friday 10/07/2009


coment and vote plz .

I just recently found a montanas pussycats deck that is amazing.


there is lots of DR, so much it is almost impossible to win after a Louise, Yayoi, or even Edd hit you hard.

Ahhh, I see. It makes sense. c:

I dont like it so much

HEy guys,

I want to build this deck, but not similiar i want to improve this
cuz im playing now a few days and have up to 11k clintz.

Thats the Deck

The Cards are
Burt , Nellie, Oxen , Wendel i bought these 4 first.
now comes the hard part

Sakrohm, i heard Uranus should be great, to block and bluff .. so i think its good to improve this deck with this card
but i dont now, which of these 4 Sakrohms cards i shouldnt buy
Corrina , Eris , Murray , Nimestiec

the second question is.
this deck may be weak againstcards with soa, so what can i improve there with my budget ?

i want to play Elo to gain some Clintz to imrprove my deck more and more.
but in the beginning i dont know i may need your help

Regards from german

Ummm......hawk and lehane aren't really expensive, especially compared to the cards needed for uppers or allstars. zatman, marina and striker all cost more than those 2 cards combined, but since hawk is almost always banned you'd probably need copper if this is you only elo deck so none of these are really going to be cheap. i'd recommed saving for marina and making an allstar deck without striker since he gets banned somewhat frequently (but obviosly get him when you can afford him). The rest of the deck should be fairly inexpesive. Jessie, robb, asparov, randy, kang, marina......then use either mario or flo for another 2* and loma noju, alexie or liu for your final 4*

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Ya i may be to into the game but i have a piece of paper(its actually a notebook) by me and i use that alot. alot of the players are the same and you pick up players stratagies if you pay attention. with the paper by your side you can do math on it or plan you moves ahead of time

Lol pretty smart y dont i think of it...


and it helped me heaps

The Junkz are much more evenly balanced with a better selection but...... Sentinel definitely has a strangle hold on the 5* and 2* spot Hawk and Lehane are just too good.

Usually I tend not to use a leader in my deck, but for la junta (or any deck for tht matter) timber just doesn't play in my book. +1 damage is great and all, but 1HKO are too obvious anymore so if I had to pick a leader for Junta I would pick either ambre, hugo, or eyrik. Imagine dean -4 min. 4 with Eyrik, or a 10/7 SOA Ambred Bryan!!!!

thursday 09/07/2009

B ball bennie graff lehane ?
in my opinion that is way too many 2 stars mate..

T2: Fabio Sharon Spiaghi Prince Jr Oscar Simon Edd Hugo
Elo: Fabio Sharon Spiaghi Prince Jr Slopsh Murray Nimestiec Petra

Hugo no doubt

Oh sorry i didn't post what i had a do have a sentinel deck but i have a bunch of others too.
frankie hi
all stars

I'm on of the hates smiley
Please don't kill me smiley

Could trade in Nimistiec/Na Boh for Slopsh and then put Marina into Ashley's spot. and yes i know, but if you want, pm i'd be willing to sell you one for a bit cheaper.

wednesday 08/07/2009

Damn Smokey is Elo banned and didn't even realise it smiley There goes my plans for that deck

Thanks for your reply Pein.

I didn't really get what you said about the 30 seconds, sorry.

About the star count i understand what you're saying and i agree when you say that it is easier for new players to win with their best cards, but the easy way isn't always the best! Do you know that saying "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. But if you give him a fishing rod, you feed him for a lifetime."? It's the same here. Newcomers should always read the rules first(no one ever does that:noseysmiley and then head straight to the forum, which by the way is one of the best things of this game has. I know it's harder but in the end it pays off.

Oh and if someone wants to brag about about his cards he can always do something like this: smiley smiley

@Growing: how do you learn to play well something that you can't control? Maybe it's just me but i don't see how that is possible.

Let's just hope someone else keeps this thread alive!smiley

Farewell and have fun


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