monday 03/08/2009

When building All Star decks in ELO, the Randy vs. Robb dilemma frequently comes up. In weeks (such as this one) where both Striker and Marina are legal I go for a 13 star half deck with Striker, Marina, Jessie and either Robb or Randy. I've been leaning towards Randy lately, simply because of the 2 extra damage and the potential 2HKO with Striker. Does anyone else have strong opinions for either one?

I have the entire all stars clan n r tryin 2 think of the best possible ELO deck wit them ive tried lots n dey r ok but not relly gud can any1 help me think of a ELO deck wit all stars n tell me y its gud n ill prob. try out every1 either pm me or post blow plz b serious

I like using nim
but na boh can be useful as well

Please comment on my new deck. tell me if any change is necessary. thanks!

I have just one complaint. on a card whose ability is damage reducing, you can't see the minimum. You can see it in the description, but not on the card. Maybe you should reduce the font size a bit. It's really not a big flaw, but I can't see the minimum on "cards similar to" section

4 votes for option 1
1 vote for option 2

Please guys rate and comment my deck. Any suggestions? I think it can easily go up to 1300.
Here is the deck: elo -Jungo/Sakrohm-

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Thx....he is awesome

sunday 02/08/2009

Pussycats is my favorite half deck. There star counts are awesome and flexible and with a great bonus

Mmm, the booster pack give me Anton and Shogunn, so if I sell Shogunn I can afford Jay or Manfred right away, which one should I get ?

Please leave comments and rate Thanks for your time

My fav:

Since Caelus has become an enormous vote sink, I brewed up the following deck in case Hawk starts becoming legal again.

I threw in Miranda for the 2HKOs...but would Jay fit in better?

Ok i'm going to modify te question a bit, how can i improve it? Should I take out junta or something?


I need advice on how to make this deck better
Rescue's on the Way

rate and comment
thanks mods

Hugo's pretty great too, in a pinch =3

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