sunday 21/06/2009

It is a good idea in theory, but my guess is they would be horrendously expensive, because they would make room for the Kolos' and the Shakras in ELO etc.

Could be worth a try but the point in your original post seems to be that they are expensive, and I don't think bringing out 1* cards would solve that problem at all unfortunately smiley

Np smiley

saturday 20/06/2009

Nahi's damage is too low and she doesn't form a 2HKO with Shakra. She doesn't fit with what Roots are good at doing. Full stops aren't really that useful- only Shakra is Shakra. If Nahi were 4 damage then things would be a lot different, but she isn't. If she were 2*, sure, Roots could use an upgrade there, but she isn't.

This just occured to me,

maybe when then next clan comes out (there will be 20 clans)
they will make a 4th pack

picture this:

Action: Sentinel, La junta, Rescue, Fang Pi, Allstars (pussycats/skeelz are the least action in my opinion)

Danger: Gheist, Montana, Uppers, Nightmare, Phiranas (sakrohm? danger? don't think so)

Cool Atitude: Roots, Ulu Watu, Junkz, Bangers, Jungo (freaks are the least cool atitude in my opinion)

that leaves us with pussycats, sakrohm, freaks and skeelz and the next clan for the new pack

that also means a new starter deck

i predict sakrohm/pussycats (because sakrohm/pussycats are old clans just like with the other starter decks and they have cards that i can picture in a starter deck) (i''l even reply with the dack soon)

is it just wishful thinking?


maybe not...

General Theory: the more punctuation marks (of the same kind) are used, the less important is the insight.

Thank you i will use my hugo

Skeelz are alright, but if they get too popular, cheap shots like kolos are gonna get used more.

Um i would say check out my preset ownage for elo it is called Eyriks Trainers

Your first deck for dt type1 are you crazy man that won't get you in the top100. with type 1 you need quick fast games not games whereby it takes 3turns to win.
askai isn't really stopped dead in his track against soa. he is still a strong stable 7/7 so cards like glorg will still have a fight on their hands.
lol borss a staple mindy pwns him badly. okay sure he has sob but 6power is way too low in elo terms
radek is a gr8 staple but plz use a better example of high damage cards. so not zlatar
lol odile a gr8 card hahaha

okay your lv13 but plz play the game for at least a month or so before publishing strategy guides otherwise expect flaming.
enjoy flamming guys.

friday 19/06/2009

Don't care about my leaders, I'll sell them.

Need to know if I need to go for T2 or Elo with my setup and clan types.

What cards to get, what to do, etc...?

Morphun ftw
morphun has more depth
can intimidate your oppenent
while ambre... yh, can increase you power but has very weak stats

Look at all the clans and find one you like (or a pair of two you like the idea of using together). The browse the public presets by popularity to find a good deck using those clans. Build it and start learning to play it. Simple as that.

You know yaman?

yaman means rich in my country. irony to his clan roots.

Let's get mayaman. means let's get rich!

Http:// Please rate, even though Skeelz don't have mono potential, I made a pretty good ELO for them.


He means "how do you SureShot" ?
You must have twice the attack of your opponent (or more).

Why do you pill in Lost Warehouse?

Update: They're back, i'm talking about the Sentinel. Lahane is at #1, Hawk at #2, and the Sentinel's leader Copper is at the #3 spot. Tune in the next fortnight for the next ranking and I hope the Skeelz is going to be on top.
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