thursday 30/07/2009

i tried to post a link but i cannot acces the frnch thread anymore

Interesting, thanks guys(or girls?).

Lol 1 week and got banned many ppl hates him

Contact customer support, staff don't go here just to see if someone asks them a question.
customer support will answer your question.

Prince Jr.

5031 clintz by the prices right now, 25*

As soon as possible get Giovanni and Murphy the heck out of there with Ottavia and Edd, then work towards replacing Simon with Mona. If you want you can replace Fabio with Don, which will boost your KO power a lot, though Fabio wins better.

wednesday 29/07/2009

Because sometimes cards are more useful at lower stars (for ELO mode). Or, for daily tournaments: lower star cards score more points when they win.

So is askai male or female.....need more oppinions

Right after or before Piranas were introduced smiley

Just threw this one together, what do you think?

Skeeled Scallywags

I would use:

Lyse Teria 2*
Vickie 3*
Kiki cr
Nodile 1*

What do you think about this Pirahnas/skeelz deck?

Skeeled Scallywags

@Langrisser: That could be because they've been buying credits to buy booster packs and if they don't get the cards they're after they can just sell them and buy the ones they do want. I'm level 29 so not too much higher than you and got quite a big collection now myself and that's basically what i did

Use low star cards
2hkos are good
Leaving 1 pill and wiin the fight, you will get some points too


My first deck

hes only level 8 leave him if he thinks its good then its good for him

Any1 els

Lol, thanks much for that!

I might be havng problems with the whole 5* rule.. I always throw in 1 five starred card for good luck..

Maybe if I take that out and go with the second rule you gave me I can win..

As for not making opponent think to much... Thats going to be SUPER hard..

Hehe dude you're more than right!!!smiley
I'm sorry i forgot to poost the link.
Here it is: elo -GHEIST/Sakrohm- v1

tuesday 28/07/2009

@ Dooman - what you're describing is "Courage". Confidence activates when you win the previous round.

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