monday 27/04/2009

And check out the 3rd installment to this

sunday 26/04/2009

I'd rather use a 10* half deck with junks.. that doesn't even include dreen.

lolly (damage reduction)

making 2 damage reducers.

I think going back to the original point, banning ability-reliant cards isn't the answer. All the clans have their strengths and weaknesses and it's not fair to ban a clan's best cards just because you can't find a way around their ability.

It's far from impossible to win a fight against a deck containing Uranus even if you don't have any SOA. You just have read the game. Use my gaming mantra - don't let them get you where they want you smiley

Thought id post up my veiws on all the clans saying what other clans go well with them and what leaders do as well mainly to help out new players or other players who dont quite know a decent clan to use with there deck

please ignor my spelling mistake, i have a spelling disability and i tried my best

Allstar: this clan is hard to play with and hard to face agains because of there bonus -2opp power min1 they also have a lot of useless cards and there decent cards are kinda exspensive the bonus is good but the majority of the cards have below average power (6 power) but the upside is they have decent damage this clan would be good to use with either Pussycats or Ulu Watu or Bangers. the disadvantage of this clan is that some cards need the bonus or abbility to be usefull so phirana and Nightmare Roots and GHEIST mess this up eryk goes well with this clan to know down the opps power more.

Bangers: this clan is one of my favs they have some very good cards and good abbilitys that works with the card more than others do i prefer to play this clan as a mono deck, the only clan thats ive used with it is La Junta and that was a beautiful combination. unfortunatly some of the cards want to be played with other Bangers to be played to there full potention for instance Fifty (U) is a 5/7 alone or a 7/7 with bonus they have some power full cards like Willy (R) and Vermyn N (U) Ambre (R),Timber (R),eryke work well with this clan

I must did this while i was drunk the other day.. lmao.. thanks anyways smiley

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Falm palm dermagnus i meant are a good card to then skyrocket if this happened

2nd Putzo with 513 battle points won 7 380 Clintz + 1 Credit.

not bad dude.

Rate this deck i think its pretty gud
Bang Out Music

I still don't like dreen, so I'd change striker by randy and otakool by dreen, if you want a SOA...

Thanks for the help guys but ive already found a new clan and i like it. I thought piranas and i wouldnt get along cos of all the expensive cards but i do get along its won me so many battles

@Indo G - He High smiley

@MVPhilippe - U are VERY, VERY unlucky. Stik wid blackjack.smiley
or buy bangers- I NEVER have that problem.

saturday 25/04/2009

Hmm. Maybe you should post a link? smiley
I'd close this for now, please re-post it with a link next time. smiley

What does it say, does it say "this character is no longer for sale"? If it does, someone just bought the card.

Even though i am new i have dicovered a few things that even some more experienced players do not know
in game rules it states that if you win a match in Lost warehouse you gain extra xp for your charecters.
and aswell if anyone sees an offer on any valuable charecters to swap for other charecters please do not think that it could be true because if it seems to good to be true it probably is.smiley
oh and my friend asked an admin to become an admin lol and he said there is no chance now admin and mods do not like you to ask them to be an admin they will come to you if they think you would makea good admin ok.
kind regards
BB_NyNiiK - Greg.


Baby q

Well at 19k i wouldnt really bother.
you will probally get about 4wins at get killed after that.
any who when making a survivor you need a mixture of nukes and damage reductors plus 1leader.

par example

sakrohm/ulu watu





as you can see here there are the following:
5damage reductors
5 cards with 6damage or more (hikoyousan with ability though)
a leader like bridget to increase you health while you just block with your damage reductors and hit hard with your ulu watu.

gl (o"o) UM-1984

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If character has a power = power opp this wil count even if he has 1 pill and the opposite 12??

Should I sell Kolos and Kenny to buy Rubie Zatman Dorian Oxen ?

Wrong perception, Aasha. You generally remember unfavourable outcomes more often than favourable outcomes; same for unlikely outcomes over likely ones. Plus you must not look at a dozen games but rather at hundreds of thousands. And no, obviously, UR did not reveal their source code, so you cannot check it directly

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