saturday 18/07/2009

At the beggining there are a lot of winifreds lol

Their bonus is terrible, giving them more "good" cards is pointless... I beleive their bonus should be Poison min1, thus making people accually scared of their bonus... right now all you have to do is win the 4th round and they loose...

I don't think you can hide them. but you don't need a win percentage of more than 2/3 to be decent. 2/3 is actually very good, i think. just enjoy the game. it's a game after all. smiley

friday 17/07/2009

Qiao13 you so scary with your "fantastic four" of yours. Lets start with the fact that Nightmare & Piranas can kill those "fantastic four" shall me?
Next, for my opinion dont take the "best clans" as people say - take what you love ! The clan you most liked with cool cards for you that suit you and your play style.

Allstars/skeelz ELO

mabye switch Marina -> Striker to give the deck a SOA

Thank u sooo much topnwe u r the best deck maker ever i send u my public present and plssssss help me

Please check, rate and comment if im missing anything

Yeah I agree with you no *5 star card from Allstars which fit for ELO, I would like to try your Idea. Thx ya smiley

Here is his deck deleted

Only problem is what mode is it for? Coz poison is too slow for DTs and in T2 survivor that deck will get raped I'm afraid smiley

I heard the chosed players are only decided by the fair play rating.
Though I hope the current dt pts should also have some effect, i.e. let high score players face each others more often.

Hey all
can anyone suggest me a good deck for 15k clintz for DT?
I know no deck can have 100% of winning but please suggest a deck with low star cards and higher chances to be in top 30 in DT
if you have a good DT build in mind and dont want to tell it publicly then feel free to PM me


PLZ post some comments 'bout this preset(perferably in english)

thursday 16/07/2009

In my opinion, it is... pretty good. I would change Nanook out for something with an ability.

I play tournament only and I don't know how to link cards

1. What kind of cards do you use in a pure GHEIST deck?

2. My Deck. Rate it : Vladimir, Bristone, Dolly, Luba. Meyen, Morlha((not good in my opinion)),Timber(Leader), Yookie(Roots). All are max level

Strategy: Use no pillz first turn, use pillz on second if they used 6 I use 7, etc...

3. What's a good deck to base around -opp damage only?

Nope, pretty much Darth, there is Selsya Cr, but she is either a 2/4, or a 1/4 2* (I forget), which isn't good either way.

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