monday 25/05/2009

Definetly sentinel i had la junta till recently but it was soo crap

Tula is the best in the 2* piranas

No it just shows how rare it is
bronze is common
silver is uncommon
gold is rare

It is better is you have the S-fishy since this card is abit low damaged and only have eris to cause highd, expect that is great

Those are all I have, I think I need some more better ones

Yeah i agree with EA_Amuous2.I can also add that players over 1300 are hardly using and pills at first or second round.Especially when they go first.There is when +/- attack clans are shining.Sending a zatman with zero pills at first round is 8 + 4+ 10 attack if no soa/sob,u either need to use 2-3 pills to beat him or take 4 dmg which can lead to second round ko.
All stars are great too,same goes with marina for example,if opponent pills her 3-4 pills u need to use many pills to beat her coz u are -2 power and even if u beat her u are -3 dmg.Its all about bluffs-counterbluffs at the end,but having bonuses that ur opponent must pill in order to beat ur dude is much help,Gil etc.
Also seing a lot of unevolved Pussycats eating me which i hate smiley

sunday 24/05/2009

Mods close please

I think it has to do with average points per battle

@ wise I have to disagree with dolly being a better poison card Miss Twice has a higher base damage and higher power maybe I would concede 2 extra stars is alot for that but I would rather draw miss twice in a hand than dolly. Also miss twice has better artwork

I'm looking for suggestions for my Survivor Deck. These are the characters that I have. Olga Noel(Freaks), Hugo, Timber, Vansaar (Leaders), Aktara, Andsom, Cyan, Goldie, Gran Vista, Greesh, Mayhem, Sliman, Spycee, Sting, Trey, Tula, Tyd, Wheeler (Piranas) All my cards are at max level.

Smokey is the best 3* card for piranas.. so why change?

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Http:// is the best

When your card faces a card with "STOP OPPONENT ABILITY". Instead of your ability being canceled, it gets triggered. STOP: damage and STOP: power abilities never trigger unless it faces a card with STOP OPPONENT ABILITY.

You can get more than 1 point in the training room if you level at least one character or more. I got like 61 for leveling 3 characters at the same time. I pill so I can win to get more experience. I mostly do it on my undeveloped cards, but sometimes to keep it fair then I don't pill

saturday 23/05/2009



t1 22* uppers roots

Ah, that sounds reasonable actually...the whole bristone for torro wasn't really working out xP

K ya thanks guess i'll stick with rolph seems to be no comp for poor xu52 lol

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