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thursday 25/06/2009

I think the freaks is quite a ok deck for people on a really tight buget,since they are so cheap!smiley,u could have olga noel,olga,esmeralda,cassandra for ur freaks side,on the other side,Sakrohm is a good one, try uranus, murray,wakai and GraksmxxT for around a total of 20k.u can also change GraksmxxT for something else cheaper

Well if you wanna play ELO GraksmxxT and Kolos are definitely not the cards you should buy since they are pretty much perma banned (well Kolos isn't, but He is been banned for weeks/months and I don't think that He is coming back anytime soon...)

All Star is definitely a good choice for ELO so you should try to get as many as you can and All Star / Sakrohm are not that bad combination either in fact they can be really successful if used right.

I thought this would be fun

Name: Toxin
Stat: 8 Power/1 Damage
Ability: Revenge/Poison 4,min1
Star: 4 or maybe 5

If you don't pull out Slyth or Askai, you are struggling on damage.

I would swap Radek with Uranus, and change Niva and Borss for Boohma and Jalil.

Boohma may seem a little of a weird choice, but if you don't come up against an SoA, opponents need to pill a few to be guaranteed a victory, or take a 7 gap.


How is it? You like?

Skeelz are overpriced right now. New cards are always in high demand. You're going to get much more bang for your buck with Azgroth, Glorg, Phyllis and Sheitane/Hel as your 4th.

I think if you face againts damage reducer and SOA such as ROOTS/gheist you pick freaks/Fang pi clang.
It already prove it by me. I gain 1340 ELO last week with this deck Unagi Substitute Marlyssa Cr

The onyl reason they made anti SoA cards is because prievously the only way to stop SoA was using a SoA or in some cases a SoB they didnt do it to spite you ghiest or roots users they did it for more variety and to make this game more strategical unlike how 90% of people use the same decks consisting of alot of SoA and whatnot

I like the Skeelz one

wednesday 24/06/2009

I am a Junkz lover so I will say that Junkz are good mono, but indeed their damage is quite low.
I am using this ♫♪Tralala♪♫

Junkz is one of those interesting clans to use. You will really need to know what your opponent will do next and find ways to bluff at good times and hit them when they don't expect it like how I use Veenlye to hit them in the 3rd round so the opponent can't finish me off even with fury for the last round.

I think the skeelz can do well in mono provided that they get awesome support abilities. Things like support:+5 attack, support +1 power, support: +1 pill that practically rectify their lack of offensive bonus. Imagine Marco, Copper or Larry, that cannot be stopped by SOA but lose their attack bonus. I think it's a decently fair trade off.

Okay, we always have about 1 gazillion posts of people already reading the rules and yet still not understanding things. So, with this thread, I will be calling out all those people who don't understand to try and PM with your helps. I guarentee, by the end of 3 simple posts, you will learn deck construction, abilties, the dos and don't, battle strategies and more...

Simple answer, bonuses. Rather than give you ANOTHER lecture, I'll just post it. If you mix them all together you don't get the bonuses and even if you have 20 great cards in a deck, a bonus makes a card. I am also glad for you recognizing my PMs as good.

Play fast: 2 mins per fight or less.
KO your opponent and leave at least 1 pill if you can.
Don't put too much 4-5* star cards in your deck.
Pray that you don't run into slow players... but if you do, lose fast or win fast!
Don't ever leave a fight or time out.
Make sure you play the whole 60 mins.
And lastly, go for the points!

Its an ok deck would be better with jackie

tuesday 23/06/2009

I have been using Jungo and reached 75th as my record in DT, and wan't to go higher.
Also I like to do ELO so star count is a big concern to me. Here is my preset
I would really like to get the public involved and some feedback as to what you think.

I was thinking, switch Askai (C) to Scotty (R). Here here is why

Scotty (R), has the same power, 7. Which is decent for Jungo.
He has Stop: SOA + 3 damage. which is good and bad. And really puts pressure on my Opp to think.
Doesn't rely on his ability like Askai (C), both can be used as Bluffs, or Finishers.
Point, I want the extra star.

With that extra star. I can now switch out Elea (R) for Odile (C). Again... reasons why.
I will have the star count I need.
I don't need 2 Stop: SoA & Psylo (U) (soa)
Elea (R) is a decen't filler but the low power, and low damage... makes me shrug.
Elea (R) has proved to be useless most of the time, and is only used as a bluff. ( since the opp. can readily identify the bluff, or prepare for it easily)
Odile (C) will fit in my deck as a better filler, as the 8/4+ 2 life is better than 6/2+2. (situational of course)
Since I will have Stop: cards and an soa of my own worthy of playing... i have a better chance of landing Odile (C).

Sorry for the Huge amount of text im laying down... Did I Miss anything in my explanation?
IF YOU SKIPPED ALL THAT CRAP good for you Please throw me some feedback

Oh sorry hold on i understand now
yh you have a piont thats what i do but usually expirenced players don't draw their leaders on their turn due to them being really weak.
only probelm is eyrik....

Please tell what to change


Thanks for all the advice. I think i know of enough now.
Thanks again for the help! =D

I don't know, Danae's little story sounded an awful lot like most x-men stories of, professor x helped me control my powers. i could see Tomas being the Skeelz leader. probably the one from the comic that had the wolverine looking hair.

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