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sunday 14/05/2017

Ur needs widespread nerfs or buffs. One of the key parts of old UR was good cards, and lots of them. As a few slight cards became stars and other cards became "inferior" the game settled into a power creep ( excluding the cr which were incredibly strong back then, and are basically falling into good now)

Now the nerfs can come in two ways. Touch everything. 8 and 9 power bulldozers perhaps lose all their abilities. And the abilities that we love go to the 6 power cards. Setting a very defined and workable base strategy line. 6 power cards needs pills but have damage / abilities and 9 power cards have no abilities but take on 6 power cards for 2/3 of pills.

From here maybe Ulu Watu as an example has lots of 8/9 power cards with limited and scarce abilities. The dylan, chel and oraya are completely different. Nothing here now but good bodies and weak +life abilities. 7/5 4*, 7/3 3*, 8/5 5*, and variations of + 1 or 2 life on each. The variety of abilities would see a large drop, but the usability of cards would see large increases around (as more cards are much more equal and decks are more made around themes. E.g. This card gets 3 life but deals 4 damage and this card deals 5 damage but gains 2 life.

The other option is power creep all about. Everyone is a five star, but you have to use semi evo (which can be locked to prevent evolving) meaning anyone can be the star 5* or a good 2/3/4 based on their abilities and stats.

friday 12/05/2017

No Pino must win in one of the rounds and then you must get a KO

thursday 11/05/2017

Get well soon fam.smiley

wednesday 10/05/2017

Can the staff start a beta test server so we can test out the new features before release? I think the playerbase doesn't like when things are released and broken day 1 like badges. I will even test for the staff if they are short on testers.

No crap @Rowdy XDD this post was made on monday when it wasnt revealed yet.

sunday 07/05/2017

A lot of people don't have much time to play during the week which leaves only the weekend. Would be kind of lame to force people to use old cards like these. Plus a lot of people don't have and don't want to buy these cards. It could work as a format with its own room but beyond that it shouldn't happen.

Hello Everyone,

I'll be away on Holiday from 17th May until 27th May.

I will not be releasing any YouTube episodes.

Hopefully have more time in Future.

The arrival of mythical will somewhat push the value of Crs. Because now the super rich can invest in collectors as they guess which cards will become mythical

the kool aid of crs and mythicals as something that will allow newbies to become richer quick is just that, kool aid. Some will, but the biggest beneficiaries of Crs and Mythicals will always be those with the larger collections.

but i expect we see the increase in Cr prices for a little bit, followed by a Mythical release, followed by a drop in Cr prices. much like how cr speculations happen

I can guarantee a mythical announcement will be followed by a tokenz offer

saturday 06/05/2017

@Mex-dragon-RN Yeah that's probably it cause it's not any real place!

wednesday 03/05/2017

Just keep the Count up on the forum which is great

sunday 30/04/2017

Is there a problem with the PC version of the game ; Because i tried to login in so many times and it keeps pushing me in the log in screen .

saturday 29/04/2017

I completely agree with jerromy. It also dies down the excitement. Mr Big Duke is cool but it is not on my radar as I am way off 90. There should be other ways to get leaders. People using the app may play it from time to time, where they play 2 games a session, and are in the mid 20s in terms of levelling. Those people will probably never have the opportunity of using this card. Please don't make an unnecessary grind.

Try using PeanutLabs instead of Tapjoy. All of the surveys are market research and give a decent amount of credits (5-20 usually). Also, if you don't qualify for the survey, they will still give you 1 credit for trying. The surveys usually take longer than the estimated time (about 10-20 minutes per survey), but I think its well worth it given the amount of credits you get.

friday 28/04/2017

Staff, I cannot access the game when I play. I login, then it logs me back off where it says "new player".

If players want to join, at least get it working. It's annoying that this update you made for collection has actually bugged everything up.

Quite unhappy that all the patches you make to keep the game running always becomes unstable eventually.

Sorry for my rant, thanks.

thursday 27/04/2017

Accounts banned, I am deleting all posts.

wednesday 26/04/2017

Card prices would probably go down if the market doesn't completely implode. Honestly I don't see this specific scenario go down. Hosting servers costs money, so I see no point why they would continue to host the servers and not produce new content, assuming they're not going to continue making new stuff because they're not getting any funds. But eventually with no new stuff, players would drop like flies until maybe a few dozen remain.

If something like this were to happen, it would happen like it did with FR. Radio silence for months before announcing its end. Just like it has with other games like Warstorm/Planetstorm (Or anything by Challenge Games, if you remember them) or Clash of Dragons.

@Thaozol I don't understand the point you are trying to make. Please elaborate.

tuesday 25/04/2017

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