monday 22/06/2009

Sorry, I thought I did put a link up

Here it is, don't forget to take out the spaces:

h t tp : //ww w. fanfiction. net /s/ 4998266 /1 /D ecisions

I see it frequently enough that either a large portion of this community are bad sports, or they're intentionally slowing people down so other players get an unfair advantage. I was hoping there was a less sinister answer.

I checked myriads of threads and they arent really that helpful except the one about the strengths and weaknesses of the clans. The really just show deck lists but I will continue looking

It would make ot a bit easier to know what clans you also have.
but junkz/bangers? smiley
maybe blaaster, bodenpower, graff and b ball help it?
i could make a way better if i knew what cards you havesmiley

I, personally use a All stars/Gheist mix. Gheist's SOA will always be top no matter what, since with the right cards, you can still burn through the jungo and skeelz. I mainly use them as a wall/attacker sort of half. The All Stars are the fire power in my deck, because Randy and Strier hit hard and easily, Marina can defend or attack, and Jessie is just gold. This is the deck I use.

z3r0 d34d


As for the Skeelz, it's a little too early, but i can expect the following:

unstopable abilities ( obviously)
great abilities (+5 life, -10 opp att )
revenge abilities that go perfectly with DRs
Good card in Chiara with the potential 10/4 for a 3*

rather low base damage
rather low power for cards without power/attack modifying abilities
great handicap against the opponent's bonus, as the abilities alone benefit from it
currently poor choice of cards, but it will be fixed in a couple of weeks.

Okay so why is Copper of all cards banned this week then? As many people say SoA owns his "best in the game" +5 power.

Comment please .

Most people use Deadeye as his dmg is more stable as he always gets 6 dmg. cyan has much less stable dmg and you have to play her careful to get the most out of it. and as a not nightmare/pirana is a terrible combo as it lacks DR, is low on dmg, has bad SOA cards and since they both have the same weaknesses they work terrible together. since both clans lack dmg, reducers and SOA there could be trouble.

Well if you click on the cards you can check their price dude...
That deck is roughly around 37 000 clintz

sunday 21/06/2009

Rate it!!!

Use Eyrik/Morphun with Bangers..

Vermyn N

I used this earlier. You could try

Vermyn N
B Ball


what ShamWow said

I got a redra doin this on sat mornin at 100 clintz, its really good

It is a good idea in theory, but my guess is they would be horrendously expensive, because they would make room for the Kolos' and the Shakras in ELO etc.

Could be worth a try but the point in your original post seems to be that they are expensive, and I don't think bringing out 1* cards would solve that problem at all unfortunately smiley

Np smiley

saturday 20/06/2009

Nahi's damage is too low and she doesn't form a 2HKO with Shakra. She doesn't fit with what Roots are good at doing. Full stops aren't really that useful- only Shakra is Shakra. If Nahi were 4 damage then things would be a lot different, but she isn't. If she were 2*, sure, Roots could use an upgrade there, but she isn't.

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