saturday 18/07/2009

Great deck and if you have Zatman you could play him in either Oxen's or Burt's spot to make it even better.

Vik V.2
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I have a thought smiley If you ask me, I don't like keeping halves, so find 4 more good GHEIST cards and it'll be good enough smiley

Truthfully woulve liked stanford and manfred together since their bros

What else can i do , i included all the 2 star cards for fang pi except marlysa cr , ofcourse if i can afford her i wouldve put her instead one of those 2 but i had to put so many 2s becoz of ashigaru with lost hog and kinjo

but still it does well even if i dont draw one of the 1hkoers , coz no matter what draw i have i can still 2hko if i dont face any dmg reducers or stop bonus stuff

but having to guess only once while ur opponent have to guess 3 times is a very good advantage with ashigaru in a 1hko deck , a chance u have to take if u want to finish things quick

The best way I find to avoid pilling predictably is to look at both your and your opponent's decks at the start of the game. If you have several very capable cards in your hand as well as the card you plan on using first, then you have two options:

a) choose to extreme-conserve your pillz, (eg play 0 pillz on Elvira lets say)

or b) when your opp. looks at the rest of your deck and sees powerful cards, he will expect you to save your pillz for them, so he may choose to attack Elvira if he thinks he'll get an easy time, so play 4-5 pillz on her depending on the average kind of power of your opp's deck.

Hop this helped smiley

I like anton, His Pillz + 3, just use him when theres an obvious bluff, or to beat some strong cards and get some pillz back in return. smiley check this present out. deleted

All clans have their uses for examplle freaks have really bulky cards such as macieg , grudj , and olga and have u noticed their cards come pretty cheap WAY cheaper then what suits their ability for example mira is only i damage less then greow but like 7 times cheaper

At the beggining there are a lot of winifreds lol

Their bonus is terrible, giving them more "good" cards is pointless... I beleive their bonus should be Poison min1, thus making people accually scared of their bonus... right now all you have to do is win the 4th round and they loose...

I don't think you can hide them. but you don't need a win percentage of more than 2/3 to be decent. 2/3 is actually very good, i think. just enjoy the game. it's a game after all. smiley

friday 17/07/2009

Qiao13 you so scary with your "fantastic four" of yours. Lets start with the fact that Nightmare & Piranas can kill those "fantastic four" shall me?
Next, for my opinion dont take the "best clans" as people say - take what you love ! The clan you most liked with cool cards for you that suit you and your play style.

Allstars/skeelz ELO

mabye switch Marina -> Striker to give the deck a SOA

Thank u sooo much topnwe u r the best deck maker ever i send u my public present and plssssss help me

Please check, rate and comment if im missing anything

Yeah I agree with you no *5 star card from Allstars which fit for ELO, I would like to try your Idea. Thx ya smiley

Here is his deck deleted

Only problem is what mode is it for? Coz poison is too slow for DTs and in T2 survivor that deck will get raped I'm afraid smiley

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