tuesday 07/03/2017

Hello im' do the bonus season too. and i win the first bunker and i get 200 clintz something like that. and i worry to much from that situacion, because the season 2 give me 50000-60000 clintz that be? or not?

monday 06/03/2017

And the event is cancelled, thanks a lot Goyo. smiley

I've been doing a lot of Arcade Mode recently (gotta get that season 1 Cr smiley ) and thusly have bumped the post in my Guild.

S2 rewards:
40* = 4 - 5 common rebirth cards
80* = 1 Cr card worth less than 15 000
125* = 3 - 4 uncommon rebirth cards
170* = 1 Cr card worth 60 000 - 100 000
210* = 3 rare rebirth cards
217* = 1 Cr card worth 300 000 - 600 000

Although...IDK cuz Rebirth is no longer a thing...

1 2 000 Clintz, 20 bronze tokenz
2 3 000 Clintz, 30 bronze tokenz
3 7 000 Clintz, 5 silver tokenz
4 10 000 Clintz, 10 silver tokenz
5 20 000 Clintz, 15 silver tokenz
6 30 000 Clintz, 3 gold tokenz
7 50 000 Clintz, 5 gold tokenz

sunday 05/03/2017

I think we need more Coliseums... there are too many Leaderwars going on smileysmileysmiley

No, just 60% of the one clan in question.

Closing this...

1.Aimed public insult to a guild..
2.encourage others to swear on a guild

And this is your last warning.. next time more serious action will have to be taken if you keep doing this.

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saturday 04/03/2017

Raptors have a huge weakness aginst all cards that dont use +/- attack thats still apritty big pool of cards raptors can lose to as well.

vortex is a 500k deck for all cards even cr's thats like the cheapest clan i know of an never had elo banns i also know of a really balance clan if you like haven a safety next clan. were every round you can pill 0-2 an all ways get a hit or your pillz back its very nice.

friday 03/03/2017

Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YOzjTl-1TA - example of his video in english

Well we could have some smack talk. its part of game's. an its just words only one who give power to word is the r person who gives them power.
if you ignore an don't care what they say then. there words have no power. that's the truth.

If you folks insist... smiley

I only saw it once when someone reacted after they overfilled against Jautya in my deck and had only 5 Pillz (6 if you count free) while I still had all 12 Pillz (13 if you count free). I was tempted to, but then it might just be there to annoy them or make bluffing pointless with Pillz.

Would be nice if we could get the bloody thing smiley

thursday 02/03/2017

Same problem with my IPad. Luckily, I didn't update my phone, so I can still play.

Do you have many decks saved?
Or do you have decks with many cards, 100+?
You could try deleting them.

wednesday 01/03/2017

To play arcade you need aspirin a vomit bucket an a lot of free time to kill.

Thank you everyone smiley

I have to agree but its a market trick to increase new blood packs purchases by flooding the packs with the rare 2 stars that are sometimes not worth the rare status. I belive slide cr was common while donnald is a rare. Hoffman is slightly better than Balrog and not as usefull as zero dead. And the uppers doctor who is not that bad in stats but only couse uppers card suck is one point better than the weakest ld in the game. In fact gail ld was only used since there arent as many good cards. And i kind of complained about that fron Christelle's release when she was just more versatile gerald. So its not something done for the first time and you could have had useless cards in packs like endora cell morhla instead of undeserving rares. And i know we all want a maana cercei in every pack since one extra is enough to fill big parts of your collection and cards like her are made super rare.

tuesday 28/02/2017

Its survivor hive took over type 2 any way type 1 is safe from hive thank god.

Type(T1 or T2)+clan1+clan2

I only play survivors

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