sunday 03/05/2009


please comment

Whoops i though u wrote hawk sprry about that coby cus if he was hit with sia he could still be used as a wall

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Taham is way better

Toro + tula

why spycee?

it would be:

dr saw
and anything else that you don't need


change one of them to tyd
deadeye / tyd
rhed / tyd
greesh / tyd

I got about 3000 ct.
What cards should I buy to start a Sakrohm/Uppers deck?

saturday 02/05/2009

I need to hear people's opinions

No so good man, yeah i saw that you said you like that spegittie dude better than a two star lemming but i would disagree. xia lemming still can aid fang pi's 2 hit ko possablity but that fat dude does not. i would say that i use sung tsu alot but it seems in this deck he does not fit; i dont really see you going for the two hit ko so i would suggest you using those five stars for something diffrent. oh, and yusuke, i used him alot early on as a fist hit attacker and he worked well but i can to realize that he is only an ok card. i think i used every combitnation of fang pi clang cards so far (well with the exception of the cr's) but i have came to find out that this deck works best for me.

Fuzz has the best artwork and so far has the highest scare factor...hes my fav

If you want a more offensive alternative to Tyrell's deck you could swith Rolph to Toro and Bristone to Methane. However, Bristone *is* one of the best DRs out there due to her bonus...

All Stars - Marina. I love her offensive and defensive capabilities.
Bangers - Graff. A great 8/2 SOA. Makes room for the 5 star Bangers.
Fang Pi Clang - Chan. A possible 10/5 with fury is amazing for a 2 star.
Freaks - Even though I don't play them, I do like Olga. Very powerful card that can stand by itself.
GHEIST - I guess Rolph. 7/6 SOA is a force to be reckoned with.
Jungo - Askai. I love this card. She cancels out all attack manipulation bonuses, and she can leave and 11 life gap.
Junkz - Gil. He reduces the opponents pillz by three. Hard to beat with 7 power and the +8 attack for a 2 star.
La Junta - Bryan. He's a 7/7 SOA. Nuff' said.
Leader - Morphun. I just love to have more pillz than the opponent. Plus 8 power is hard to beat.
Montana - Vickie Cr. An amazing card. I don't even need a reason why she's my favorite.
Nightmare - Kenny. 10 life gap, dude!
Piranas - Hawkins. A very powerful 7/2 that can reduce pillz by 2 min. 1
Pussycats - Charlie. Look at my Marina comment.
Rescue - Aurora. She has a lot of power and she gains 3 life if she wins. Awesome.
Roots - Ratanah. She is just amazing. 8/5 SOA is great.
Sakrohm - Murray. I love how he gets the opponent thinking, "Is he gonna bluff or not?"
Sentinel - Lehane. Great 8/2 SOB who's bonus gives her an extra pill.
Ulu Watu - Tanaereva. Do I have to tell you why I like him? He freakin' amazing! So glad I got him in a pack! smiley
Uppers - Zatman. His defensive capabilities are amazing.

friday 01/05/2009

Thanks but it needs to be type 1

I use junkz and sakrohm well look at my preset

Kate will rip u off if you sell to her(it?)

Don't make any changes - keep Ottavia and Prince Jr as both are very handy for slipping in a nice lil 3 damage with only 1/2 pillz, whereas Spiaghi is useless at that, purely obvious damage reducer. smiley

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Great idea,thanks

May3,2009 pacquiao and hatton
who do you think will win?

I vote for pacquiao!!!

Junks work for me

In order for my personal list:
1. Marlysa Cr (SOB and potential 6 dmg)
2. Gil
3. Wardog/Lehane/Hawkins/Jessie
4. Chan/Zero Dead/Spiaghi

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