tuesday 26/05/2009

Its nice you could either put in zatman for samantha or max level wee lee

Ok thanks for the advice it will be bye bye to me gheist :*( i love rolph though

Jungo is a solid clan, but don't try to play them mono. They need to be paired with a clan that has a bonus related to attack, whether that's +/- attack, or +/- Power.

This would probably play well, though I haven't tried it yet for lack of Askai:


Thanks guys im gonna go with fang pi deck

monday 25/05/2009

No,new clan comes out twice a year randomly

Some good cards for each spot

2* lehane,hawkins,jessie,gil
3*lyse teria cr,zatman,olga,
4* jackie, graksmxxt, ratanah, alec, cobby
5* dj korr cr, kiki cr, general cr, tanaereva, vickie cr, guru cr, kerozinn cr,

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I have the best out of both roots and gheist lol there are no crappy ones..

but thanks for the advice gta but i am mainly looking to play in dts which means sentinel are better because of no bans???

but i really like rescues bonus

Close this please.
I have decided to collect and build GHEIST deck.

Definetly sentinel i had la junta till recently but it was soo crap

Tula is the best in the 2* piranas

No it just shows how rare it is
bronze is common
silver is uncommon
gold is rare

It is better is you have the S-fishy since this card is abit low damaged and only have eris to cause highd, expect that is great

Those are all I have, I think I need some more better ones

Yeah i agree with EA_Amuous2.I can also add that players over 1300 are hardly using and pills at first or second round.Especially when they go first.There is when +/- attack clans are shining.Sending a zatman with zero pills at first round is 8 + 4+ 10 attack if no soa/sob,u either need to use 2-3 pills to beat him or take 4 dmg which can lead to second round ko.
All stars are great too,same goes with marina for example,if opponent pills her 3-4 pills u need to use many pills to beat her coz u are -2 power and even if u beat her u are -3 dmg.Its all about bluffs-counterbluffs at the end,but having bonuses that ur opponent must pill in order to beat ur dude is much help,Gil etc.
Also seing a lot of unevolved Pussycats eating me which i hate smiley

sunday 24/05/2009

Mods close please

I think it has to do with average points per battle

@ wise I have to disagree with dolly being a better poison card Miss Twice has a higher base damage and higher power maybe I would concede 2 extra stars is alot for that but I would rather draw miss twice in a hand than dolly. Also miss twice has better artwork

I'm looking for suggestions for my Survivor Deck. These are the characters that I have. Olga Noel(Freaks), Hugo, Timber, Vansaar (Leaders), Aktara, Andsom, Cyan, Goldie, Gran Vista, Greesh, Mayhem, Sliman, Spycee, Sting, Trey, Tula, Tyd, Wheeler (Piranas) All my cards are at max level.

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