monday 20/07/2009

then Freaks
Then Montana

1. Junkz + All Stars work great.

Marina Striker Randy Jessie
Gil Rowdy Gibson Dreen / Veenyle

2. Junkz + Piranas work great too

Rowdy Gibson Gil Peeler
Tula Hawkins Smokey Tyd

For me.. I'd go with Pussycats.. because they are the one's who get most players to 1400 above..smiley

I think the damage distribution is quite unbalanced smiley . I mean its quite clear that the deck relies on either Copper's or Tomas' 6+ damage to win and you gonna have a hard time winning without those two.

Lets see a hand with Lehane, Melvin Redra and Sasha. You've got 10 damage in your hand which is quite low especially if the opponent has a DR in his hand and if the opponent is smart that DR will go up against Melvin. Most of the time you will need to win 3/4 rounds to actually win the fight.

However if you manage to draw either Tomas of Copper you should be finesmiley


i made this for new players who want to play skeelz. this deck alows them to exepricence both confidence and revenge. confidence is easy from daneas -10attk while revnege is a duh! with the pussycats bonus. so say good bye to the classic redra with revenge decks. this deck is cheap and powerful and will do great in dts. i havent tried elo cause im not lvl 15 yet. comment and rate up plz so all the begiinners can see (= smiley

sunday 19/07/2009 works, but I run Jay instead of Ambre in my mono-Skeelz.

At the very least, run Cley instead of Deebler, for the extra damage.

I'm supprised no one said Hugo-Gheist. It not only makes good budget decks, but it makes nice ELO decks. This deck looks really weak, but its actually really strong. Got 1200+ easily. Hugo also goes well with a lot of clans. Hugo+Montana is better than Hugo+Rescue. Hugo also goes good with All-Stars because the +6 attack helps because their bonus brings your opps power to 6 or less.

This Teams are my Best teams
write your teams down or make comments

All Stars Elo: Strike-Flo (U)-Robb (R)-Marina (R)-Kang (C)-Jessie (R)-Loma Nojo-Randy (U)

Bangers Elo: B-Ball-Graff (R)-Blaaster (R)-Benny-Saddy (R)-Shawn-Kluwn (U)-Shogun

Jungos Elo: Askai (C)-Radak-Boohma (C)-Borss (C)-Scorpia-Sylth (U)-Mindy (C)-Elea (R)

Montana Elo: Spaghi-Oscar (U)- Prince Jr (C)-Mona (U)-Edd (R)-Don (U)-Simon (C)-Ottavia (C)

Nightmare Elo: Kenny (R)-Dieter (C)-Kolos (R)-Hell-Sargh (C)-Eadh (C)-Glorg (U)-Phillis

Sentinel T2 : Miss Chloe (R)-Lehane (U)-John (U)-Copper (U)-Havok (R)-Hawk (R)-Skiner (C)-Dayton (C)

Ulu Watu Elo: Gabrielle (U)-Gaia (R)-Hikiyousan (U)-Ice Jim (C)-Jeff (C)-Nanook (U)-Lulabee (R)-Warren (C)

Uppers T2: Samantha (C)-Collin-Nellie (R)-Frank (C) Hi-Zatman (U)-Dorian (U)-Jackie (R)-Oxen (U)-Stenford

Piranas T2: Dalhia (U)-Hawkins (U)-Smokey (C)-Scubb (R)-Tula (C)-Spycee (U)-Andson-Sting (U)

Rescue T2: Marco (R)-Allec-Larry (C)-Lea (U)-Elvira (R)-Slyde (C)-Pam (U)-Joane

La Junta T2: Dean (U)-Emeth (U)-Trish (R)-Bryan (R)-Gertrud (R)-Chiro (U)-Dacote (U)-Naginata (R)

GHEIST Elo: Livatonn-Arkn (R)-Z3r0 D34d (U)-Platinum (C)-XU52 (R)-Toro (U)-Bristone (U)-Methane (R)

Skeelz Elo: Sandro (C)-Sasha (R)-Liam (C)-Jay (R)-Tomas (R)-Redro-Manfred (U)-Danea

Sakrohm T2: Slopsh (R)-Petra (U)-Murray (C)-Corrina (R)-Uranus (U)-GraksmxxT (R)-Nimestig-Wakai (R)

Thanks for all the ratings, please keep rating and posting comments smiley smiley

The goal being an "ideal" hand consisting of a Brute, a Reducer, a Bluff and a Mismatch. Ideally, throughout the round you will play 1 of each, no pill on the reducer and the bluff, 2 or 3 pills on the mismatch and the rest on the brute. Or a second reducer instead of a bluff. This lets you win 2 rounds fairly consistently.

Of course, cards can be hybrid or even fulfill all 4 roles. A good example of a card that fulfills all 4 is Yookie. SOA + damage reduction makes him a great reducer, damage reduction and 7 power 4 damage makes him a passable bluff, SOA gives him some mistmatch situations for example Platinum or against a damage reducer, and finally in a desperate situation he can be used as a brute because he has 7 force and his damage is backed by SOA.

BRUTE 1) 7+ power 2) 6+ damage 3) SOA and/ or SOB and/ or 2 combat abilities
BLUFF 1) 5+ damage or the equivalent 2) 2 or 3* 3) high power is helpful 4) damage reduction helpful (like Marina)
REDUCER 1) damage reduction 2) SOA 3) low star count
MISMATCH 1) 3+ damage 2) power reducer (like Tula) 3) SOA/ SOB (like Striker) 4) +attack/-attack (like Mona) 5) High power (like Nanook or Sting) 6) High damage/ life gain/ poison (like Twyh)

Obviously you want to use hybrids, i.e. a pure reducer like Veenyle can often be terrible because your opponent wont waste pills, making hybrid bluff/ reducers like Jeena or Uranus so much better. Brutes are ofcourse great bluffs. Getting mismatches is key to winning.

you already have a half-clan that are attack manipulators.
exchanging Danae to a life-manipulator is okay, since it wont affect much the number of attack manipulators, and Zeke is not killed by damage reducers like Uranus, unlike Danae, which would most likely put you into trouble.
however, if you prefer art, go Danae. lol. i feel very uncomfortable with Zeke's art. XD.

There's no way I can up-vote this deck. Whenever you draw any three of your four 2* cards, you're going to lose. In addition, you only have two cards with a damage of 6 or more (Counting Jay, since his ability is pretty reliable).

Not to mention, you're missing Chiara, who's a must have in any Skeelz deck.

Some cards, most even, that start at a high price will fall down the drain. smiley


Ah LOL, um all in agreement with that George Bush card
Nobody would buy him tho
Except for biggest loser tourneys


saturday 18/07/2009

Great deck and if you have Zatman you could play him in either Oxen's or Burt's spot to make it even better.

Vik V.2
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