friday 19/06/2009

Why do you pill in Lost Warehouse?

Update: They're back, i'm talking about the Sentinel. Lahane is at #1, Hawk at #2, and the Sentinel's leader Copper is at the #3 spot. Tune in the next fortnight for the next ranking and I hope the Skeelz is going to be on top.
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The vast majority really likes it and we do think it's a very very good and needed improvement.

We wont make an "option" to turn it on/off because we already have the "accelerate" mode, if you use the "accelerate" mode, it's really fast (1-2 sec total) and it does not really make the battle longer. Perception and reality can be different, in this very thread, some find the battle faster and some find it slower... smiley

As for the sound quality, we'll check it out. It doesn't seems deteriorated at all to my hears but the volume is just lower. Anyway as I said we'll check it out.

In other news, we are finishing up a totally new Quick Battle system that will be much better in many ways but mainly: 3-5 seconds from click to battle smiley

If they are CR cards, for showing off purposes or trying to look for people who'd want to trade
If they are normal cards and in bunches, again, perhaps same reason as above

Go with a Uppers/Montana or Rescue deck.

Melvin is a staple - his price won't go lower than 3-4k, and it may hover around 5-7k.

Cool thanks for the advice everyone.

thursday 18/06/2009

deleted is possibly the best la junta deck possible. the creator finished with 1549 elo and ended the week in first place.
5-3 works with all the open KOs and great reducers.

Burt and Nellie can be a big help! and they're no more expensive than oxen. arkn would be a way to keep your stars down and be a pretty decent fighter. i would also recommend z3ro d34d for the same reason. hope that helps.

Why wouldn't multiple Vansaars work? All leader abilities and bonuses besides him are disabled in LW so Vansaar and Timber won't cancel eachother (though Timber is autocancelled anyway). In theory, two Vansaars should work, because their "cancel leader" has been cancelled.

But it says a NO ELO card though so thats why i didnt get dorian or jackie or vickie cr


pls rate this deck green face
comment this so i can change some cards that is/are not necessary in my deck

tnx mods and to u all

Thanks for all the comments guys..smiley

Well as far as Clintz wise, this may take time.

But I heard Hikiyousan goes great with Lulabee. Right now I'm almost at 3k Clintz so who should I go for first? And I also heard Gil is a great replacement for Veenyle.

If you're really good with predicting pillz, then I would switch Eris with Hugo. Actually, my current ELO deck is the same as the deck you posted, except with Hugo instead of Eris, and Nimestiec instead of Ludwig. Nimestiec/Corrina + Hugo = massive attack manipulation, which really messes up a lot of people. I've beaten a ton of popular All Stars, GHEIST, and Sentinel using smart predicting and fury usage.

But mono-Sakhrom is hard to play, as it's really prone to bad hands and low damage. SOA basically shuts down most of the deck, which is why most people play Sakhrom as a half deck. Still, if you want to use Hugo with it to take advantage of attack manipulation, it would be easier to go mono, to avoid breaking up clan bonuses.

They made it 60 life for a reason
to prevent being KO'ed

OR Whidow would have something I call
SoB Team to SoA them

Yes that's why I and other people want a real Cr for Freaks. Soulei cards had to go Cr 6 months after they showed up so it really doesn't seem to count.

Copper is 4/8 and if he only looked at the card after the battle he might have missed the +5 power and the + 8 bonus attack/+6 hugo bonus.

Him with just a bonus could win. Him with just hugo could also win with random.

Like I said more info is needed

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