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thursday 02/07/2009

Uppers/Sakrohm is good for budget.


Just for 6k! And can be majorly improved with Zatman, Dorian, Petra and Uranus. And could be used for DTs as well.

Skrumxxt is underrated. Without SoA he is a wounderful 8/8 card. Last week he was one of the best cards - Shakra and Ratanah were banned, Roots were rarely played and so most players had no SoA cards in their decks (mainly uppers without SoA!). Sakrohm was great and 1300 Elo was very easy to achieve in using uppers/Sakrohm.
--> Last week: Skrumxxt was the Man!

But this week Ratanah is back. You see much Roots, Uppers are not played any more. Moreover many players use All Stars with Striker as well. Therefore it can easily happen that your opponent has 2 Roots and Striker on his hand. So Skrumxxt is too risky this week.
--> This week: Eris

her stats is high compared to 4 star cards like her. for ex: Psylo, Kati and even Bryan & Methane.
her stats is just similar with Wee Lee and he is permanently banned from ELO.
Plus Yayoi has a SOA which is very useful in ELO. So, howcome Yayoi is not ELO banned compared to Wee Lee?

in my opinion, Wee Lee should be removed from the ban, i mean Ulu Watu doesn't have a lot of playable cards in ELO.
and the Pussycats has a lot of cards to substitute for Yayoi. Wee Lee is just overpowered when we add him him his clan bonus, but with many SOB clans in ELO i don't think Wee Lee can really imbalance ELO.smiley

Aurora, why? Hax is courage and can be reduced. Aurora still has a decent 7 power and 8 life gap to go with it. Hax doesn't scare anyone with his 5 dmg.

@onlyChaos: why the hell are you bringing the damage of a card into this discussion ? The damage a card deals has nothing to with this. I could argue as well that Bridget creates a total life gap of 8 when dealing her damage. Your point is completely coming out of nowhere and not relevant at all.

Sakrohm, As sakrohm has the bes ability based damage reducers and they have useful low stars with 11 star something like nimestic, uranus, petra and na boh would work work great with high power and damage reducers to fall back to.

I personally worked a jungo - sakrohm deck before they do great together.

I like BabyQ more as a defender. against Jungo La Junta FPC she can reduce damage up to 4.
other than that, Jeyn is better for attack.

Also, is Ella really that good? I thought she was, but imagine, if she is alone without the Pussycats bonus, she is going to just reduce the opponent's damage to a 4!

@ um : you forgot the + life of Bloodh. its like making Bloodh a virtual 7/9, with 3 of it as unreducable. that is what im talking about.

I think they should unban Wee Lee.
Buck is just...... eew.

wednesday 01/07/2009

My theory is there's some kind of massive conspiracy style cheating going on in all DTs. The points the leaders have are consistantly impossible, and I always run into a few guys who intentionally waste time. I think it's all planned out. If you're not in their group you can't win.

Also, here's the point table:


Please guys i really need your help with this subject!
All of your suggestions are very important.


When you're playing you have to think if you were in your opponents place, what would you do? and be sure to keep in mind all the bonuses and abilities and how they will affect things. i try and write down teh math if i need to, so i can figure out how my opponent will do things and what i need to beat them.

Pussycats, junkz, piranas and sentinel and uppers when they're good cards are not banned.

Kolos is broken like all hell - there isn't much you can do, without a DR or SOA.

Personally, if I fail to draw DR or SOA against him, I just put up two pills and hope for a bluff (I say two pills in case the opponent one-pills). It doesn't always work, but if you catch them, the playing field is leveled out.

I can't afford CRs.
Rate and comment.

Montana is good, and you can get a decent deck for cheap.

tuesday 30/06/2009

I've been playing mono-piranas for the last couple of months, and I've noticed two HUGE weaknesses: They have low power/damage compared to other clans, with only two 8 power cards and only 5 out of 22 cards with damage over 6 (for 2-hit KO); only 4 of those are playable. Their other weakness is that they completely wither under SoA. SoA use has gone down slightly due to Skeels and stops, but not enough to not make it an issue. Anyways, I can't do anything about SoA without splashing another clan. I can however drop Eyrik into a high-powered Piranas deck.

Anyways, my dream T2 deck, which I'm going to build when I have the clintz looks something like this:


Think it'll work?

Tell me some suggestions about this deck to make it better
Stealing by the ocean

When you take a look in Nightmare, what stays in your mind is the 4 more epensive cards: Kolos(KO/ BLUFF/DAMAGE); Glorg(Disarm/Damage/Bluff); Nistarok(Reduce Damage/Damage/Bluff); Kenny(Heal/Giant Life Gap/ Damage/Bluff)!!!!!! These 4 cards are to be in your deck for sure!!!!!

And when you take a look in Bangers, what stays in your mind are the 4 more powerfull cards in last level: Lennox(KO with Timber/Bluff/Damage); Bodenpower(Founder of Bangers/Damage/Reduce Attack/Bluff); Willy(Super power with ability and bonus/Damage/Bluff); Blaaster(Reduce Power/Damage/Bluff/Most expensive of all)

And with all this 8 together, you get a powerfull deck!!!! The normal stats of the cards are: Bluff and Damage and when they have more just with the abilities, you get a more powerfull deck, and all these together make a strong alliance!!!

When I talk in most expensive card, the collectors doesn't count, cause they are too expensive to somebody buy and have a good deck!! so we have to take the ones which aren't collectors!!!

Comment if you want!!!!!

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