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monday 19/08/2013

More prizes added more cheap cards ranging 100-1000 donations only 100-1000 please smiley

saturday 17/08/2013

Pay 10k, Get 10k for every opponent you beat, so easy and quick money. We will be playing in different formats each round.

NOTE: Quick rounds of 3 days each, so prepare to have time before entering.

Round 1: Extended (WIN=Registration money back)
Round 2: Extended25 (WIN=10k Profit)
Round 3: Standard (WIN=20k Profit)(QUARTER-FINALS)
Round 4: ELO (WIN=30k Profit)(SEMI-FINALS)
Round 5: Extended (WIN=40k Profit+25k Prize Money)(FINALS)

Deck changing is not allowed in the same round.


friday 16/08/2013

Free lottery to join set up as a challenge for another event I am in
please DONT rate green and just leave it at 0

wednesday 14/08/2013

tuesday 13/08/2013

I see that the event is removed?

edited by Quickdevil tuesday 13/08/2013, 15:13

friday 09/08/2013

Please delete this topic.

wednesday 07/08/2013

Starting in 2 days, comeon people smiley

monday 05/08/2013

Bumping. 2 more days and we're starting...

sunday 04/08/2013

I'm feeling generous this month. Enter for a chance to win!

Free Lotto for Noobs Only

saturday 03/08/2013

thursday 01/08/2013

1 place left get it while its hotsmiley

When are you gonna accpet playerssmiley

wednesday 31/07/2013

I was hoping to start on Friday, but it seems there's a lack of interest. I'll give it a few extra days and see what happens.

tuesday 30/07/2013

monday 29/07/2013

Hey everyone,

This event shows skill and how powerful your decks can be.

We need to recruit 128 players to this event and we need you!

Hopefully we will get staff sponsered prizes!
1500 Clintz entry does apply.
Join now before you miss out on a life supply of prized!

Event organisor TSC Redblood

Apply now: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/events/?id_event=91015

Many prizes from me up to 100,000 Clintz!

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