wednesday 15/07/2009

Thanx heaps for your help guys i am definatley going to invest in this deck then thank you

tuesday 14/07/2009

Thanks for the thoughts,

Manux- Sargh wasn't one of the 3 options because he's already in my deck haha! And I agree he looks like a "powerhouse"!

Lewis- I'd love to run with Kenny, but seeing as I couldn't afford Glorg, Kenny is out of the question. Limited bankroll my man, that's why I kept my question specific and not build me the best Nightmare half-deck for 12 points haha. I have a lot of my money tied up into the Sentinels who are on a bye week.

Thanks gentlemen, I may try getting both if I can squeek out a little cash. I'm leaning towards going with Timmy because I'm cheap & he is more fun.

Since there are gonna be new cards comming out on friday I will make another vote! Close please.


Lin bee is in no way better, but as i stand, low damage is easier to fix than most people want to think for Ulu Watu. the SOA is more useful to me than -3 attack since how many no pill battles are you going to use with Ulu watu since they dont have any good attack manipulation besides taigo.
and warren is actually a great 1* filler since he will always have 2 more power over an opponent in mono he is useful
idea for mono ulu watu deck:
Lin Bee
warren (1*)

Hey there!! I recently spent a fortune creating the ultimate Rescue deck but as I am a relative noob to Urban Rivals I did not foresee how easily taken apart they were by the SOB ability alone. I am now thinking about putting another deck together with Gheist / Piranhas to maximise my SOA and SOB but I don't want to waste loads of time and money being a total dufus so... seeing as you guys are in the know could you give me as many tips as possible starting frooooom... NOW? Clintz expenditure would not be a problem as I would just sell some of the cards I already have / buy more at the store to fund the deck. Thanks you in advance!!

Blaaster is better since no courage , more resistant vs Soa and >>> 4 STAR

This deck is way over the price range but if you are lookinf say i the long run it isn't a bad choice i use it and i love it

If you want to add more KOs you can try changing edd to Ottavia and changing slopsh to Skrumxxt or Eris

monday 13/07/2009

I have the full clan of gheist and skeelz and want to make an elo deck and T2 deck anyone have any suggestions of how they should look without adding my CR cards

Thanks in advance for the help

Lol lol! ok ill help you! I am gonan say option #1!

Trade in Sharon and Oscar in place of Enzo and Pino and then you have a really good deck!

pls help me,thx!
btw i dont have a tessa cr or dragon cr


Kate tax is here to prevent the economy from inflating. Since we add Clintz thru playing, we need to remove some in another way.
Also, it add a little bit of prevention against the players that are trying to abuse the game.

Hope this helps.

It's for Danger Zone, and I did 493 points in 1 and a half hourssmileysmiley
Plz rate and comment it


Im guessing just type 2 dt.

Power : 7
damage : 0

ability :
Courage : Stop : Revenge : Support : Damage + 3

or an ability Poison : support 3 min support 3
like, the min gets higher with the support

xD just kidding smiley

The fact is you have to over pill for Jane to win and not wee lee. Yes she's has 6 damage with her bonus but that's it. She can't stand up to the -/+ Attack/power clans like wee lee can.

KIki Cr because Kiki SOA makes cards like copper, marco etc look very small and also allows her to cut through reducers and Kiki Cr's stats at lvl 4 are better then Dj Korr Cr's stats at 4* meanign Kiki is more flexible

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