friday 05/06/2009

Pls rate this deck

i hope youll not rate my deck red face
always green face

tnx a lot mods

Unfortunatly, the java version support has been dropped and wont come back any time soon.

I think the big price difference is because Jane Ramba can be used as a 1* or 2* filler, with 7 power, and on 2* she has the dmg. reduction. The second reason would be her amazing 2HKO openings, making lots of 2HKO with the Junta, which Yookie don't.

Elo deck with bangers and fang pi...
blaaster, bodenpower, b ball/graff, vermyn N lvl3

(the expensive fang pi part)
marlysa cr, kerozinn cr, windy mor 2 star, xia leming 2 star or chan for windy og xia.

(the lot less expensive fang pi part)
chan, sung tsu, windy mor 2 star, xia leming 2 star.

or windy mor 1 star, kati, xia lemming 1 star, hattori

not sure if the last one will work.

thursday 04/06/2009

Many people like wardog
but I really like dean
so I choose him over wardog
6 power with -3 power
this will bring down most of cards to 4 or 5 power if there is no SOA

Usually allstars, roots, sentinel, gheist along with a low star pussycat half deck. smiley

I wasn't aware people thought he would go Cr.

Rolph is considered a newer card and there are a lot more of him floating around since New Blood has been one of the more popular packs chosen. XU52 used to be about twice as expensive as he is now as it was the best 5* option before Rolph (aside from possibly Miss Twice)


Uranus works too. It's just TrinmkkT has higher power and damage which can make the difference in T2S. It's really preference. As a damage reducer, Trin shouldn't be that much worse than Uranus in T2S with all the high damage flying around. But eh, I won my fair share of matches with Uranus in T2S before. Either using her as DR or even with her dealing damage while faking with another huge attacker.

Yeah, the whole race thing in DT turned me away from even trying to do good and go for a top10 finish. Often I just simply play to get a credit, which is by far more relaxing.

DTs would be so much better if only the best 12 - 15 games during an hour would be counted. Or just the best average score with a minimum of 12 games played or something similiar. That way the best would win and not the fastest with the most luck. After all it's a tournament and not a race. And probably more people would try to go for it then.

Oh well -.-

I have Junkz,GHEIST,Nightmare (not Kolos),Sentinel,Sakhrom

Mono decks "tend" to have more victories w/ leaders, smiley

Timber, vansaar is only for leveling cards up, smiley

Go with junkz bro,

try this:

Marina *4
striker *4
randy *3
jessie *2
peeler *5
gibson *4
gil *2
malmoth *1

GG's! smiley

Ice jim is an 8/3 SOA with bonus. I woul much rather have a 4* 7/5 with SOA possibly...

I see your on a budget isnt that right? i prefer methane because i feal he is more solid and is better because of how common GHEIST is and even roots.and also methane is preferably better for 2HKOs.(lik with leviatonn once you save up for him...) if i had to choose i really like having them both because of how good they set up a 2HKO

wednesday 03/06/2009

It would be kool for some help with a Freaks/Jungo deck for both normal battle zones and elo. Im am about to start the elo and i think that the combo would be good between the two decks, between the +X life and the -X poison. BUT i also like the defensive abilities of the Roots.

Right now i have...
(2)Miss Ming
Olga Noel


Miken Moose

And i have about 8000 Clintz

Thank you guys ahead of the time for any help!

Think it is a bit open question, you want 2 ELO decks suggested but your level 54 and oughta be able to think of better decks than most on this forum considering your experience. Also not sure what kind of deck you are looking for, something original or something good ? anyway here is a deck.

Sakrohm 12
Roots 13


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