monday 18/05/2009

I use this montana half deck at elo

Ottavia 2*

Also at 11 stars.. smiley

New Bloodz would be better.. Because you have a great percentage of getting a good card rather than in other packs..

SOB will have a great match with them.. but if u dont use SOB clans.. for example u use Junks, Sentinel, Sakrohm and Uppers.. U could always use bluffing strategies to make them use pillz.. because of their damage reducing ability which has to be at min 8.. and i think that's their weakest point.. smiley

Hpw bout



That should work nicely, it is about 6k and it can do wonders. Or if you don't like my idea, refer to Tanto98's budgetelo deck thread.


sunday 17/05/2009

Yea ill get it together... some of those cards are pretty cheap too so its all good

In sydney when i check for it its about 7 pm im from quakershill

Elo rating is only about the rating of your opponent and yourself. It does not matter at all how you win.

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Add a leader maybe Hugo because of his attack increase or Timber because of his damage increase. Don't put both of them in your deck because they might cancel each other.

saturday 16/05/2009

I can understand that your a new player and dont have a lot of experience with all 400+ cards. Most veterans right now are either laughing at you or just confused. These are great combos for low level rooms but once you move up you learn all about jackie, vickie, zatman, and lyse teria cr hands. So take some time and look up to get more fumilar with all the cards.

The attacker. This is CLEARLY dealt with in The Manual(TM), subsection FAQ. XP does not matter. Stars do.

It's happened to me. Everything was right, I double checked. I moved on with my life. What can you do?

There are glitches. I had one where I got two ELO wins from the same match. I wont discuss how it happened but it did happen and I also could not reproduce it again. Just a straight up glitch or mistake by the program.

Heh, ever since I started here I thought that there was a way to get out of clint city..

You know, go to another city and see another war thats going on!

If they had two seperate places they could create a whole new batch of card (completley different stat maxes and everything!)

But thats just a thought that will never happen!

Randy fo sho! smiley

Hey, I win a lot of battles with this deck. This deck gets me through lots of tournaments. And i am a Master, it's just I need better cards to replace K Cube, Pino, and Flyer. Plus my Hugo/Venus combo with Jyen makes a 2HKO! So, any cards I can replace these 3 cards with cards that can make a clan bonus? (Uppers or Montana). I completly Mastered this deck and it's not all that bad.

It certainly is worse than Copper's ability. Extra-potential to be harmful for you [SOA bonus and Power = Opp Power, SOA and Power=Opp Power are all pretty bad for such a card; Power = Opp Power is not really threatening for the original]

I am sure such a card would not get play over the "original". But sure, why not? An why not abilities like "-10 Own Attack"... same the other way around. But how to narratively explain... (ok, hard with Stop: X already).

That said, I would like cards and abilities in general that have a bad effect on the user of the card. Ex: 8/8 card that poison 3,1 its user automatically in round 1. Or so. [That one just pulled out of my hat. Which is even more remarkable as I do not have a hat.]

friday 15/05/2009

Last time i cheaked Matthew is the Leader of the roots, not Kiki Cr

Pussycats are absolutely awesome. And surprisingly, except for my lucky break with yayoi, not exactly costly either. I don't use charlie, and unlike most people, I use them at all full stars, because I don't have loads of money. Seems to work for me well enough to get above 1200 fairly quickly every week. I use a combo fang pi/pussycat deck that works pretty damn nicely on montana and uppers (my two most hated clans, and the most common ones I've seen in ELO). Just think windy mor/baby q plus extreme damage reduction with pussycats' bonus...

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