thursday 20/08/2009

Well, considering that Ulu Watu/Sakrohm with Ambre or Morphun are out there, I wouldn't exactly call this the ultimate T2S deck.

I lost once i had 104 att he had 80 an i lost my guy didnt get one shoot off my leader was obliterated dotn know how but it happned

Oh i was just trying out GHEIST but ill delete it

Dolly --> brstone
Marina --> robb
Methane --> Rolph

Then you get one hell of a deck, very annoying to face

Virtually any deck can make 1300 . BAse the deck around 2 clans you're used to playing .

Bangers = blaaster graff bball shogunn
marina = marina/striker randy jessie robb


@captain wild: it already was like that before the addition of this feature

wednesday 19/08/2009

The GHEIST - Bangers deck is the one you should make into T2 in my opinion. They have the best 4* and 5*

I don't really know much about T2 tbh though, so good luck smiley

I know all the cards by hart an wich is best as wath i just cant put to gether the best thats why i asken for help.

Lyse Teria Cr for Mona of course and then it is almost unbeatable. I´ve already said before in another topic that the extremely unfair and overpowered Lyse Teria Cr (Best power, best ability, best attack bonus, only 3 stars) should be banned in tournaments for more fairness but unfortunately almost nobody agreed. So the very few super rich players with Lyse Teria Cr will easily dominate the tournaments for ever with that beast. They do not need more clintz but with this card they win one tournament after the other.

But back to the topic. What can you do against such an overpowered hand? The best thing in a desperate situation is to do unexptected things. For example play your best card with 7 pillz in round 1 (many noobs play their best card with 6 pillz and uppers/montana players often use just enough pillz to beat that. Then 7 pillz can surprise them). Then you threaten k.o. in round 2 and this gives you a winning chance - maybe you go for the k.o., maybe you bluff...

I am pretty sure he is comparing 4* lulabee to a 4* Weelee

Sometimes its easier to lose against noobs tbh. If you're not careful in treating your opponent with respect their pill usage can often surprise you as they often pill relatively evenly in an attempt to win all 4 rounds - something that not many L30+ players do.

So I try not to change my playstyle too much smiley

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Ville prøvd meg på Ulu Watu!

How about a 6K deck? smiley

This: is immense! 9 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss in 12 games! It's so solid!

I got Jackie in a pack once

@ the original question, get some inexpensive nightmare and insert them to start. You'll get the feel of how to play them and there are some really good cheap nightmare out there. Erzsebet, Sargh and eadh are all page 1 on the market and will cost you under 1K total. Depending on what stars you need (ELO) or what card you want, use the rest of the clintz toward something like Dieter. Staple nightmare and will train you for Glorg, one of the big boys.

I'd say Skiner is better than Dayton. My first replay was the cards in, not my list. Here's the list:


You cant.. smiley you can even get all montanas or all uppers smiley there is no way you can determine the 2 & 2 card each time

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