. I'm not looking to enter Elo or Survival as they seem to be far more competitive than I feel like diving into.

Hey All,

I've just finished the groundwork for a new Urban Rivals fan site that gives detailed card information and more. Check it out:

It's just an initial alpha release, but I'd love to get some feedback.

tuesday 11/08/2009

Bristone and Veenyle together would make 2 DR's which is helpful. I could use Rolph/Platinum together to have -power together or get rid of Platinum in replace of Z3r0 D34d but the question is, is Zero worth it? Zero is pretty much Platinum only 2,500 less?

And Leviatonn is better obviously than Dolly/Luba .

Pls help me in changing my deck
should i replace eadh with sheitane?
or eadh is better and replace sargh with timmy?

tnx mods

Check these decks out:


need suggestions on how to one is my ELO deck, bottom is my survivor/DT type 2 deck.

many of you are going to start suggesting glorg and kolos as well as kenny....thats fine but remember i dont have any money left lol.....they are 2 great decks that are cheap....please, please, please comment!! i love people rating me green (the ones who rate red arent so popular) but if you leave a comment it really helps....caaelus is not an option either he is ELO banned....thanks mods and thanks guys for comments and stuff

I just want to know if it can do well in elo

Tanto89: No, It is different but it is mathematically not in any way better. I tried to explain this as easily as possible, but if you don't understand that, there's probably none at all way to make you understand, so I'll give up now.

I need help making a cheep pussycat deck thats will work in daily turnys!!!!!!

thx you for ur help

I prefer Piranas (maybe because i don't have Nightmare deck? lol) because they have better abilities, IMO. almost all the cards can be effective in bluffing, such as the +/- of the pills, +3 life of Rhed and some +/- of powers.

and i think Piranas have more solid Power cards than Nightmare

Out of the four cards you draw, whoever has the most stars will go first, its suposed to be a disadvantage to go first hence the higher star count gets that honor

You wait till the end of the week to see who has been banned by the players

Oh i stopped playing for a while, was still lv 13. started about 2 months ago again

I will make whitefang's statement more accurate..
common,uncommon and rare is the rarity of the card in the pack.. rare is the hardest to get ,common is the easiest

A tip: if you wanna play ELO, do not attempt to play Sentinel until Hawk and/or Copper are unbanned smiley

It is a pity that both are, as they do have other good cards - they are just one of those clans that needs their staple smiley

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