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sunday 28/06/2009

I hate random made me lose 10 times in a rowsmiley

I think a lot of cards will get unbanned in the distant future as the over all power of all cards increases over time with new stronger cards brought in we can all dream of using a wee lee and tana deck with lysa and vickie 3*, but i think it'l be a while

Bangers all stars or uppers

I'm using gheist as my deck of the week in elo..

Money laundering

this is it smiley

saturday 27/06/2009

Also, in some rare occasions you can find a card that is cheaper on the market at level 1, than the price kate pays for level 3/4/5.
it was an annoying way to gain clintz, but it helpe a lot of non credit buying folks out before the new market use for non credit buyers...

Toucan_OK: and how is that suppose to help changing a dreen to a lvl 2 nobrodroid

Well, as a beginner, try play every 2 hour to get credit, and make a good deck, I suggest freak deck because the card is good for example grudj, it's very cheap only 800cz, and if you get more money get olga, it definitely you has a good freak deck.

friday 26/06/2009

Actually you have to be in the top 150 to win higher than 50 clintz
you get 1 credits if you are in the top 1/3

My answer would be to use them . Since you are a new player , you can earn many clintz with them , so just use them .

SG-RIAH, your star count is way too high to get a competitive score in a type 2 DT, all the serious players run 26 star DT decks.

To the original poster Bangers/Junkz could be really good also look into Uppers for a DT deck.

For any suggestions, comment or violent reaction about the current systems/game modes, please contact the customers' support services. They will be able to entertain your messages and consider them for future improvements (Or explain why they can not let your ideas be applied in the game) directly.


Ulu/Sakrohm is great taneraeva, Weelee, Lulabee,Hikiyousan, Graksmxxt, Skrumxxt, The Guru Cr, Morphun
guru is a more powerful vickie and graksmxxt defense can win games. Sakrohm works great in about every survivor build.

thursday 25/06/2009

So this it is:

4 star kolossal!!

I draw 1 or more 4 star in every hand so I dont have "bad hands"...What you think about it?

+4 pillz is nice.
+12 attack is an ability, and quite a good one to.
Poison 3 min 1.

SOA and SOB are in a league of their own.

B Ball
Vermyn N/ Shogunn
Juicy Lord

Well you all helped me a lot thanks

Tofu, but if you remove bristone, he won't have a DR.

I think the deck's just fine

Maybe Arkn to z3r0 d34d, but Arkn's just fine

I think the freaks is quite a ok deck for people on a really tight buget,since they are so cheap!smiley,u could have olga noel,olga,esmeralda,cassandra for ur freaks side,on the other side,Sakrohm is a good one, try uranus, murray,wakai and GraksmxxT for around a total of 20k.u can also change GraksmxxT for something else cheaper

Well if you wanna play ELO GraksmxxT and Kolos are definitely not the cards you should buy since they are pretty much perma banned (well Kolos isn't, but He is been banned for weeks/months and I don't think that He is coming back anytime soon...)

All Star is definitely a good choice for ELO so you should try to get as many as you can and All Star / Sakrohm are not that bad combination either in fact they can be really successful if used right.

I thought this would be fun

Name: Toxin
Stat: 8 Power/1 Damage
Ability: Revenge/Poison 4,min1
Star: 4 or maybe 5

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