monday 04/05/2009

Http:// Bangers/Montana Bangers/Uppers

sunday 03/05/2009

Piranas are my favorite theyve gt gd bonus and gd attacks they jst need sme betta 2 star cards but theyre still my favorite

@gta its ashley
also i would have kang over robb because if you are using eyrik hes useless with him and kang will help you in 1pill vs 1pill play


Listen im sorta new to the game and i was waonderingsmileyhow to get credits?smiley

If You ask me i'd say go out and buy loads of CR's or lots of high level leaders

Hope I helped your choices dobbo

Im not a mod.. but im bored and looking for publicity.. smiley


i like where this deck is going. can be used in elo or elo surv. how could this deck be better and why? please comment.

If like and no change then please green face! please no haters.


please comment

Whoops i though u wrote hawk sprry about that coby cus if he was hit with sia he could still be used as a wall

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Taham is way better

Toro + tula

why spycee?

it would be:

dr saw
and anything else that you don't need


change one of them to tyd
deadeye / tyd
rhed / tyd
greesh / tyd

I got about 3000 ct.
What cards should I buy to start a Sakrohm/Uppers deck?

saturday 02/05/2009

I need to hear people's opinions

No so good man, yeah i saw that you said you like that spegittie dude better than a two star lemming but i would disagree. xia lemming still can aid fang pi's 2 hit ko possablity but that fat dude does not. i would say that i use sung tsu alot but it seems in this deck he does not fit; i dont really see you going for the two hit ko so i would suggest you using those five stars for something diffrent. oh, and yusuke, i used him alot early on as a fist hit attacker and he worked well but i can to realize that he is only an ok card. i think i used every combitnation of fang pi clang cards so far (well with the exception of the cr's) but i have came to find out that this deck works best for me.

Fuzz has the best artwork and so far has the highest scare factor...hes my fav

If you want a more offensive alternative to Tyrell's deck you could swith Rolph to Toro and Bristone to Methane. However, Bristone *is* one of the best DRs out there due to her bonus...

All Stars - Marina. I love her offensive and defensive capabilities.
Bangers - Graff. A great 8/2 SOA. Makes room for the 5 star Bangers.
Fang Pi Clang - Chan. A possible 10/5 with fury is amazing for a 2 star.
Freaks - Even though I don't play them, I do like Olga. Very powerful card that can stand by itself.
GHEIST - I guess Rolph. 7/6 SOA is a force to be reckoned with.
Jungo - Askai. I love this card. She cancels out all attack manipulation bonuses, and she can leave and 11 life gap.
Junkz - Gil. He reduces the opponents pillz by three. Hard to beat with 7 power and the +8 attack for a 2 star.
La Junta - Bryan. He's a 7/7 SOA. Nuff' said.
Leader - Morphun. I just love to have more pillz than the opponent. Plus 8 power is hard to beat.
Montana - Vickie Cr. An amazing card. I don't even need a reason why she's my favorite.
Nightmare - Kenny. 10 life gap, dude!
Piranas - Hawkins. A very powerful 7/2 that can reduce pillz by 2 min. 1
Pussycats - Charlie. Look at my Marina comment.
Rescue - Aurora. She has a lot of power and she gains 3 life if she wins. Awesome.
Roots - Ratanah. She is just amazing. 8/5 SOA is great.
Sakrohm - Murray. I love how he gets the opponent thinking, "Is he gonna bluff or not?"
Sentinel - Lehane. Great 8/2 SOB who's bonus gives her an extra pill.
Ulu Watu - Tanaereva. Do I have to tell you why I like him? He freakin' amazing! So glad I got him in a pack! smiley
Uppers - Zatman. His defensive capabilities are amazing.

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