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monday 10/08/2009

Cause of a 1* difference? Don't listen to this guy from now on alright pnchos?

I have 143 clintz, and I want to have a deck that has just Sentinels and a Leader. can you guys think of any cheap cards ?

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Well this is what I ended up doing before I looked at the help smiley


Miken Moose

I replaced Miken Moose with Rico since the attack manipulation and I kept Yookie for the DR, I'm saving for Z3r0 D34d so that's why I didn't want to buy Arno or I would've smiley

But this deck is pretty successful, I've went 8-2 and got over 1,100 in just one DT. D

I could still change Yookie to Arno and bring back Rico, what do you guys think ?

I had to keep Gibson though, and Rowdy smiley they are must haves!

If you want to run Sentinel, that's a good way to start off you're future UR. Sentinel is used every week in elo and has great cards such as Lehane and Hawk.

I see you have Luba, you could run a Sentinel/GHEIST deck. Dolly is a very good 3* card and only runs around 100 clintz right now. Also, they have other decent cards that could make a decent half deck.

Just sell what cards you don't need on the Market and you'll earn clintz faster.

Come on people no comments at all

Hallow would work better
like hallow olga

Well, against a Non SoA enemy, you would have to pill Sandro 12 Pills for it to be as good as Oscar (Oscar 12 pills). If you put 11 or less pills on both, Oscar will be better.

Well it depends. Gheist decks are relatively higher in stars if made right and usually playable every week. Roots are more flexible and can be either high or low starred. They also shine when ratanah is allowed.

please comment

Liu and hammer are two different cards,liu is a 4 star and hammer a 5 star.

Thankz shamwow you helped me alot... Close please

The first step is to know your type. Because every player modifies his deck, to make it more playable for him.

This is a deck that I used a while ago:



This deck can be modified, so that you won't recognise it:

Murray can be changed to ludwig, if you like an additional soa, while defending or even attacking.
Petra can be switched to trinmkkt. Some people like damage reduction more than Sob. And her 6 damage is already half a victory.
Uranus could be replaced by corrina. People who like to save pillz use her. That leaves more chances to win with other, bigger cards, or even win without using pillz with corrina.
Wakai can be changed to nimestiec or na boh. Nimestiec saves pillz like corrina, na boh helps defending.
Dorian could be switched to jeeves. 8 damage is deadly, paired with the cards with 4 damage. A 2HKO without fury.
Zatman would be the card without any replacements. Zatman is a perfect in all aspects.
Oxen is fighting with rubie. The same 6 damage, but what to choose.. Higher power, but not a confident 6 damage, or secure 6 damage and a soa.
Wendel can be changed to samantha. Samantha is a defensive card, while wendel is very predictable attacker. 1-3 pillz at the start of the match is the usual move with him, but his soa is helpful nonetheless.

So choose by yourself. Everyone can make a deck for you. But you will be playing it smiley

sunday 09/08/2009

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Im gonna say that Skeelz are great. Im using the deck od the week, and it took my like half an hour to get my rating from 1100 to 1215, without Caelus obviously. So many possibilities to bluff and trick your opponent! smiley

smileyPlease Read the bio to see the wonderful prices to see the play!smiley

'Romeo and Juliet`

Morphun 3
Ambre 5
Hugo 2
Eyrik 2
Eklore 3
Timber 1
Ashigaru 1

@Putzo you can only pick 1

2nd try in survivor i got 8 wins in a row, always serves me well in ELO. (i know 8 wins in survivor isnt that great but i barely play survivor so it is my high smiley )


please rate and comment smiley thank you

I also used a mono-Junkz yesterday in Survivor and got 4 wins, just messing around so I could always try that?

I would just like to make a decent Survivor deck to win me some extra clintz when I need it. Not huge amounts, but enough to get by. I also have GHEIST so keep that in mind.

Share and post you Survivor decks here (Elo/T2). Share your strategiessmiley
=P but mine is the best

Yes. Games in the Lost Warehouse are ignored for W/L tallies, but do contribute to your BP.

And just as a sidenote i was toying around with it in the daner zone. i fought someone with the following hand:
Jackie, Rubie, Zatman, Zatman
i had:
Ashley, El Gringo, Luba, Platinum
i won by KO in round 3. so it's a good deck

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