tuesday 30/06/2009

Well..every person has its own "super" deck.. i will give you an example : i once tried to copy a top 100 deck posted by 1f-angelo(who doesnt know him? one of the legends in elo) bangers/montana ..he reached top 100 easily with it while i was struggling to get even to 1200++ .. and when i created my own deck ,it was a very easy mission

advice: experiment of course smiley

So long as you have at least one other member of the same clan in the deck you will get the bonus for all. Example would be 3 Jackie and 1 Zatman in a draw, all would get the bonus, but if it was 4 jackie, you would not get it. Doubles are only playable in Dangerzone, Lost Warehouse and Fight Club though.

Jeyn, awesome ability

Yeah i meant Elo sorry. My internet was playing up and didn't want to post the threads and ended up posting several. I'm surprised there isn't more coz i think i ended up having to retype it all 5 times lol

It depends on the clan.

monday 29/06/2009

Demonic Animals
ELO deck with Jungo and Nightmare!

Bangers are taking up 13 stars unless you're using Vermyn N as a 4*
What are you using Yayoi as? 3 or 4 star?
Why not use Baby Q instead of Jeyn when Charlie is banned?

If you are using Vermyn N & Yayoi as 3 star then you have 19 stars total with 6 stars left for either two 3 star cards or a 4 star and 2 star.

Personally I'd go with Elly Mae @ 4* and Ella @ 2*

Or you could go with a 1* Wanda and use Louise.

If using Vermyn N & Yayoi at 4 stars then you are using up 21 stars and only have 4 left to work with.

If that's the case I'd use 1* Wanda & Meg.

Problem with using Pussycats is unless you're using unevolved cards it's hard to put together a strong enough deck.

Best of luck to you smiley

Is this deck for ELO? If so, you can't...

Pussycats are a very expensive clan... You see, Charlie (if she is not banned) and Yayoi are 2 staple cards in every deck and the scratch is already about 17k... Add the fact that the Pussycats are best played having at least one semi-evolved character (usually Wanda 1*, Gwen 1* or Charlie 4*), which you need to RE-BUY every time it levels up, makes them even more expensive!

But if you REALLY want to have a decent Pussycats half-deck (since Pussycats are bad in mono-clan) worth less than 10k, this is what I'm thinking:
Baby Q - 1k
Yayoi - 7k
Wanda (fully leveled) - 500 clints
Ella, Feelyn or Effien - 300-400 clints

Total: About 9k... Good luck! smiley

Yea that's what my guild does a auction for cards

Hi type 2
65000 clintz.
Clan not fussy, give a couple of suggestions with pro/cons of each?
Collectors are fine if needed.

Cheers, Josh.

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I think sylth wasn't there because there is no need for it

sylth could be countered by soa or high power

Leviatonn hands down. smiley

Thanks for the infomation

Thanks Nubamaru. I'll try it out soon as the sell some cards.smiley


I was thinking of how to make a good Gheist/Sak deck without Uranus, and this is what I came up with. Please let me know what you think!


sunday 28/06/2009

I made a 13 win thanks to Sakrohm/Ashigaru.

Well you are in luck!


now this one is for all out pill mulnipulation
however you need to be very expirenced at the game because you need to be able to predict every play.

back to your deck

katan isn't a gr8 imo low power (for 4stars) and an ability that it so small it won't make a huge difference.
to sting if you will with her huge power
apart from that you can keep everything else the same

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