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sunday 02/08/2009

Since Caelus has become an enormous vote sink, I brewed up the following deck in case Hawk starts becoming legal again.


I threw in Miranda for the 2HKOs...but would Jay fit in better?

Ok i'm going to modify te question a bit, how can i improve it? Should I take out junta or something?


I need advice on how to make this deck better
Rescue's on the Way

rate and comment
thanks mods

Hugo's pretty great too, in a pinch =3

saturday 01/08/2009


Thx Bulborb smiley

Robo-doc V.IV

Ok let's say 20-25k

I think your uppers/sarkrohm deck is probably better.

@GEILER - That's certainly a solid DT deck, but I'd run Zeke over Danae. You lose a bit of attack manipulation, but he opens up a few more 2HKOs, and he's a better bluff.

friday 31/07/2009

What's is a good full sob deck for ELO?

Nightmare Mono
Piranas Mono

Here is what I have so far: deleted

There are no best decks or presets in this game. You can have a great deck and still lose if you are not a good player.

You don't need the real expensive cards for piranas to win it might help a little but its not absolutly necessary

Ambre in t1 works

He could be a great bluff as the bonus and ability together is uite good...may help draw out soa/sob/dr's which will give you a better chance of going all out later on

This is the deck I'm using for ELO. I know T1 is a bit different, but so far, this has gotten me to 1274.

Loma Noju

You can use Marina instead of Loma Noju, if you want more DR or something more reliable against SOA. Still, Loma Noju's + 1 life per damage ability has saved me an incredible number of times. Or, if you want the full +4 damage with Asporov and a full All-Stars deck, you could put Kang for Uranus. Personally, I love Uranus's DR - it'll often save you the game, either by reducing a scary opponent to nothing, or by providing 5-7 damage in a surprise 2HKO. Plus, if you get either Loma Noju or Jessie's + life abilities in, or Randy, Striker, or Asporov's big damage in, it'll be really tough for the opponent to win. All Stars' 3-star cards aren't that good, anyway.

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