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wednesday 31/05/2017


monday 29/05/2017

Right now its like this, but the devs will try to fix it when they finish to solve the few current bugs remaining in the app

Although the sun here kills me but still ramadan mubarik to all those who are fasting.

The staff need to hit the reset button. If they don't, all this pandering to new players will go to waste. Do the right thing staff smileysmiley

@TheDoomBug -1

They've been talking about doing it for ages, flash still has more time. Staff rushed it for no reason, and here we are.

sunday 28/05/2017

*What I meant by mobile was if you used Safari from an iPhone just to clarify. Of course the App`s left hand corner lets you see the bio.

saturday 27/05/2017

Didn't GraksmxxT Cr go missing in action?

wednesday 24/05/2017

I am sorry that I caused this rumpus. All I am saying is that it can be frustrating. I never asked for point deduction to be neutral, but to be limited. (PA) Graham phrased this well, the taxes aren't equal to the money they earn. Can everyone be a little less aggressive? All I asked for were opinions not arguments. But everyone makes valid points. smiley

monday 22/05/2017

@yaoihuntresse Yeah we need all of Team Chman's art replaced (seriously how was he hired in the first place)

The Museum page is to show the old art for the cards who gets a new ones (the rebirths and others after the end of rebirth thing...)|

Im waiting for new art for others old cards.

sunday 21/05/2017

Graham is correct. Plus always will happen first. After initial damage of course. Also +/- life will happen before heal/poison. Doesn't matter who went first in the round or stars. Defeat doesn't matter. It's only plus than minus. So a card with defeat plus life will get the life before toxin for example. Also to note is if you have any combination of effects that take both players to 0 health it's a draw aka double KO. Again there's not a first to zero rule always. Some rare instances can have this happen. All abilities and bonuses must play out if valid.

friday 19/05/2017

DT give out silver tokenz too, don't know the limits off by heart but I think it's like 50th place upwards

If they are some kind of undead, their bonus should be life related, like VOD: +1 life.

thursday 18/05/2017

You have opened a Mystery Box!

You have obtained:
278 clintz
1 Leo
41 BattlePoints
1 Oxo
You have obtained:
2 tokens
1 tokens
2786 clintz
2080 BattlePoints
3 credits
1 Dave

The staff do not tolerate personal attacks. A player has been warned of this.

I will try and see the maximum for each genre and attempt based on this.

I think I have a good guess. Maybe the 'WANTED' is actually a bounty and this clan is a team of hunters who explore the outside of clint city to kill/hunt animals. This will piss of the Raptors and Roots. smiley

wednesday 17/05/2017

There's also the wiki: http://urban-rivals.wikia.com/wiki/Urban_Rivals_Wiki

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