sunday 12/07/2009

Okay, thanks, now i have a deck with
Loma Nuja

Think that will work?

GHEIST: Rolph, Methane, Bristone & Z3r0 D34d = 14*.
Sakrohm: Uranus, Na Boh, Wakai & Slopsh = 11*.

You think it's good ELO deck...? Should I replace Slopsh or Wakai...?
I cant afford Toro or Leviatonn....

I'm willing to squeeze in Shayna or Buck too =D They're pretty good cards.

need support!

As I said before I play Skeelz/Gheist and it really rocks smiley ability manipulating(canceling and protecting) is extremely useful smiley each card in this deck has great ability smiley and it's only 26* with solid power/dmg smiley

No cr's sorry..

anything w/ higher dmg?

Based on recent DT records..
dead hours, 180-200 will do
plenty of player hours, 230-240 will do

Hey everyone i was just wondering if you could read this and rate my preset green.

Try Jackie for Nellie then its pretty good

"The point is it stops you thinking about the game as a list of numbers and more as a clan warfare where anything could happen, even the greatest strategists get unlucky sometimes. I like the idea of more limited randomness though; for example 50% higher is a guaranteed victory instead of 100%."

I like that explanation now when i play i'll try to keep that in mind

Is it me or did they update the customize menu? Because now there are alot more characters to pick from... I wish there was Tomas at full level or Bodenpower at full level... What do you wish for?

saturday 11/07/2009

So I've replaced Lolly w/Hugo and Fuzz w/Otakool for the time being...But I'm gunnin' for Rowdy.

@ whiplash

you forgot Glosh

Maybe because some players had managed to get higher points than you did..

Thanks David and no can do NoMrNiceGuy since Hattori is already in there at 5* anyways here is the new version after taking suggestions

and please post and comment and further suggestions are appreciated

I agree Montana and the Uppers rule the hours of DTs

Yeah i was thinking about that but i really wanted to keep to having a FPC majority.

Uh allstars is a great half deck partner for pretty much anyone
basic deck build:
striker 4
marina 4
randy 3
jessie 2

friday 10/07/2009

I think Eklore is better with clans like, Sakhrom, Junkz, and possibly Piranhas. The idea is that Junkz and Sakhrom already have a +attk bonus which causes people to pill more than they need to to win fights, thereby creating a pill advantage (the Pirates, on the other hand, just create RAW PILL ADVANTAGE through abilities), which Eklore intensifies.

Clans such as Montanas and Rescue are better suited using Hugo, obviously.

She tends to make people pill rather early and predictably. I can't say how well she would do for you, but I think a different leader would be a better choice. I've seen some Ashigaru users, which I thought was an interesting and tech-y choice.

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