sunday 02/08/2009

My fav:

Since Caelus has become an enormous vote sink, I brewed up the following deck in case Hawk starts becoming legal again.

I threw in Miranda for the 2HKOs...but would Jay fit in better?

Ok i'm going to modify te question a bit, how can i improve it? Should I take out junta or something?


I need advice on how to make this deck better
Rescue's on the Way

rate and comment
thanks mods

Hugo's pretty great too, in a pinch =3

saturday 01/08/2009


Thx Bulborb smiley

Robo-doc V.IV

Ok let's say 20-25k

I think your uppers/sarkrohm deck is probably better.

@GEILER - That's certainly a solid DT deck, but I'd run Zeke over Danae. You lose a bit of attack manipulation, but he opens up a few more 2HKOs, and he's a better bluff.

friday 31/07/2009

What's is a good full sob deck for ELO?

Nightmare Mono
Piranas Mono

Here is what I have so far: deleted

There are no best decks or presets in this game. You can have a great deck and still lose if you are not a good player.

You don't need the real expensive cards for piranas to win it might help a little but its not absolutly necessary

Ambre in t1 works

He could be a great bluff as the bonus and ability together is uite good...may help draw out soa/sob/dr's which will give you a better chance of going all out later on

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