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friday 04/09/2009


majority wins..

rolph is the winner!!smiley thnx guys!!

You could try a dual-clan deck. Maybe with an attack clan to help you on the Uppers problem.

Lol, take Luba out and put in Platnium, may be bad but a good reducer. smiley

I'm running a Pussycats/Uppers type 2 deck, and need some help improving it. The cards in it are:



I'm thinking about swapping Zatman (or another uppers card) in to replace a pussycat so that I get the Uppers bonus more often, but I can't decide which one to get rid of because they're all so useful. I use clara to negate those annoying clan bonuses, and the only SOB Uppers has is Samantha, whose low power and damage make it not a fit for my style of play. Emma and Louise are both powerhouses and wonderful bluffs, and Yayoi's SOA in combination with Jackie's is pretty powerful.

I'm also thinking about swapping Hugo out for Ambre once I get enough Clintz, or plain swapping out Hugo for an Uppers. What should I do?

Guys you've gotta remember that some of these abilties would just be too complicated to factor into your thinking in a game where time is limited. The above 'Patience' idea is a prime example. It's a good idea in theory, but it would annoy me in games trying to work it out smiley

thursday 03/09/2009

Hmm good idea tanto ima give it a try

Kool I went with Sakrohm thanks

Just a suggestion, Dreen to Veenyle. You already have 2 other cards with DR. No sense in having 3 and Dreen is a machine.

Actually if you look at my suggestion just above, there is still one card missing that is Oxen

Hugo Nellie Oxen Rubie Wendel Samantha Burt Stanford

That is my 1200 ELO deck smiley

No La Junta mono is acceptable without Emeth. Emeth is the reason why it's even viable in the first place. And Emeth is a bit out of this guy's price range :/

The thing is that Jungo, GHEIST and Nightmare all require pills to function, and La Junta eats up a lot of that. Pussycats can work out, but not without expensive cards such as Yayoi and Charlie, which is a little intimidating to get when you're new.

You're best off sticking with attack manipulation clans who can save pills for La Junta's nuke cards. Sakrohm can do very well considering that Petra and Uranus KO with lots of La Juntas, though you'd have to save up for Uranus. Junkz also has lots of nice reducers to help La Junta as well as some great pill savers like Gibson. Sentinel can do decently, and are fairly cheap right now (Hawk likely won't get any cheaper than 3600 unless another Action guy goes Cr). Uppers and Montana of course also do well but as clans the former is kind of boring and the latter you don't want.

wednesday 02/09/2009

No they aren't really
a) its not even 25*
b) you can probally get to a maximum of 1100 elo but thats it really.
the cards are okay but in elo you kinda need the best of the best in order to do well. okay yes you can have the occasional neverused card but thats more pro stuff. anyway...
i would just keep upgrading and upgrading to get the best deck possible really
look in the lovely public presets for the best deck possible with them and then what i do is aspire to that deck.

Mainly t1 as i am a new player but eventually would like to make it elo compatible but t1 dailys for now

you still have your 8 card deck
and you get drawn 2 of your own cards as does your ally
your life is between the two of you
and as i said pillz will be shared between you.
it could be very interesting
it would create new tactics and everything
only problem is noobs.
so maybe 20+ only

The Leader clan is a clan all on their own. You can use a Leader with any clan and that Leader's ability will be in play.

Yeah, you might have.

There isnt reall a place to ask that specific question other than here unfortunalty. I am adding some links that may help you though.
Points Table

Time alotments

What exactly is your question in regards to the penalty points? Maybe one of us could help you.

Here is some links that will help you out. Plus I will send you more detailed info in your PM (private message)

Game Rules
In this link you will find many other links that will aid you in your battles and
most of the questions you may have.

Layout of your cards
This will show you what all the numbers mean as well as what is your bonus or ability

Abilities and bonuses
A overview of the abilities and bonuses

Overview of the clans
A basic who is who of the clans

Tutorial of how to play

Thanks to you all for your input, and as for doing the 2 most right things, LOL, i just studied up on the cards. As for the deck idea, i think it will take me a little while to afford that, but yeah looks good. I want Vladimir. Im saving!

Mono montana 1300
montanta+hugo 1300
Jungo+Sakrohm 1300
Pirana+Jungo 1300
mono uppers 1300
uppers+hugo+uranus 1350

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