monday 06/07/2009

Http:// For DTs

You shouldnt need pill or positive life manipulators. why? dt's are meant to be done quickly. they suggest you are going to try to drag the battle out which prevents you from getting from battle to battle. Damage reducers are actually fine since as um-1984 said others are also planning 2 hit ko's. Oh, revenge is also bad since it makes it seem that you want to lose there fore drawing out the battle

sunday 05/07/2009

It's a place other than Clint City. It will eventually be explained in a comic.

'Kay, I want to know what you guys think about my Freaks/Piranas ELO deck?

For mono-La Junta, a common question appears to be Gertrud, Burger or Chiro?

Plus, as with all dual decks, theres always that possibility that you won't get one of the bonuses...


Ok tks alot....

- 12*

b ball

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those 2 should help

Thanks now pls close this thread !!!

Thanks for the hugo montana deck axxel ill def tryed it out in t2

Protection: Bonus for freaks, FPC, la junta etc

You def did do that Vamp smiley

lol but I love it and I only spent 2k more than what I should have on Rowdy smileysmiley

That sounds interesting. Any other combinations that work (And I can understand the elimination of the leaders. Not much help when you only have 4)

Where there any Leader's in play, because with Hugo montana can make a +18 attack bonus. As a Montana player I hate their high minimum but love it in closing the gap. If the opponents attack is equal to 8 or lower the bonus has no effect.

I agree with everything that MKC-Vampking just said, and I personally perfer Vermyn N more. However, it's player choice/playstyle more at the end,

saturday 04/07/2009

It works when your card is played in the first turn of any round.

I dont have the funds to buy tomas =/

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