friday 12/06/2009

Type Two atm, I'm just a beginner at this!

Survivor and ELO can wait till I've got some clints.

Depends mono pussy w/ vholt -3 damge each character
ambre w/ power clann stoppabl
many more possiblity but klore for stargey help
and morphun for best ablity

Yeah you should get Montana, the mafia/gangster guys. Save up money and (about 100 clintz at least) and buy from the (mostly) second page of the Montanas, like Sharon, Veccio, Giovanni, Spiaghi, Oscar, Prince Jr. Just keep saving and buying. Mix in these cards in your deck (actually if your number of stars is like about 30+ then remove) then save up till like 2000 clintz then buy Don

Maybe you want to make a preset?
We will see what you can change...

That sucks...

@Wildfire, I wouldn't agree on Uppers.
Uppers got Dorian , Zatman, and Jackie which are their main cards.
Jackie has a permanent ban from ELO.
Zatman has it 70% of the time.
And Dorian has it 30% of the time.
So I would count on the in DTs but not in ELO.

@EVampking, Yeah, that is a pretty good deck...except for Randy maybe...he is beaten by the likes of GHIEST if there is no bonus of his, but overall, I like your deck.

thursday 11/06/2009

If you look on fraggles profile and read his bio, ull see a link to facebook, on there are photo galleries with ablout 80+ full pics on, but most are newish cards,

actually ill get the link for ya


Nah for DT he needs the 2HKO. I would replace Nellie with Oxen though. More points and less screwed if you get hit by SOA.

Pls rate and tell me your suggestions..

thx mods...

From the look of this deck, it's theme is around damage manipulation. It can work very well with vholt. Although, you may want to consider the fact that survivor rooms are designed to increase life and decrease pillz as you get more wins.

A combination of pillz and damage manipulators may work well in this case, especially if you fancy playing in Type 2 survivor.


wednesday 10/06/2009

I don't see that anyone else has answered this - but yes, making additional accounts is illegal. And I am sure that they have ways to find out.

Http:// here's my deck for type 1 with both these clan's in please rate and leave a comment

For Nightmare there's actually 3 DR's:
Nistarok -5 opp damage, min 3
Thaumaturge Cr -2 opp damage, min 2
Nerfeniti -2 opp damage, min 3

Hmm....I use Nightmare + Piranas.
But, you know, I started to understand it more...mods, please close, I think that I will understand my deck better.

@Merm: I made the experience that Jungo aren't that great in T1S/T2S. It might just have been the decks I played against them tho smiley

On topic: Like it has been mentioned before, you gotta find your own playstyle. If it is brute force with 2 hit KO's (2HKO), then go and find a high damage clan. If it is about pillz, then find a clan that is good at conserving pillz. It really comes down to your own preference and playstyle.

LOL OMG i completely forgot... wow... How forgetfull... ummmmm... Then I guess you could close this. Close please

tuesday 09/06/2009

Like most players have said before, it's a matter of time and strategy.
Also @ Taso, Noodile relatively cheap when buying unevolved and selling max stars. You probably lose out on anywhere from 100-300 clintz. Other 1 star fillers out there you will lose out on 1000-2000k.
I don't know about you but I sure don't have 1k-2k to toss around, especially if I could've gotten one more battle out of the card.

Banger/allstars or banger/la junta or banger/fang pi

Right now, im using this half deck.

Warren 1*
Kirk / gaia / nanook (im using gabrielle to make a stronger half deck)
Lin bee

This leaves for a strong other half, for example.



Dorian (when not banned)
zatman(when not banned).

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