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wednesday 17/06/2009

Rescue will do u good no matter how low there power is there bonus brings them up alot and if u have hugo with them ur a beast evr since i had rescues i have had a big gap between my wins and losses

See this preset http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=582558&commentLanguage=13

Also, as far as a cheapish mono deck i ran smokey, scubb, tula, tyd, sliman, hawkins, sting and lehane last week for elo and easily got over 1300. hawkins is really the only execessively expensive card in this deck, but if you can save up for him the rest of the deck is fairly inexpensive (i know, everyone hates sliman, but all you have to do is make sure you have more pills than your opponent and use him to finidsh them off. Its fairly easy to do with all of the pill manip cards in the deck)

That is nbot the porblem with sakrohm...in Dts you need KOs and sakrohm lacks dmg... cards like murray, wakai etc all lack dmg and play too slow to win Dts. to play sakrohm in dts you need skrumxxt, or at least the Guru Cr.

Seriously, most hours, you can lose every battle and still make top 1/3. Getting to top 150, though, takes a decent deck.

FPC= fang pi clan

tuesday 16/06/2009


Vermyn N
B Ball

Sakrohm are the only ones with 2 -5/1

Other 1 star options which are often cheaper are power = op power cards.
whats her face Svelthlana from pussycats.
also Unagi for fang pi clang, and formerly Selsya Cr before of course becoming expensive...

if you have a pretty good amount of clintz, you can work with this option for some time....
but... if you do chose to do this, if it's an amazing DT deck... save the 1Stars until you are actually in the tournament...
and if it looks like you don't stand a chance in ranking... pull that deck and use another to further save your 1Star cards.

Bring My Post Up.

I'm owning most of my opponents, being a level 11. Except for the odd person with like, 6-8 power on each card. Then it gets pretty difficult to read them.

I also think All-Stars are more well-rounded since Rescue's bonus is not really good for half-decks.

An improvement upon the deck I tried last night . . . it is working quite well thus far. Any input is greatly appreciated.


Stelly you do know piranas flee in fear when they see the likes of lyse teria , vickie and marlysa?

monday 15/06/2009


your right smileysmiley

La Junta with Leaders since they both are kinda like rebels

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You have a PC problem, deal w/ it. smiley

Well in this game, you need to know what clans you like to play with... there are weaknesses for every clan, so it says you can never have the most ultimate deck... IMO. also cuz of the bannings the rotation of cards dominating the metagame will decipher which deck you must use that week... but also in relation to new cards which can drastically change the battefield. hope u got my 2 cents. IMO... stick with the Clans You Want To Play with and if you think you got good deck building skills, then post your deck or prove it in ELO,

GG's! smiley

sunday 14/06/2009

Sorry, but what's a half deck? You mean duo decks?

What about




Please, take a look and provide some insight . . . any feedback is appreciated.

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