thursday 09/07/2009

T2: Fabio Sharon Spiaghi Prince Jr Oscar Simon Edd Hugo
Elo: Fabio Sharon Spiaghi Prince Jr Slopsh Murray Nimestiec Petra

Hugo no doubt

Oh sorry i didn't post what i had a do have a sentinel deck but i have a bunch of others too.
frankie hi
all stars

I'm on of the hates smiley
Please don't kill me smiley

Could trade in Nimistiec/Na Boh for Slopsh and then put Marina into Ashley's spot. and yes i know, but if you want, pm i'd be willing to sell you one for a bit cheaper.

wednesday 08/07/2009

Damn Smokey is Elo banned and didn't even realise it smiley There goes my plans for that deck

Thanks for your reply Pein.

I didn't really get what you said about the 30 seconds, sorry.

About the star count i understand what you're saying and i agree when you say that it is easier for new players to win with their best cards, but the easy way isn't always the best! Do you know that saying "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. But if you give him a fishing rod, you feed him for a lifetime."? It's the same here. Newcomers should always read the rules first(no one ever does that:noseysmiley and then head straight to the forum, which by the way is one of the best things of this game has. I know it's harder but in the end it pays off.

Oh and if someone wants to brag about about his cards he can always do something like this: smiley smiley

@Growing: how do you learn to play well something that you can't control? Maybe it's just me but i don't see how that is possible.

Let's just hope someone else keeps this thread alive!smiley

Farewell and have fun


I know that stopping abilities often makes opponents incredibly predictable and often renders hands unusable. But the point is that you don't need a purely offensive bonus to win. and during a roots week the skeelz will see lots of play time in the future. all those players complaining about how the skeelz are weak just because they lack an attck bonus is rubish. during a roots week they will be much more playable then sakrohm, Junkz etc because most clans depend on abilities which can be stopped.

P-fulls for level up..

in DT low star high power deck [meta ryte now is uppers/montana type 2 ] [in type 1 there is a huge debate whether rescue can be considered as one of the power deck for DT ; IMO it is ]


pls rate w/ green face yey! smiley
GG's! smiley

Playboy mansion need more jackiesmiley

Listen to Vampking, me and him have a good friendly rival going here and we both are a pretty even match, lol.

But Lumiko, I think if you should do what you said in the messages about your Ulu deck and when the time comes, I like the Junkz/Bangers setup. Or Jungo/Pussycats, you have to play around a bit.

But, reply back or PM me. You got some pretty good advice.

tuesday 07/07/2009

Here is the deck:
4 Jungo: Odile, Scopica, Niva and Sylth
4 All Stars: Jessie, Ashley, Randy and Alexei (Striker or Marina if you have enough cash)
---25 stars, very good ELO deck
-You may want to change odile for radek
- Those all stars will cost you about 3000 clintz

I find this deck quite amusing to use...
___ 0 69-Mika's deck___

HMm i would
Don to Edd

Would be nice but very expensive

I use this :

How about a swear option? you could check it on or off allowing you to see curse words or not. If you don't like to see them than you would instead see **** etc. It increases freedoms to the individual and would lower any accountability since you can choose for yourself. I still think guilds should get a javascript based instant messenger (since I can't think of any other bases at the moment) vote green if you agree. Would really make setting up events and stuff easier. Bah this will never happen.......................

Redra, a damage reducer is much more useful in a clan where you have abilities such as revenge.

I actually use both in my deck.

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