sunday 07/06/2009

Do you have a psylo if you do iwill give you a dreen.

I will give you psylo for dreen

saturday 06/06/2009

In Kosij's idea
do dash to dreen
skrumxxt to eris

Randy end of story

It could work but how often can you run into roots decks? It'll get owner badly by a lot of attack bonus clans.

It's in the bottommost room in the list of rooms when you click "play now". you cna only access it once you reach level 10. if u can't see it, maybe the filter rooms option at the top right corner of the screen is turned to something else (other than "all"smiley. if u don't have unevolved characters in your deck, i believe you cannot enter the room as well.

Well .. If you are rich , Pussycats and Sentinel / Roots works good with un evolved card .

All Stars, Junkz, Rescue, Uppers, Sakrohm, Bangers, Piranas, Roots, GHEIST are all good clans in ELO. Just choose the one you like the best and look at public presets for it until you find a deck you like.

Wow rules you say Force smiley that seems like a novel idea smiley

As for those of you who make mistakes and can't figure out why - its sort of okay - just dont blame the game - we all make mistakes and learn except for force and merm - they are like the Gods of UR and destroy us if we upset them or grovel too much!

The other great thing about Piranas is they make the second best 10 star half deck in the game,
Smokey, Tyd, Hawkins, and Tula allow you to pack in some nasty cards with the other 15 stars and are all good cards in their own right that you can use to force your opponent to make some mistakes. Pussycats are the only other clan that has a really good 10 star half deck and that one requires a heck of a lot of unleveled cards.

Piranas are a finesse deck you don't win by putting a bunch of pills on your cards and trying to overpower your opponent, they win with bluffs and pill matching. Finally if you want damage reducer pair them with Sakrohm, pill manipulation and a bunch of reducers can give an opponent headaches.


Any comments and suggestions are welcomed.

I wood just take out aurelia for a 3 star since u have the room for it

What game mode do you play .... elo, Dts, Survivor..... it is hard to recommend any clans without even know which mode you play in. for elo a good cheap alternative is roots, in survivor elo piranas, survivor T2 ulu watu....etc.... if you could tell us what you want to do with the deck that would be a great help

Why exactly are you building a mono-Bangers deck without Shann?

I'll add Naykee to RenzNoFry's list since he can be played for 0-2 pillz and not be expected to automatically lose. Most of my half-Bangers decks pair them with an attack clan and Naykee can fill that missing role. Plus a fury can pull a surprise win with Shogunn or another 7 damage card.

I don't care much for Gyro, I'd almost rather run Meroo 1* and Juicy Lord for B Ball. Or Juicy Lord 1* and a different 3*

4 clans, because more variety
and with 2 clans and two cards, the two clans could be clans you would'nt even use or dont like so, then you keep waiting and waiting until the clan you finally want to have new cards come...

with that, i hope the next release is 4 clans from montana, uppers, sakrohm, and any other clan (highle unlikely though)

One thing you need for sure is Oyoh.. 7/7 with -2 Opp Power. Also, if you want high power cards try Eyrton, 8/5 with -2 Opp Power. He is quite hard to beat even with one pill.

Hawk is a near clone of jackie but in no way is he comparable to jackie on the lose in ELO... not even close.

4 star vs. 5 stars... HUGE
+8 vs -10 HUGE...,. that means 1 extra pill is needed by most card to beat jackie.

a powerful card? yes
an overpowered card? arguable.. one of the best 5 stars for sure either way

2 star lehane is hands down is overpowered... 7 power lehane would be a fair card because that can mean 1 less pill needed to beat her

Lets say the situation is the opponent plays lea (she gets full 12+ attack points from bonus)and your card is lets say dean.
you know you definatley will lose with no pillz... so why not play 1 pill?WRONG!That is pointless! you have no chance of winning at all! you have 12 attack while they have 14 attack.
simply ALWAYS add up the attacks! look at different situations. here is another point of view where it might be better to add those 3 pillz.
Situation:you have 7 life points they have 10
you have: dean and bryan left
they have:noodile and z3r0 d34d
they just played noodile and they have 2 pillz left.the max attack they can have with noodile(maxed out) is 24 attack. you should play 4 out of your 7. then you can guarantee a win from both cards you played. and even better you get a K-O
you could let noodile get through with all pillz but why not just get a KO?
sorry if this is a bit confusing....
hope you like my thread! smiley

friday 05/06/2009


A little pricey, perhaps, but I'm partial to A Woman Scorned. Of course, it's only usable on weeks when Kolos is available, but still... It's a fun deck. ;-]


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