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tuesday 25/08/2009

My God, mark is so under appreciated.
I'd say mark, but when you can, buy anita

monday 24/08/2009

This is the first serious deck I have played (little modified because of new cards), it's not so expensive and it's strong:
Loma Noju

Actually you are wrong saying that there is more great players in T2 then in T1. Lots of newbies play in T2 because they think that a card with more stars is better, so they have all 5* cards in their deck, aldo' not so good cards. So there are some great players who are playing T2 with 26 stars to get a lot points from newbies, but not as many as in the T1.

Tula, Clara, Yu Mei, And Noemi... well I dono if Noemi is underused because I havn't played in months and only recently returned (and I uber sucksmiley)

Oh really O_o sorry about that.

Just replace Hawkins with Spycee for now, and the alternate Montana half. That should half the price...

Well that's pretty much it, you can try samantha to wendel if you prefer SoA over SoB

I never liked Ashigaru so I never played with him much (if at all). I'd prefer Ambre with Skeelz, because seeing Zeke w/10 power, Cley w/11 or Caelus w/7 is scary.

I believe that fang pi is considered the best 1hko clan in UR , wish i had lao cr too but even without him i made a decent 1hko deck out fo them


decet in 2hko too since all the rest have 6dmg except chan , but still lajunta has only 1 who can reach 12 dmg but depends on his ability which is situational dacote

sunday 23/08/2009

It depends on your play style and which you personally prefer. There isn't one clan that is the best. It's your own personal opinion which one you think is the best. Some clans play well by themselves (monoclan) and some are better combined with another clan.

1)Dj korr Cr(No duh)
2)Peeler(All Around, Balanced)

I got over 1300 before a few months ago but i was wondering if i still can

It is quite fair. if I get a striker in a pack I will also pick up the current price from the market. And people themselves will decide how much they are willling to pay for him.
Why should those selling cards with a commonly accepted price be called greedy? If one clan or card is getting too expensive, then people will turn to his subsitituts or force its price to drop. So both sides are affecting the price, but none are controlling it alone.

See ke557's reply? If so, note the misspelling at "Sucked". Now note the US flag, witch means that his first languege probably is English. For me, this is enough to understand that he is one among unserious players witch play to insult other players witch they beat. These people are usually really young, at the age of 9-10, or simply a bit... Well, I can't find a proper word for it, I'm not going for "retarded". This is not normal, and this is something the great majority of people stay away from.

Remember that these kind of people will always be there, and there's no real way to get rid of them. The best way to deal with them is simply to ignore them and delete the message. If you were much offended, maybe even blacklist them. Swearing back is not a good way, as they will just answer back with an unpleasent comment. There's also no point in telling them that they are offending you and ask them to quit, that's usually impossible.

The real way to act when beating someone is different. It has happened for me that I have 12-0'ed Level 50 players, me being 28. What you should do is to sent "Good Game", or "I was really lucky at round...". Against newer players (I usually see a lot of level 15's with Timber and Not a Single Bonus activated), I usually recommend a budget deck or two, maybe sent a public present with a good deck, and tell him to sell some cards in order to buy the deck.

I'm thinking of making a sentinel deck (I'm kind of a guy who is impatient and like to make a lot of low budget decks):
Hawk, Miranda, Dayton, Aurelia, John, Luis, Lehane, Melvin

How far would this deck go in DT & ELO ? My aim is about 1200 ELO and top 50-100 DT, which I currently can do which my Piranas or Uppers deck.

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If you're intrested in Skeelz, I'll sell you mine. I have Cley, Danae, Manfred and Redra.

saturday 22/08/2009

@ 1984: Yeah I get what you're saying - 80% of us don't even go near 75% of the cards. But you've gotta remeber two things: numero uno, some cards are meant *purely* to make up the collection because they couldn't make ALL the cards truly competitive or they'd all end up the same. And numero douzo, some of the slightly turdish cards play a big part in helping noobs get to grips with the game.

e.g. in my starter pack I remeber I got Mort Bax. 4/7. After a while using him I soon realised that damage was not the be-all and end-all, as you can imagine. Just because we (and by that I mean L20+ players) don't use them, the poorer cards do still have their roles to play in the game.

Oh and @ Tyrell: I disagree, it would not be as easy as you make out. For example, last time I made a La Junta ELO deck, I got Dacote in there straight away. I consider him an ELO staple (for La Junta) when Hawk and/or Striker aren't banned because he's such a scary proposition for those players with any SOA in their hands. Just one of many possible examples. . .

well i meant when you started but you got a 5star card always but in full decks back then it was a 5star card but they changed it to a rare card because a lot of people were getting ripped off with garys all the time

How am i suppost to use Jackie in Elo?

Yup, it is like a chain, when you lose, you will lose again again and again
I learn from it, close your browser, take a break or rest, and then play again later

but for DT, I never have a bad day like that, maybe only in tournaments or ELO (especially using montana uppers.. it is hard to lose you know)

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