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friday 03/07/2009

Ok but why not skeelz mono
exactly 25 stars and good for elo

Is there any place that explicitly says when your score starts decreasing back to 1000, and the rate at which it happens? A few days is rather ambiguous according to the rule page.

Skrumxxt > eris
if unnoposed

Anybody know a good deck I can use that's a Type 1/2 and ELO?

I don't mind what Clan, although I would prefer Uppers and Montana, Uppers because I've got a few xD
I don't mind the cost either but i would LOVE it if it was that good and cheap smiley

Tomas is more reliable in my eyes. 1 power can make a huge difference in a match.

In my opinion it depends on the third wave. In two weeks when the Skeelz Leader will be published, w´re able tu discuss about whether they can replace Rescue or not.

O yeah woops my badsmiley


@0 CFarn, I wish I was able to get to top 100, I'll try in holidays but it's lucky when the deck isn't banned.

Heres a formula

1leader (e.g morphun or bridget)
3/4 nukes (cards with 6damage or more)
3/4 blockers (cards with damage reduction like uranus of graks or even weelee)
also have at least on clan with a -+atk bonus

i use this formula when making my decks and get usually a minimum of 9 wins in a row.

The only Leaders I would use, in this order, are Hugo, Morphun or Eklore. Eyrik does absolutely nothing for me I'm afraid. Ashigaru's ability does not warrant a 5* place in any deck in my opinion, especially given that half the time you will get to go second in the match anyway because your draw contains less stars than your opponent! The only upside of using Ashigaru is his solid 8/6 character, but even that is no guaranteed win given all the attack manipulation floating around these days. smiley

Hello !
I want to show you a new good deck :


If you want, you can change eyrik for aylen.
And sandro for chiara.
It's a question of power and damage. This deck is the medium in extra power and extra damage smiley

I wait your reactions smiley

Um so yeah, i need some advice and improvements for this deck, not sure if it's any good, something diff then the ordinary pill manipulating piranas

so yaeh....-_-

thursday 02/07/2009

I real secret is 26* decks. I got 11th and 10th place with this deck: Crime Lords
thats a deck for a dt event im in but a really good low star deck is Tiny Cuts Run Deep

Uppers/Sakrohm is good for budget.


Just for 6k! And can be majorly improved with Zatman, Dorian, Petra and Uranus. And could be used for DTs as well.

Skrumxxt is underrated. Without SoA he is a wounderful 8/8 card. Last week he was one of the best cards - Shakra and Ratanah were banned, Roots were rarely played and so most players had no SoA cards in their decks (mainly uppers without SoA!). Sakrohm was great and 1300 Elo was very easy to achieve in using uppers/Sakrohm.
--> Last week: Skrumxxt was the Man!

But this week Ratanah is back. You see much Roots, Uppers are not played any more. Moreover many players use All Stars with Striker as well. Therefore it can easily happen that your opponent has 2 Roots and Striker on his hand. So Skrumxxt is too risky this week.
--> This week: Eris

her stats is high compared to 4 star cards like her. for ex: Psylo, Kati and even Bryan & Methane.
her stats is just similar with Wee Lee and he is permanently banned from ELO.
Plus Yayoi has a SOA which is very useful in ELO. So, howcome Yayoi is not ELO banned compared to Wee Lee?

in my opinion, Wee Lee should be removed from the ban, i mean Ulu Watu doesn't have a lot of playable cards in ELO.
and the Pussycats has a lot of cards to substitute for Yayoi. Wee Lee is just overpowered when we add him him his clan bonus, but with many SOB clans in ELO i don't think Wee Lee can really imbalance ELO.smiley

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