monday 27/07/2009

Any more comments on this deck that does not do the job for me XD?

sunday 26/07/2009

Cards like glosh and dacote were made in a manner to discourage soa making you think "just in case if he sets a 2hit ko with glosh or a full pilled dacote"

Thanks to advice from Shwqa_MOB I decided to delete Zoo Surfers!!!!!!!!!!

and have decided to take his advice and make this so yeah tell me what you think and tell me if I should make anymore changes please!

Bloodh to Smokey or Tyd (if Smokey's banned.

Then Borss to Greow or Niva.

For Montana DT you definitely want some dmg. That's why you should use cards like Rosa/Don/Fabio etc. to give you half of a 2HKO. Mona can be furied easily into a 6 dmg card as against Timber (popular with noobs during DTs, you can get 4 - 5 in one tourney) Mona needs 2 pillz to beat Timber's 6. Also, Samantha and Wendel are the only 2* good enough to be in an Uppers deck, but personally I use a 12*/13* hand of Oxen, Rubie, Zatman and Frankie Hi/Nellie. If you want to play T2 DT, you need a 26*/27* deck, and for T1 people use decks from 20* - 25*.

BL_Blutrausch NO.1Killers still an uppers deck, but you'll get alot more points with it (i try to avoid winning with jackie or hugo, but sometimes it can't be helped)


You can get your angel face back, all you need to do is play battles without timing out or quitting.. your fairplay rating will gradually go up because "The fair play rating is based on the number of expired battles during your round versus the total number of properly completed battles".. smiley

This is gonna get closed anyways, just send the admins your ideas N suggestions, there's a page about it

So what do u think about this deck
spiaghi, prince jr, mona, oscar, sharon, edd , rosa , griezzo
its for random and i want to keep the 3 4 stars

I advise you to go full montana with hugo
a deck like this should be good
deck montana para pobres

Thanks people just venting out,

not that im not reading the rules smiley

Bluff with a confident Cley is a great unpredictable bluff, epically if your opponent has 6-8 life left.

Ugh, no lehane you just spelt your doom right there....


Please rate and comment deleted smiley

I don't have a lot of luck with SOA so i just dropped them altogether. smiley DR smiley

saturday 25/07/2009

And personally i don't like Jeeves because it has No Ability =(

1st paragraph - did opp have a leader?

Http:// Helluva strong deck.

The reason why Kolos is banned very week is that he is kinda unfair to use in a fight. And remember, YOU DONT ALWAYS HAVE TO 1HKO YOUR OPPONENT, and thats the biggest threat that Kolos gives in. Your opponent doesnt always have to use Kolos with either 9 of their pillz or none of their pillz, he could also be played with probably 6 pillz. And lets say, even if you have Bristone(or other DR) in hand, and luckily your opponent goes first, and luckily they use Kolos, he is still very unpredictable and being able to deal at least 7 damage.
Kolos is also in an incredibly powerful clan with unique and devastating cards. Wonderful 2*s(Sheitane, Eadh, Phyllis and Hel)not reli 3*s though, intimidating 4*s(Glorg, Kenny, Azel, Azgroth), not reli useful 5*s other than Kolos. What are you going to do if your opponent send out a Phyllis on the first turn( with Kolos in hand)? Ignore her? 4 life gone. Opp. ready to use all pillz on Kolos. Overpill? Opponent bluffs, gg. Use 3 pillz? Well you have to be sure to use a valuable 7/8 powered card to beat the 7-powered Phyllis, and you probably won't have much pillz left to counter the other cards. So it's a win-win situation for the opponent. Not to mention that if your opponent also has a Kenny in hand you are dead.
One of the biggest advantage of Kolos is that his bonus is SoA, and only cards with full stop, SoA as ability, or DR has ability could stop him.

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