tuesday 21/07/2009


its not perfect hence the name but i need to make something out of it that can take me from 1200 elo - 1300 elo

Never thought about the caelus option, ill definitely give that a try, thank you.


But the thing is to counter it with a Hugo+Montana deck. It will give you an extra +4 attack advantage but it depends on what kinds of cards you have. I prefer a deck with Don since he can make a 22 attack gap which is good in taking down big cards by closing the attack gap.

I put together this budget deck and I am currently testing it out in elo.The deck just hit the mark under 6k.
Budget ELO Mont/Bang 6000 clintz Remember this is a budget deck smiley I think it is good for players on a budget. Please rate and give any suggestions you can.

@FAST IS FUN: I have to disagree. The Skeelz bonus DOES help them win rounds, just in an unconventional way.

"Protection: Ability" makes it's card's ability nearly unconditional - Skeelz attack/power manipulators are insulated from both SOA and SOB. Essentially, they trade off a little bit of power for a HUGE return in reliability.

Not to mention, the attack manipulation they DO have is amazing. Sasha's "Support: Attack +4" is better than Rescue's bonus. Chiara is a 3* Eytron. Against nearly every card in UR, Caelus reduces his opponent's power to half of his own.

Anyways, I would sell all your Jugoz except for Askai, Mindy, Scopia, and Sylth - leaving you with a playable half-deck. Afterwards, I would buy as many of the cards in this deck as you can: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=639518 .

That deck is very playable - I played it to somewhere between 1250-1300 ELO last week, and it's doing very well for me in T1 DTs. You can also make a playable half-deck from these cards as well, such as Caelus/Chiara/Cley or Zeke/Redra, or maybe Chiara/Cley/Redra/Zeke.

As has been said, waiting a few weeks will save you some Clintz...but if you really want them ASAP, don't let that bring you down.

monday 20/07/2009

Yes it does try this one, http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=644543

Lennox would problaby be a good card

Use this deck of skeelz: sasha, liam, cley, sandro, chiara, debbler, jay and tomas

Well, I actually don't find the ban of hawk and copper so bad, last week, I played sentinel with lehane +Tessa cr.
The vital card is lehane, that's obvious...
Then... well, I wouldn't try to use roots of course.
I keep playing with my rescues with aurora instead of marco (I don't like him) and they are really easy to use and win.
Striker.... We've got alexei!! All stars still have marina, jessie, randy, robb, oyoh... They're sill alive...

So... good week for gheist, all stars and those annoying skeelz.. Jungos may work...


plz comment and say if i should change it somehow, and rate!

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then Freaks
Then Montana

1. Junkz + All Stars work great.

Marina Striker Randy Jessie
Gil Rowdy Gibson Dreen / Veenyle

2. Junkz + Piranas work great too

Rowdy Gibson Gil Peeler
Tula Hawkins Smokey Tyd

For me.. I'd go with Pussycats.. because they are the one's who get most players to 1400 above..smiley

I think the damage distribution is quite unbalanced smiley . I mean its quite clear that the deck relies on either Copper's or Tomas' 6+ damage to win and you gonna have a hard time winning without those two.

Lets see a hand with Lehane, Melvin Redra and Sasha. You've got 10 damage in your hand which is quite low especially if the opponent has a DR in his hand and if the opponent is smart that DR will go up against Melvin. Most of the time you will need to win 3/4 rounds to actually win the fight.

However if you manage to draw either Tomas of Copper you should be finesmiley


i made this for new players who want to play skeelz. this deck alows them to exepricence both confidence and revenge. confidence is easy from daneas -10attk while revnege is a duh! with the pussycats bonus. so say good bye to the classic redra with revenge decks. this deck is cheap and powerful and will do great in dts. i havent tried elo cause im not lvl 15 yet. comment and rate up plz so all the begiinners can see (= smiley

sunday 19/07/2009

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