saturday 22/08/2009

Yup, it is like a chain, when you lose, you will lose again again and again
I learn from it, close your browser, take a break or rest, and then play again later

but for DT, I never have a bad day like that, maybe only in tournaments or ELO (especially using montana uppers.. it is hard to lose you know)

Random is not called a bug.
Random is random.
I strongly suggest you read the game's rules to know why random is called random.
If you do not like the results of playing in a room with random, the simple solution is not to play in rooms with random.

As for real bug issues, I suggest you contact customer support.

That's why it's called random.
You can only have a sure win if you have a sureshot. If you do not like how random goes, then I suggest play in rooms without the random where highest attack always wins.


Sorry, I had to use caps lock to get your attention. The voting ended 3 pages ago, stop it...

Jungo did once be on the ban list, and that time sylth was banned.
I believe last weak many cards were banned so that Jungo got more places than usual. This weak they are pretty rare to see again.

I don't think Skeelz are all that good (without Caelus at least). They have powerful abilities, but they're easy to stop/beat and they are fairly predictable. Without Caelus, I'd say they are on par with Junkz, Piranas and Gheist.

friday 21/08/2009

Does it look good?

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Use both:


Prince Jr/Spiaghi

Pirana, hands down. both have their pro and cons but overall the Pirana come out on top. when i run mono pirana here's what i use. Dalhia, Hawkins, Scubb, Smokey, Spycee, Sting, Tula, Tyd

Everything is in the game rules....


Rate and comment and tell me if I can make anything better smiley

Keep in mind what KON ARTIST said about Uranus and Petra. they're very powerful and could replace Corrina and Slopsh.

No..only one will work.. so its -2 min 3

Hi. i'm looking for a deck for each format.
i need a elo deck. a dt t1 deck and dt t2 deck and a survivor deck.

i got bangers, pussycats, junkz, sents, freaks, gheist, roots, and sakrohm.(got mor clans but useless cards)
so can anyone help me get good decks? i also got 12k to buy for atm.
(vermyn n is 3 star and my charlie is 4)

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Anymore suggestions?

Only overpowered Skeelz is Caelus. Everyone else is either prerictable or just not all that good.

Lvl up cards untill it takes one more game to lvl them them stop and sell them smiley

Sorry to say to the people, I don't have many EVO cards. I use pure max level cards in my ELO decks
Just saying. And thanks for everybody who has posted, I hope to see more. I have used one of the ELO decks that have been posted and I am very happy with the results. 5 battles yesterday with no losses. I faced good hands though.

thursday 20/08/2009

Air Gear has it spot on Dragon, covered pretty much everything there smiley

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