sunday 14/06/2009

Yeah , More Leaders . smiley

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I don't really see to much of a problem, so someone who doesn't know you doesn't know if your male or female whats the big deal. I wouldn't care if someone who didn't know me refered to me as she, although even as a male I'd rather not be called a brute.

You can right a bit about yourself in your profile if you find it that big a deal.

Freaks are really playable as a half deck and they are a bargain in terms of *s and clintz. Some of their characters have the highest damage/ * ratio ever, backed up by naturally some characters with naturally high power to counter */- attack bonus clans.

Now with Mira they are absolutely loaded at 3*. At 4* they have Crassus and Grudj anchoring and Wolfgang, Maciej and Maamoon playing sidelines.

They're weak at 5* but their bonus isn't suited for a 5* anyway.

They're weak at 2*, what they need there is perhaps a 6/3 or 5/4 with slight damage reduction, like Arno or Ricardo.

They'll never be a good full deck because their bonus is useless turn 3/4 and they are to be used rounds 1 and 2.

In a Freak half deck, you want 1 card that is good for round 4 with 7 or 8 power and damage to close out. This is in case you draw 3 or all freaks in your hand.

All stars are beasicly a 2 hko factory. many of their cards are 4-6 damage. Meaning they can finish in 2 hits quite easily. but they also are quite expensive and you need to manage your pills well, as they are not an atk clan. Roots are more well rounded. They have high base power, some atk manipulation and decent damage.Roots also have the strongest full stopper in the game (both SOA and SOB), shakra. Both clans have DR's and decent 1's at that. Many ppl also use all stars mono clan with eyrik.

Most commonly used cards:

All stars - striker, marina, robb, randy,jessie, asporov, oyoh and ashley
roots - ratanah, noodile, rico, yookie, shakra, jeena (lvl 2) or arno, lou

Good 1/2 decks -
All stars -

robb or asporov

roots -
ratanah or shakra
noodile (lvl 2 or 3)


ratanah or shakra
noodile (lvl 2 or 3)
yookie or rico
jeena (lvl 2) or arno

To recap the answers previuosly stated.
Stars do not matter in regards to trading.
If you do not trust the person, do not trade with them or have a mod oversee the transaction.
The ONLY way we are able to "trade" cards is to sell the card you want to trade to the other party for the lowest amount possible which is 50 clintz and the other party sells their card to you for the same amount of 50 clintz. UNLESS either party is adding clintz to the trade. Then the party who is adding the extra clintz sells their card for the specified amount agreed on prior to selling it.
Examplt: Say I trade a Vholt for someones Alec + 40K in clintz. Then I would sell the other party my vholt for 40k and they would sell me their Alec for 50 clintz. That way I get the 40K and the Alec that we agreed upon prior to the trade.
Hope that helps.

saturday 13/06/2009

How about my idea of the Uppers/Montana deck?

ELO In Jungle . Please comment and rate there !

I think Liu or Loma Noju would be better than Alexei since you already have 2 SOA and one courage SOA. Personally I think Liu would be the better fit since you don't have any SOB and it also opens up the 2HKO option without having to use Fury. Right now unless you draw Striker & Rubie you can't 2HKO without using Fury.

With Liu you could 2HKO with her and Rubie, Striker, or Marina.

Green face smiley

Disco Under Water. I use that deck and it does well

At France midnight (my favourite tourney, no-random and decent jackpot), 350 usually gets you to around 35th place.

280 is pretty amazing. That means that I could win some tourneys =S . Maybe there were serverside issues?

They does , because it just says that from SAME CLAN , no matter which card , so yes .

Interesting one because i have trouble choosing as well
i use mario though
why because he is a much more beefy card and with help you in poor hands.
his 3damage as well ain't too bad and can be a potenial 5 damage (W/F) in desperate situations.


Please tell me what you think of my Survivor Type 2 Deck:


friday 12/06/2009

A leader....
you lose 3atk from their bonus if you use one.
i would recommend not to use one for it will only help a tiny bit and so its piontless to have a huge hump to only have a little benefit...

Imagine Jungo/Pussycats!

Charlie 4*
Wanda 1*
Gwen 1*

Ok Tamy was the last one

Maybe we are being a bit harsh on him, but imagine if every new player that plays in a DT did this smiley im surprised the mods let this through smiley

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