friday 17/07/2009


PLZ post some comments 'bout this preset(perferably in english)

thursday 16/07/2009

In my opinion, it is... pretty good. I would change Nanook out for something with an ability.

I play tournament only and I don't know how to link cards

1. What kind of cards do you use in a pure GHEIST deck?

2. My Deck. Rate it : Vladimir, Bristone, Dolly, Luba. Meyen, Morlha((not good in my opinion)),Timber(Leader), Yookie(Roots). All are max level

Strategy: Use no pillz first turn, use pillz on second if they used 6 I use 7, etc...

3. What's a good deck to base around -opp damage only?

Nope, pretty much Darth, there is Selsya Cr, but she is either a 2/4, or a 1/4 2* (I forget), which isn't good either way.


If either Taneraeva or the legendary wee lee got unbanned I would say Ulu Watu but as of now ulu watu is lacking to go all the way. if you take a look at ulu watu they have potential Nanook is a great 3*, Tiago and Gabrielle can be great 2* and at 5* Lulabee and Hiki are okay. possibly unbanning Taneraeva could help. then lulabee could be used at 4* or with a low star half deck Tan + lulabee both maxxed could be deadly. A new release could help. I would really like to see a good ulu watu SOA with good base stats. either a 7/5 or 8/4 with SOA at 4* would be perfect!!!!!! that would give us a 10/4 SOA for hammering opponents.

Yeah 6 powers are too weak for me, at least to have a courage ability. Still I use FPC N I know I don't need SOA if um loaded with SOBs

How much do you want for estalt

Please rate my presets green

Leader mostly have average power and most of the time 5 damage. But Leaders are essential to the battle depending on the cards that are picked in the battle, they might be average in terms in power and damage but they make up for it with their abilities that cannot be SOA'd

You mean this deck Rescue me from Nico it is quite good but I would use Glosh over Suzie more dmg and against SOA he is a monster. and Aurora is okay but Marco is a lot better. in fact he used to be perma banned because he was so powerful.

wednesday 15/07/2009

Skeelz man!

I would for a beginner :

Lots of room to upgrade and cheap and 24 stars so elo playable

I like the junkz all stars best

I'm assuming this is a T2 DT deck. If so, pass on Jeeves. He's low on power, and the 8 damage doesn't do much for you when you're really looking for 6+6 knockouts. He's also victimized by Mona, who you're going to see a lot of in opposing hands.

You've got a good start with Jackie, Nellie, Oxen, Rubie, Zatman @ 17 stars. Three cards left. You probably want to use Dorian or Beetenka, but not both. Whichever you choose, toss in Frankie and Samantha (or Wendel if you crap yourself when you see Kolos) to round out the deck. You need them to keep your hand size down, and because they're good for beating up higher star cards w/o many pillz to run up your points.

How much for mindy (C)?

Thanx heaps for your help guys i am definatley going to invest in this deck then thank you

tuesday 14/07/2009

Thanks for the thoughts,

Manux- Sargh wasn't one of the 3 options because he's already in my deck haha! And I agree he looks like a "powerhouse"!

Lewis- I'd love to run with Kenny, but seeing as I couldn't afford Glorg, Kenny is out of the question. Limited bankroll my man, that's why I kept my question specific and not build me the best Nightmare half-deck for 12 points haha. I have a lot of my money tied up into the Sentinels who are on a bye week.

Thanks gentlemen, I may try getting both if I can squeek out a little cash. I'm leaning towards going with Timmy because I'm cheap & he is more fun.

Since there are gonna be new cards comming out on friday I will make another vote! Close please.

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