saturday 25/07/2009

Http:// Helluva strong deck.

The reason why Kolos is banned very week is that he is kinda unfair to use in a fight. And remember, YOU DONT ALWAYS HAVE TO 1HKO YOUR OPPONENT, and thats the biggest threat that Kolos gives in. Your opponent doesnt always have to use Kolos with either 9 of their pillz or none of their pillz, he could also be played with probably 6 pillz. And lets say, even if you have Bristone(or other DR) in hand, and luckily your opponent goes first, and luckily they use Kolos, he is still very unpredictable and being able to deal at least 7 damage.
Kolos is also in an incredibly powerful clan with unique and devastating cards. Wonderful 2*s(Sheitane, Eadh, Phyllis and Hel)not reli 3*s though, intimidating 4*s(Glorg, Kenny, Azel, Azgroth), not reli useful 5*s other than Kolos. What are you going to do if your opponent send out a Phyllis on the first turn( with Kolos in hand)? Ignore her? 4 life gone. Opp. ready to use all pillz on Kolos. Overpill? Opponent bluffs, gg. Use 3 pillz? Well you have to be sure to use a valuable 7/8 powered card to beat the 7-powered Phyllis, and you probably won't have much pillz left to counter the other cards. So it's a win-win situation for the opponent. Not to mention that if your opponent also has a Kenny in hand you are dead.
One of the biggest advantage of Kolos is that his bonus is SoA, and only cards with full stop, SoA as ability, or DR has ability could stop him.


i hope u like it

I agree with kon, it is just simply pointless to use Hugo with Rescue because Hugo's ability kicks in as only +3 attack. Still, you can say that Hugo with Rescue are better than Sakrohm/Junkz/Sentinels with Hugo, but lets not forget, almost every main Rescue's card have support based abilities(Suzie, Alec, Marco, Larry(to me)). And also, you'd rather use another leader(Ambre) to fit the Leader slot.

Thanks for the deck Axxelsmiley
i came over 1300 as you said the deck would if i gave it timesmiley

Sasha is a must in almost any skeelz deck so she is well worth the trade

Try this deck, and you will get a little bit exciting sensation, yeah deleted

Don't any of you have a good idea BESIDE THE ACTOR one that was a good one

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Wow pein. Lao?
That smiley FM had would be cool to have. Maybe they could just keep the ones they have for when ppl view your profile N your own choice of smiley (Depending on your FP rating)

friday 24/07/2009

There is no such thing as best bonus.each bonus is good with and against specific clans

You can do anything. Uppers are prob the most commonly used with montana, but I'd mix em w/ a power deck like sent/junkz

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Great deck, I guess you can still use it outta Elo smiley

Id have skeelz/gheist....oh wait i already do

I am saving for leviatonn now.
just need 300smiley

Ty everyone, lovely comments, but still cant decide which one is better lol

In all honestly? La Junta.

Hardly any Elo banned cards, Plenty of low stars and high stars to choose from, and most are pretty good cards.

I have
and one of the best other ones

Silly. If you're going to play in that room, you should either maximize battle points with Taham, Taham, Taham, Nobrodroid, Nobrodroid, Nobrodroid, Rowdy, Rowdy or use the classic Dorian, Dorian, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Zatman, Zatman, Zatman.

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