wednesday 10/06/2009

LOL OMG i completely forgot... wow... How forgetfull... ummmmm... Then I guess you could close this. Close please

tuesday 09/06/2009

Like most players have said before, it's a matter of time and strategy.
Also @ Taso, Noodile relatively cheap when buying unevolved and selling max stars. You probably lose out on anywhere from 100-300 clintz. Other 1 star fillers out there you will lose out on 1000-2000k.
I don't know about you but I sure don't have 1k-2k to toss around, especially if I could've gotten one more battle out of the card.

Banger/allstars or banger/la junta or banger/fang pi

Right now, im using this half deck.

Warren 1*
Kirk / gaia / nanook (im using gabrielle to make a stronger half deck)
Lin bee

This leaves for a strong other half, for example.



Dorian (when not banned)
zatman(when not banned).

deleted , A Roots / Sakrohm deck .

Depending on your budget, this is probably the best deck you should be trying for:

Ultimate Attack Elo [PS]

If you still need the clintz/card, Veccio can still be used until you can afford Mona. Selling Don would give you a good start torward buying Ottavia or Edd.

@ Artemis - I actually bought Melvin yesterday, just because Hawk got unbanned. I had to sell off some Wandas and a bunch of cheap doubles to do it, but I did. smiley

Also, I'm not removing Oyoh for Marina. Oyoh has won me way more games than Marina has; he's an absolute beast.

Shogunn --> B ball
Allison --> randy or robb

monday 08/06/2009

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Well techically i have lost xp
i think its around 500 for levelling a 4*
back then its well be 500+25^%=625 xp
now its 500+90%= 950xp (something like that)
so that means i've then lost like 300xp

idk i don't particularly care i was just wondering

Its good just swap Tyler for Jeeves.

GraksmxxT is banned in ELO

Nintendan i've been here since 06 awknowledge me...

Gyro is uncommon while bennie is common, so there are less gyros out there

I thought 5* were bad for DTs

What changes does this need if any?

Thankz dudes and dudets for your help.

Thankz guys I have an idea of what kinda deck I want.

Yea use rubie.. if ure actually gunna play with the deck use rubie all the way

sunday 07/06/2009

Bodenpower would be better in a half deck. But if you go mono than Shann is better

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