friday 07/08/2009

Mod please close....thanks

I am look for a nice strong elo deck any ideas for this deck plz let me know

Man go mono know one else does it but me and mabey a few international players i garuentee that you will do well. oh and listen to the suggestions i said before they are neraly the best advice you can get. if you half deck with fpc now your just be insulting your self. you have all their cr's...but i do feel like elya cr is only ok but whatever she can be pretty deadly and she is a cr so just keep her. but o david o does have a good idea and i have thouht about it a few might want to try that i would be pretty deadly.


Any recommended changes?

An 11 power isnt threatening unless they have a high damage count and the number of pillz they use on it for example kolos is the best one he is a 7/10 w/o any pillz but with fury he is 7/12 but he is jacked up on pillz he would be

Yes junkz need alot of help just like the skeelz

thursday 06/08/2009

Personally planning to run Dahlia in my mono Piranas deck due to the pill manipulation and my deck will have a fair bit of it i think. Only problem is i ran out of clintz and can't buy Katan to finish the deck off. Suppose i could fill the spot with Sting for now though

I personally like the Junkz/Roots as well and it has been quite affective, except this week.

Skeelz are getting extremely annoying, as well as GHEIST.

Thier not that good in mono, but they work fine with me in a half deck. The Skeelz is only strong once you can activate their abilities, so in a way, you can be manipulating those skeelz players.

Lol i just realized what he ment. ;p

Has nothing to do with stars.

If you're in a random room, regardless of which attack is higher unless the opp.'s is doubled then they will win.

If you're playing a non-random, then the highest attack will always win, even if it's only by 1.

GHIEST and Uppers are some of the most seen clans, and Piranahs.

I would suggest Roots with any half clan, just gotta have the right cards >.

Freaks with Pussycats is always a great combination..smiley

Yes, Fraggle answered. I think we can close this thread smiley

wednesday 05/08/2009

Don't know how to edit but I believe I've come up with solid and relatively cheap Jungo Deck.


I'd choose slyth if I could but he's a bit expensive for me right now.

If anyone has other suggestions that would be nifty.

Ok it is official. Sasha wins! close please

If you want to get these cards. I would sell cards you DON'T need and play ever DT I could as well as Survivor if your deck was capable of winning.

Some of Jungo's best cards are expensive however.

7 people say Nellie
4 people say Dorian

3 people say Samantha
3 people say Wendel

Its a tie! -.-

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