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thursday 13/08/2009

Possibly overpowered. while they have weaker 5 stars, eyrik or ambre works in great for them, and i got 1300+ elo in my first week of real elo action (for me) using a mono all stars with eyrik.

Hmmm fair comment...had you read my last comment though you would understand why i havent used the cards suggested....i would love to get glorg but think kenny is pretty useless (sorry kenny fans) he has too low power....kolos is currently banned so he isnt a choice and azgroth isnt an option for me...therefore i was looking for a 5 star budget card and nistarok appeared....he's not the best but his ability and damage really helps as a bluff....have made a third deck....please comment and rate prefer green....heres my type 2 DT deck...122nd place on its debut!! wooty:


Is there a way to know the reason after it was deleted?


Thx guys! because of your guides i just won the top 100 for the DT.. I just got 689 Clintz to my account.. i need a few more to get jesse.. smiley

Rate green please i really like the decksmiley

I love killing dorian with jessie(but with the ability of hugo) and other 5-star cards
jessie + hugo's ability = more points

They would get 0 attack bonus if you drew 1 Rescue

I'd go with Hatori and Yusuke

Glosh and Vinny are both great and if your opponent knows whats gonna happen then good for him hes not going to stop it most of the time

I like using sakrohm with them but it up to you what you choose

If i was you i would not put in any leader because they cost so many stars. If you get 2 two stars in you got 25 stars in your deck and actually the 6 rescue you have can be used in the start(though later you gonna probably replace all of them).

I noticed that with your budget you could get Vinnie(about 200clintz) and Larry(about 400clintz). You could also save up and get Lea(1300clintz) instead of Vinnie. Ofcourse Steve(6900clintz) would also be better than Larry but he is way too expensive.

Hope any of this help.

wednesday 12/08/2009

Uppers remain the clan that I just can't beat. I know I've got to be doing something wrong, but every time I face them (And the same cards each and every time), I go down in flames. Jackie, Nellie, Rubie, Dorian, Oxen, Zatman, Burt, and Samantha. Those faces get really, really old.

Montana's tough, but I can edge past them, but Uppers just *crush* me.


Wouldn't the easiest way be "You pick your card before your opponent does"?

Some level 1 cards (like Wanda for example) cost more because they can be used in ELO to save room for higher star cards and since they are harder to come by than their fully leveled counterparts, they are more expensive.


Sledg, Anita, Lea, Steve, Kerry, Alec, Larry/Vinny and Slyde

Lol,im shocked by the price when i calculate itsmiley

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