thursday 30/05/2013

I like it. I've always had a soft spot for Gatline so I always enjoy seeing her used smiley

Not a huge fan of Milena though, I would personally use Laura. But I understand why you would want Milena in this deck, I just play pretty aggressively.

Honestly I have never though of it that way.
I've always envisioned miss stella to have both of her skills on.
I've been asking myself, why is stella better if both of them can make a 16 attack difference...

thanks guys.

wednesday 29/05/2013

I don't like the cards you used, but bravo on doing well with them.

Radek and Scopica are still infinitely better then Cheep even in relatively heavy SoA weeks. Gretchen's ability also doesn't really work with the Jungo bonus. In a winning match it's already hard enough to meet that low maximum of ten let alone when you're giving yourself life gain. Which is a weird complaint, but you see my point. I also think Ellie is a flat-out bad card. Has a hard time winning rounds due to an unaided seven base power, predictable due to being restricted to courage rounds, and is destroyed by SoA. Just too many problems with her. Even when you can get past all that trouble to hit with her she still only manages six life-gap without fury.

The deck also severely lacks in life gap and damage output. Moegura's really the only reliable heavy hitter in that deck and if he's hit by SoB he becomes pretty mediocre in terms of damage and life gap. Your two best life gap or damage cards after that are Jeena, who you'll rarely hit with, and Ellie who just has a whole list of problems with her.

From an investment standpoint Dalhia Cr is the best to have and if you're going with a pillz manipulation deck she may be the best choice, but Bloodh kind of goes against the grain as far as the theme of Piranas goes. He's a nuke without great round winning ability. If you look at every other popular five star they all either have great pillz manipulation or great power manipulation usually along with nuking power. Bloodh doesn't have that. He is great if you're good with that type of card though.

I'll choose Herman, better chances against 7-8 power cards especially in later rounds. Or, downgrade to Nellie and upgrade something else, say, Maurice to Lady, or Marlysa/Kusuri to Zhu Tang.

I'm against Tula and Andsom. Tula has way too many weaknesses in the modern meta (attack and power manipulation, DR, SoA) to be usable. She used to be great, but no longer. Replace her with Hawkins if you can. If not then even Kalder and Hawkins Noel are more usable I think.

Andsom's power is just too low for his pill manipulation to easily kick in. Usually you have to over-pill to get it in and that creates a really dangerous situation, especially for only four damage. If you can replace him with Baba or Ector. Even Morgane is better.

tuesday 28/05/2013

Ojibway to Simeon, but I also am not a fan of Ellie. She looks alright on paper, but she's difficult to use in practicality.

She's restricted to two of four rounds thus she's predictable and she's also destroyed by SoA clans which are popular in ELO. Not only all that, but she's hard to hit with even when you have the opportunity. Seven unaided power isn't that good. Look at her clan competition. Rico has attack manipulation, Noodile Cr has one more power and damage, Yookie (I know he's perma-banned, but still) has DR, Gertjan has major attack manipulation, Jeena has DR. See a pattern? She's the only one that really doesn't fit as far as practicality goes. Even their best ELO five and four star cards (Simeon and Tuck) have power and attack manipulation.

You guys disclude Aylen? Aylen is so good. I would always use her as my primary 5*. Not every single one of your cards have to be a powerhouse card. Playing mindgames with Greem, Aylen, and Snowflake, omg. OP.

Troompah is one nasty card
she has several counters. but even then she hits soo hard that overpilling her is not a problem if someone wants to force her through. one round with her is often worth 2 rounds with other cards

monday 27/05/2013

I would use. deleted

I know you said you're doing well with it but that deck gets demolished by SoA.

Nice synergy. Dallas works really well here. Inventive deck building!

Yes, It's harder because there are (broken) cards now that when drawn by your opponent will outclass your deck or draw.
No, because there is something wrong about your elo play.

sunday 26/05/2013

"Play when you can enjoy the challenge of ELO, not when you just want your ELO score to go up."

What if you play for both?

Just run mono Jungo. Its simple and easy to use and is newbie-friendly. Troompah and Buba will give a lot of decks a headache except for counter decks smiley

friday 24/05/2013

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Nice deck. I would personally change Windzy to Sah Brinak and Diana to Jayzel.

That looks pretty solid

thursday 23/05/2013

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Nice deck. smiley

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