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monday 03/08/2009

Nellie 7
Wendel 2
Samantha 4
Dorian 4
Burt 3

Ok this is confusing so i guess i am gonna make a 2 new subjects.

6 people say Chiara
5 people say Zeke

Nubamaru dude... dont fool around....

I bought Bangers for about 40k..... could be off by 5k up or down...

I think he put rescue like, rescue your butt from losing, not rescue deck

That's actually not a bad beginner deck, but since its only 24* an inexpensive replacement would be vinny to lobo for some extra damage and still be T1 eligible. as far as strategy, i'd maybe use ghoub as a bluff (1-2 pillz depending on opponents cards) most likely lower level players will over pill to try and beat him. once you get a pill advantage with rescue its usually pretty easy to win

When building All Star decks in ELO, the Randy vs. Robb dilemma frequently comes up. In weeks (such as this one) where both Striker and Marina are legal I go for a 13 star half deck with Striker, Marina, Jessie and either Robb or Randy. I've been leaning towards Randy lately, simply because of the 2 extra damage and the potential 2HKO with Striker. Does anyone else have strong opinions for either one?

I have the entire all stars clan n r tryin 2 think of the best possible ELO deck wit them ive tried lots n dey r ok but not relly gud can any1 help me think of a ELO deck wit all stars n tell me y its gud n ill prob. try out every1 either pm me or post blow plz b serious

I like using nim
but na boh can be useful as well

Please comment on my new deck. tell me if any change is necessary. thanks!

I have just one complaint. on a card whose ability is damage reducing, you can't see the minimum. You can see it in the description, but not on the card. Maybe you should reduce the font size a bit. It's really not a big flaw, but I can't see the minimum on "cards similar to" section

4 votes for option 1
1 vote for option 2

Please guys rate and comment my deck. Any suggestions? I think it can easily go up to 1300.
Here is the deck: elo -Jungo/Sakrohm-

Stay cool


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Thx....he is awesome

sunday 02/08/2009

Pussycats is my favorite half deck. There star counts are awesome and flexible and with a great bonus

Mmm, the booster pack give me Anton and Shogunn, so if I sell Shogunn I can afford Jay or Manfred right away, which one should I get ?

Please leave comments and rate Thanks for your time


My fav:

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