wednesday 27/05/2009

I need adive for the greatest deck so can you help me?

Change oyoh with randy
ashley with robb

dreen or gil to otakool

I have 26000 clintz and i need someone to help me build the BEST ELO/T1 Deck to either play dts, survivor, or ELO. So help me out. Thanks,


tuesday 26/05/2009

No it does not. It gives expiernce + 50 bonus (the standart +100 bonus divided in two).

Hi Im new to this game i started playing a couple days ago and now i want to make a la junta deck i have right nowI have the following cards:

I was looking on what La Junta to get and if I wanted to do a combination deck what would go well with the La Junta?

Its nice you could either put in zatman for samantha or max level wee lee

Ok thanks for the advice it will be bye bye to me gheist :*( i love rolph though

Jungo is a solid clan, but don't try to play them mono. They need to be paired with a clan that has a bonus related to attack, whether that's +/- attack, or +/- Power.

This would probably play well, though I haven't tried it yet for lack of Askai:


Thanks guys im gonna go with fang pi deck

monday 25/05/2009

No,new clan comes out twice a year randomly

Some good cards for each spot

2* lehane,hawkins,jessie,gil
3*lyse teria cr,zatman,olga,
4* jackie, graksmxxt, ratanah, alec, cobby
5* dj korr cr, kiki cr, general cr, tanaereva, vickie cr, guru cr, kerozinn cr,

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I have the best out of both roots and gheist lol there are no crappy ones..

but thanks for the advice gta but i am mainly looking to play in dts which means sentinel are better because of no bans???

but i really like rescues bonus

Close this please.
I have decided to collect and build GHEIST deck.

Definetly sentinel i had la junta till recently but it was soo crap

Tula is the best in the 2* piranas

No it just shows how rare it is
bronze is common
silver is uncommon
gold is rare

It is better is you have the S-fishy since this card is abit low damaged and only have eris to cause highd, expect that is great

Those are all I have, I think I need some more better ones

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