monday 20/04/2009

Yeah we also need an ability that turns support boni into support mali like...guerrillia smiley

Hi drakelord3: random can be annoying but also full of suspense. It's not "for newbie", it's just different.
Players who dislike random tends to be more "vocal" than player who like random.

You can find (a lot) of discussions about it by searching in the boards.

I use this

i think i got around 1220 in elosmiley

I lost to this guysmiley

2 damage reducers

atleast 3-4 combo of 2hitk o smiley

Just Play 5 Games With Skinner And Dayton . See What Happens .

I Think Skinner Is More Good ..

Check Out What I Told , I Bet You Will Agree ..

Hmm..I love sentinel ever since I've started playing Urban-Rivals, I think sentinel is the best clan. But I also need another clan to go with Sentinel so that it would be a great deck. Can anyone please tell me which is the best clan to go with Sentinel? Thanks.

Fabio (5)
Mona (3)
Prince Jr (2)
Spiaghi (2)
Burt (3)
Frankie Hi (3)
Nellie (4)
Oxen (3)

Price tag 10450 so you could even update a few cards to match your price tag.
And Jeeves is a wast of space not a good card at all.

Montanas have better two stars and a better 5 star at your price range. Uppers are not that good on a budget I would recommend sarkohm

Wakai or the new 2 star. Then upgrade price to Sharon.

Cool thanks the rooster1 that looks kinda like how i have it now, i have hugo, edd, sharon, oscar, and spiaghi, and i will soon have ottavia, mona will be out of my price range for awhile but i will think about prince jr., and yeah nightmare and piranahas have been giving me trouble uppers too sometimes those are my main problems


I think I love yousmiley

Yes the clock has been changed alot already no need to change it again. And the people that always win, win because they know what to do and do it fast. Also it helps alot of them have Lyse Teria Cr her with a well balance Montana/upper deck will all way be in the top 5.

Using an all leaders deck is pointless, as already mentioned above.

You use leaders because their abilities can help your deck. Even using 2 leaders in a deck ruins this purpose because of the chances of you getting the 2 in your draws and then, them canceling each others' abilities out. Although, this will not stop people from using a mono leaders deck for fun.

If you actually want to see someone use a mono leader deck for fun. Try catching me today, I'll be playing it for 5 minutes. smiley


I recommend changing:

Prince jr to Spiaghi
Don to Vickie Cr or Enzo or Fabio
Rubie to Samantha
Oxen to Nellie

Yeah i guess you could call it an obession but it would have to be an obession with i was looking at marvel comics today and i saw that they had made a Samurai: Legend comic so i have to hop on that one. oh and thank you for the complement Olik.

Ohh.. ok then. ill just use ulu watu for survivor and my uppers deck for Dtssmiley

Ambre to Azgrowth
Kenny to Phyllis
Keep Kolos
Keep- Sheitane

Andsom to Dahlia
Trey to Tyd
Keep hawkins
Spycee to Tula

So your deck should consist of:
Azgrowth 4*
Phyliss 2*
Sheitane 2*
Kolos 5*

Dahlia 5*
Tyd 3*
Tula 2*
Hawkins 2*

The 2*'s arent that Bad. I would put Dahlia to Katan And Tula to Smokey but hes Banned smiley

Well Hopefully you take my advice smiley

Very nice

That is a very bad idea... If your able to stop a card at X level then have fun paying WAY more for a 1* wanda. It also defeats the purpose of the other stars... If they wanted wanda to be kept at level 1 then they would of just made her 1*. They made her 2* for a reason. This game mechanic is fine as is.

I thought up a new idea for piranas for ELO mode. I use Ambre to raise the power of cards that lower your opponent's. I know that some1 already thought of it but I still think it's a good deck. Could some1 rate my deck?

sunday 19/04/2009

For the time being, park yourself in your guild room to avoid challenges when you don't actually want to be playing.

Oh thank you tanto that is good to know, thanks for telling me, and thank you nintendan wmd, yeah idk if i want to go with a full deck i will probably try for new blood depending whats in it next week or danger it has the clans i like. but i will be debating it until that day most likely

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