wednesday 20/05/2009

my current survivor deck

Thanks for the quick answer smiley

I dont think i'll be able to get ambre for awile, i bought some stronger cards and changed it to
so kinda poor

Thanks for the ideas I just got P.J. for 1000 so i got filomean with the extra 200 so i think the next card will be don, edd or Ottavia. most likely don then edd.

tuesday 19/05/2009

Guys please tell me wat u think this deck if i need to change something or stay

btw i prefer taham than peeler or fuzzsmiley

Really true lol
watch now

Hey trying to make a good pirana deck so far came up with
i think its pretty good would would love to hear some advice

ps if i douple posted sry i never saw my first post show up in the message board

Help me in arranging my deck
im just a newbie
note: i cant afford cards like uranus, SkrumxxT and GraksmkkT
this is the link

help me pls
pls comment this deck so i can know what cards i will change
and i have no such clintz to build a dual deck
just mono
i really need ur help
and tnx a lot


Remember, some fights are down to 0 pillz hugo will be very useful to take the opponent out.smiley
but still for me. the best leader of all is morphun.smiley

I have been using this deck : anti uppers?? for a while and it has been giving me pretty good scores . but i wanna try some new ones out that get average scores. . . . so can you plz post some here ty.

Jessie is the best out of those because she is a major staple for all stars

I find methane useless. rolph is better

k thx..

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FYI, I brought these card when i had money, which is usually by participating in tourneys

monday 18/05/2009

If you're playing survivor, definitely type 2.
It's easier to get more wins therefore more clintz =P

(such as stop: +3 power)
i really like these cards especially when playing gheist so i can easily beat toro (he is so annoying!)
i would like to see a stop:reducer soon
right now, double stops (especially shakra) are nearly unstopable and unless they don't get their bonus their is no way to reduce their damage (other than not allowing those cards to win or using the underappreciated vholt)

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Look at the prices of roots and then gheist

Use sylth instead

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