friday 24/07/2009

Silly. If you're going to play in that room, you should either maximize battle points with Taham, Taham, Taham, Nobrodroid, Nobrodroid, Nobrodroid, Rowdy, Rowdy or use the classic Dorian, Dorian, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Zatman, Zatman, Zatman.

I don't want to be rude by posting a deck that I built, but this is a fairly inexpensive deck.

Granted, it's not perfect, but it's not bad in my opinion.

thursday 23/07/2009

What do you mean? Striker wasn't banned last week, and two weeks before as far I remember smiley

(He isn't like Kolos or Shakra)

Danae is good. she and sasha force the opp to pill or take 2/3 damage.
but yeah. liam is not good.

I'm running this:

The main problem being that Skiner is often dead weight, even when Hugo boosts him to a +30 attack. Of course when Hawk is unbanned you can use him over Hugo.

Level 16...
i'm suprised he can get to above 1400
but seriously i would just play the game and have fun which is what this game is about smiley

No there is no card health
it is just an animation,
in no random mode card that has more attack wins

(power * pillz = attack)

So i have every card but none of the CRs and im bored with my collection already.
I am getting rid of them all and cashing in on some top notch character and focus on winning instead of collection.

So the question is what clans should i keep?

What clan/clans for a focused Type2 deck?
What clan/clans for my Type1/ELO deck?

My goal is to cash out on a mixture of Vickie/Lamar/Splata or some of the other 100g and under CR cards from what i sell and the clint i have now

Please tell me what i should change.

@ Wazzupz
ok, any suggestions?

Ok my question is it says earn real cash so where is the real cash?????

wednesday 22/07/2009

Seriously though, Emeth (support attack +5) and Trish (-3 power min 1) have 2 of the best abilities in the game, Dean eats any 7 powered cards for breakfast, wardog is just awesome, winston and Jane Ramba are both very usable DRs and Bryan provides the SOA. See? 7 cards of La Junta mono pick themselves.

That just leaves space for a kick ass 4 star card, shame La Junta are lacking in that department, gertrud, burger, chiro and dacote don't really set the world alight smiley

I use them with Bangers

Okay, so I figured out my playing style, being able to defend while following up with a smash. Pussycats/skeelz....enough said. But I like the cards they have out though I am going to wait until prices drop so I don't buy a zeke worth 9k only to have it drop to 2k. This is what I have in mind so far

Zeke- a 7/2, unblockable (almost), -4 life. that damage reducers can't hurt. Obviously he is going to be a prime

Chiara- With her Revenge she can almost always knock your power down, and all full-stops (except shakra) have less than 8 power, even then she wins pill for pill.

Danae- there to strike up a fuss in no pill fights and because if she loses sets Chiara or Jay up for a kill.

Jay- a 7/9 that is generated from a danae, pussycats, or the occasional zeke, what not to love

Morphun- This is the key to the deck, bluff zeke 2 pillz they lose you have 6 life off with me at only one pill less, you win, great now i have one h3ll of a pill advantage over you. Same thing with others

Yayoi- 7/6 SOA -2 damage speaks for itself

Wanda- a lovely 8/2 that can reduce damage and win a fight if needed (maybe Ella, i dunno just for extra DR... prob. not)

Gwen- 7/1 1*, I have the clintz to buy more.

Well the best thing is there is no worst hand and all the cards (except the possible ella) have 7 or 8 power. I mean the worst you could do is Ella/wanda, gwen, Danae, and Zeke. That is a pretty good hand. So what do you guys think of my new deck idea?

Lol as you can see i am an avid skeelz fan and without is an avid pussycat fan so we know what were talkin about



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