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sunday 30/08/2009

Thanks for all the advice
the preset page is very helpful as well
i'm thinking of running rescue mono but that jungo/freaks looks good considering i'm low on clinks atm

For your first preset: replace Trey with Tula or Hawkins (I don't know why you use Trey in the first place), replace Rhed with Tyd, Greow with Sylth

For second preset: Replace Mamoon with Grudj.

If you wanna use Oren, try pair him up with Esmeralda and Hula, that would leave room for other cards

I will go for All Stars and Rescue. Right now many people are purchasing Action packs to get their Terry / Alec in the last minute, so you can expect other cards in that pack be sold with extreamly low price.

And I beileve Rescues drop is the biggest as Marco was about 12000 last sunday, Kerry 10000, Steve 6000.

Meh the only decent card out of the new releases is anibal, but he comes fro ma deck with great cards, although i do think he will replace methane for many people

as for kristin, shes trash for a piranas deck. she would be better if it wasnt for her ability was courage. piranas are all about pill manipulation and you cant afford to be predictable

as for george, like many people said there are better 3*s in ulu watu. if only they would give ulu a better 4*

for archie, hes competing his spot with lolly and onik, so i doubt he will ever see light of ELO

He'll go up, steadily, and faster than Terry.

Relevant factors:
- GOOD card (very good indeed) => players will want it; collectors will want it
- UNCOMMON card (i.e. not common - which alone dooms a card to really slow rise) =>faster than common, slower than rare simply due to available number.
- This is somewhat counter-worked by the ELO BAN. => Well, maybe player will not want it that much...
=> probably a slow but steady rise and also "healthy" demand - whatever that means smiley

For Terry, while we are it:
- COMMON card => very slow rise due to high number
- VERY OLD card => even greater number...
- VERY BAD card, in fact one could say UNPLAYABLE card => only collectors will ever want it
=> very, very slow rise and at first probably not at all and even after time not steady or regular. There is simply no reason to get a Terry excpet for collection purposes.

saturday 29/08/2009

Excuse my dumbness. I was meaning 1,205 and 1,340 smiley

Nice onesmiley
and no need for sorry.smiley

There are quite a few changes but if you want to maximise it's potential then bear with me:

Frankie Hi to Zatman
Fabio to Edd
Filomena to Mona

That will make the deck much more competitive. And when Dorian is unbanned I would do this:

Frankie Hi to Zatman and Fabio to Edd (again)
then Sharon out for Mona (you really need her)
Nellie to Dorian
Filomena to Prince Jr

Like I said, lots of changes which you may not be able to afford, but I think I've just described two of the best possible ELO Montana/Uppers combinations smiley

Same, having issues.

I check it out last night and it worked fine. It still loaded a bit slow for me (guess its a database thing), but the tools for making wish-decks were simply amazing!

Great site..when its available. smiley

Roots > Jungo.

SoA kills Jungo, all you have to worry about is the +2 lift which isn't a thread with all their power and atk manip gone.

Roots isn't too expensive, their best cards run at 4k and 8k but the 3 staples are all under 1k, Rico, Noodiel, Yookie.

I would go with Uppers/Gheist as you have powerful cards from them:
Z3r0 D34d


friday 28/08/2009

Greesh to Smokey at the very least.

I don't even like Piranas though smiley

Mono-Piranas is pretty decent. Here's how I'd run them (in ELO).

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Stuff to do with =opp x and how bonuses and ability that give negative X interact with them.

Eg, Warren vs Jessie stuff like that.

All stars

for me

Frankie hi --> Zatman

And you are not hitting 1000 by asking for it

Sequens In The Stars. can you comment, this deck has done well and i just need the publicity

The best junkz half with most clans is very solid: Gibson, Rowdy, Gil, Veenyle (Dreen if you don't need the DR)

That right there is almost unstoppable and that with Roots and now Skeelz has gotten me over 1,300 in Elo mutiple times. Junkz is my favorite clan and technically my first "serious" clan that I've kept. I won't let go them babies, haha.

They work well with pretty much anything.

Skeelz are okay but not really that powerful. their bonus is only conditional and during a non roots week there are still plenty of cards that are just as strong unopposed. all of their cards have really obvious weaknesses. Not to mention the confidence and revenge cards can make a huge mess when you get multiple revenge or confidence cards in the same hand.

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