thursday 26/01/2017

Yea but thats sad they have to be made to the point of not being used lol collector's i guess.

Currently these profile boxes are available:
Bangers, Fang Pi Clang, Freaks, Frozn, GHEIST, Huracan, Jungo, Junkz, Nightmare, Piranas, Pussycats, Rescue, Riots, Roots, Vortex

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Potential Kinichaw CR

wednesday 25/01/2017

As for the t2 leader melody is much better than morphun since he will give you 3 pills over 4 rounds while melody will make each of your cards a fork and you can eaven gain pills back from your damage redusers and Tekumman is kind of a great card if you are going for all 40 bloody stars.

A game mode were only lvl 1- 20 can enter an play an other players over lvl 20 cant play in it any more would help new players play only new players. an get use to it once your lvl 20 you should have a deck that's competitive enough.

tuesday 24/01/2017

monday 23/01/2017

*nod nod*

Freeee Globumm! Who wants a freeee Globumm?!?!

For events, idk I mean yes forfeiting could be allowed, not really necesarry there

PS: plus, a common (oon noel) and an uncommon (fast johnny) have been put in the NB packs ; )

Also Steve
sorry for doubleposting

And for now the only thing that can make them usable is a sell to kate missions smiley

sunday 22/01/2017

Is Kiki, the Roots gorilla, inspired by Koko, the real life talking gorilla? Just wondering as they have very similar names.

MyGW: Nekron. 9 power, ability that works on round 1, either creates a 7 of 9 life gap, ability protected, and very effective against dr. Do I even have to say more?
MyRW: Shann cr. Either gives you 4 pillz or ensures the opponent will use a lot of his pillz. smiley

New clan of reptiloids. Eloxia and La Iguana going there

saturday 21/01/2017

40 dmg with Ginger is 500 clintz.

I know right? NB missions used to give 3 silver tokenz. They used to be fun too..

And he will not become cr until he is newblood so you got plenty of time.

friday 20/01/2017

^ @AyoubKiller Did you edit the html? smiley

Also, to be honest, I quit the game around a year and a half ago, but sometimes I would check the website from time to time to see how it was going. I re-joined once many events started happening, it was rebirths, new missions, raptors, hive, character events, hive vs vortex, all of that along with coliseum and LEADER WARS. People can say that UR doesn't do enough events but it is picking up and it was the reason why I rejoined. Slowly but steadily, the players online are increasing; a few months ago, getting 2k people online was not normal, but now it is pretty frequent. You can obviously challenge this by saying that 'it is not what it used to be, and the game is worse'. That is understandable, but the main thing is, the game is on an UP as far as I know (unlike fantasy rivals that never really took off). I am genuinely enjoying playing Urban Rivals, as there are more cards, and with that come more versatile deck options and hopefully more game modes to play in the foreseeable future. I now use the new website, because I have gotten used to it, but I will ALWAYS ALWAYS miss the golden background on the old website when cards would go CR. smiley

I don't know if i troll sorry if i do i not meaning to. I do know i'm a Idiot some time's. i been playing 10 years on hear an i don't read the rules every day some times they change an i don't know so makes me look stupid. smiley At least i do learn an try not to repeat them.

trolling is Bad an makes players not wont to post or even play anymore. witch is bad. RAMZYXUK you should of not called out a player you should of said of many players i have seen on the forums. don't need examples many of use will know what you mean.

Can't rate green on these comments genius smileysmileysmiley

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