saturday 30/05/2009

TY all for your fast response... I built a pirate deck and I thought buying it at full starts jinxed it or something... Excellent to hear that it didnt...

I kinda need more advice... Maybe a Moderator could help me? Pretty Please?

friday 29/05/2009

In other word's it's a SOA counter.

Ok, i really, really thank u guys 2 give me such a good recommendation, i have bought a yayoi to solve the problem now.Beside yayoi, i also use the banger and so i also have a fifty, they are 2 very usable cards and i like them so much.

Training room...Lol

Http:// leave a comment and rate it even if you hate it! It is an Uppers Sakrohm designed to take advantage of attack.

thursday 28/05/2009


I modified the second one a bit and published it. It now has many 2HKO options.

Ur freaky prirate attack. is good but change tula to spyce.

Hmm interesting. I thought about trying Freaks with Roots or Piranas becouse of the Stop. I've heard about Freaks/Pussycats also, maybe I will give it a try sometimes(also heard that it requires a lot of skills to play it), now I am rolling with Sakrohm/Junkz and seems pretty fun for now.

Thanks for the help guys. I am going to try one of decks that you posted. Hopefully I won't make too many mistakes.

Just red UMaTriperacers post in this subject and got an idea for a starter T1 or ELO deck.





Personally love the attack manipulation/SOA combo. You might like UMaTriperacers deck more than this but remember, mona alone costs more than this whole deck would(the price of this deck is below 6k). I would recommend this deck as being able to go a long way in ELO(with some perseverance you can get 10 clintz every time) and also get you amongst the hundreds instead of the thousands in T1.

Trust me. Is a nice starter deck, room for replacements yes, but nothing that will make a great difference(thinking about here to somehow include cards like ratanah or mona).

wednesday 27/05/2009

I'm still a fairly new playerand I'm not all that good. This is the deck I use currently:

I feel it's not that bad. I got 150th in a daily tournament once. I've been working on getting Lilith out of it. Also I've been finding Dolly slighly unreliable (I got her to replace Nina).

Suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated!

Put it like this, I have beat lvl 90+ players and lost to lvl 20 players, its not about lvl, its about luck of the draw, skill and if your playing random then the whole thing is luck...

Here's some:,20,date,desc,all,0,0,0,1387578,0)

And you'll have money to spare for improvement.

No, no... If you loose normally, you loose equal points as the situation in which you loose by giving up, BUT if you time out you loose double the points (almost 30 per expired battle)...smiley

I need adive for the greatest deck so can you help me?

Change oyoh with randy
ashley with robb

dreen or gil to otakool

I have 26000 clintz and i need someone to help me build the BEST ELO/T1 Deck to either play dts, survivor, or ELO. So help me out. Thanks,


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