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sunday 05/07/2009

Protection: Bonus for freaks, FPC, la junta etc

You def did do that Vamp smiley

lol but I love it and I only spent 2k more than what I should have on Rowdy smileysmiley

That sounds interesting. Any other combinations that work (And I can understand the elimination of the leaders. Not much help when you only have 4)

Where there any Leader's in play, because with Hugo montana can make a +18 attack bonus. As a Montana player I hate their high minimum but love it in closing the gap. If the opponents attack is equal to 8 or lower the bonus has no effect.

I agree with everything that MKC-Vampking just said, and I personally perfer Vermyn N more. However, it's player choice/playstyle more at the end,

saturday 04/07/2009

It works when your card is played in the first turn of any round.

I dont have the funds to buy tomas =/

an 8.5k deck that will help you win many times in survivor type elo
or in elo or type 1 dt

Mate, Skeelz are not a DT clan - not if you actually want to do well and place high in the rankings. It takes too long to play with them and work a strategy with your draw, and 2HKOs are not very viable (damage is not that high across the board and thus any possible 2HKOs are predictable because there are only a few Skeelz cards capable of it)

Go for Montana if you're not swimming in clintz. You should have Hugo now, so if you make a mono-Montana deck with Hugo in there as well you'll be set until you have enough clintz to go for the top end cards smiley

OMG why has no-one suggested Montana! They actually ARE cheap, unlike half the suggestions on this page(!), they have some pretty high power cards, great attack bonus which is really helpful for inexperienced players and their damage isn't terrible.

Seriously Kipi try mono-Montana for now and if you can get Hugo, the Leader, put him in there and then you'll have a great deck for your level smiley

@ Creeture: Yeah Ashigaru is perfect for Skeelz, because when the opp. goes first, it's slightly easier for you to tell if he/she is likely to pill, thus helping you with 'Revenge' and 'Courage' abilities. smiley

Yeah I use Don with Mona, or Don with Oscar because they have power altering abilities and the rock

i really need help in changing my deck


I want to start a new deck and u need some tips.
im just a beginner (lvl 12) so i dont have alot of clintz so i need tips about hwo to develop my deck in steps
i want to play with a clan thet have alot of power and a decent damage.
i started with the piranas but i can change.

With the prices leaders are now iniquity it wouldnt be hard to buy mostve them up to bridget smiley

Mono skeelz witz eklore...


7057 from 48 to 49.

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