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tuesday 02/06/2009

Suzie is great for luring out those SOAers, as well as she is great for creating a life gap. It is a very strategic card, which can be played in many different ways.

monday 01/06/2009

Out of respect to the privacy of those people who bought cards whose names have been mentioned without their consent, I will now close the thread.

Names should not be mentioned pertaining to sales history unless the player/s wants their names mentioned to protect privacy of buyers.

Okay thanks now i just have to buy a couple of packs see what comes up and if its ulu watu then yay if bangers yay

How u all copy pre sets and event into yr post??where u find the link??

Don't mention it :3

P.s. - You don't nessesarily need an atk mod clan but it helps in the low pill battles.

I really like Roots and Allstars.. They fit very well..smiley

This one is Bangers/All Stars, and I want you guys to rate it. http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=550577 I cannot get Lamar Cr, just to let you guys know.

sunday 31/05/2009

Well i have next to no clintz

when i get to 40 I plan on selling that leader card


I am thinking of building an All sentinels deck as well. And I wanted to know how it went before I started buying Sentinel Cards.


Mono Montana is good with hugo.. but Montana-Uppers combined is working for me better..

should find all the answers to your questions

Ive just created a new deck, its working fine at the moment but i know it can be improved, just dont know how.
Can people give me tips on how to improve it.

Star Night!


Oh and tornado titan, power / attack have nothing to do with life.
Let just explain the card a little bit, on a card you have:
the name (irrelevant here)
the art (also irrelevant)
then there is the Base Power (P) it can be anything from 1 up to 8 (this decides how strong your character is)
then you have Base Damage (D) it can also be anything from 1 up to 8 (this decides how many health you will take off if your character wins that fight)
there is also an ability ( this is something inherent to the card, and will almost always be active)
and a bonus (this is something inherent to the cards clan, and will be active if you have 2 or more cards of the same clan in your draw) (with the draw being the 4 out of x characters in your deck that you have in your fight)

now to decide who wins lets use an example:
I have a card who is 6 power 4 damage, it's ability is power+2, and it's bonus is +8 attack
I play this card and use 3 out of my 12 pillz on it. My attack will be ((6+2) x (3+1)) + 8 = 40
6 from the base power + 2 power from the ability, times 3 pillz I used + the 1 that is always given = 32
and then the +8 attack from the bonus gets added giving me 32+8 = 40 attack

if this card would win it would do 4 dmg to the opponents health

Ill trade you this http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=482351
for a good elo rescue deck

saturday 30/05/2009

Noli Me Tangere
: comments please. i want to improve it. smiley
: and comment on the preset not here. smiley

Yes... you know.. manny will win.. using this deck, you know... smiley

Nighttime Music

Is this good enough for elo?

yeah you can do alec to pam
i didnt reallise and i dont have alec yet

TY all for your fast response... I built a pirate deck and I thought buying it at full starts jinxed it or something... Excellent to hear that it didnt...

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