thursday 16/04/2009

Go to google??

ELO is a week long tournament where you fight in the ELO room and get points for winning and lose points for losing. Players with high scores usually 1410+ end up in the top 100 and have a chance to win a Collector. Players in the Top 25( 1st place through 25th place) Get 20 Credits and a greater share of the jackpot. If your not in the top 100 then you have a slim chance at receiving a rare card at random. If your score is 1300+ then you receive 10 credits and if your score is 1200+ then you only receive 5. And when it says players beyond 25th then yes it means 26,27,28,29,30...etc. PM me if you have any questions or things I didn't make clear.

Imho it's really solid. If you get a hand without abomb and with only 1 great 3* you will have a hard time but If you draw one of these bombs...

wednesday 15/04/2009

Another question... what happens if I have to go afk and I didn't log out of the challenge screen window during ELO or a DT or survivor and I get challenged by someone and don't respond in the allocated time ? Will I get penalized for not accepting in time ? Because iirc if I do that in survivor and someone wants to play me and I come back from afk, click accept and then get the message that the battle timed out, I don't get a loss and I don't lose my survivor streak (or ELO score for that matter). That's kind of a cheap work around if you don't wanna play a specific person or if you want to avoid playing an 8 - 12 pillz match in survivor for example.

Any word on this issue ?

If you want to rank high in daily try a good Type2 deck with a very low star count. I found a 9 char 26* deck to be great combination of consistency and high avrg. battlepoints. And you should consider playing a half/half deck of two attack manipulation clans in daily. They often work better (especially in random dailies) than +/-power clans or sob/soa clans

Hmm, my post didn't turn out right... Here is what its supposed to be:

Read the rules. Every thing would be explained there. It is most likely you are playing in random, and you will find out more about random in the rules smiley

Okay so im gonna get rid of oyoh and add

thanks for the help guys.

Jane Ramba isn't really low dmg.. especially in mono.. you got the 6 dmg, and that's honestly all you need for 2hko purposes =P

tuesday 14/04/2009

Sorry got mixed up in my tabs did not mean to post this here

Yeah, that's a pretty standard T2 survivor deck from what I've seen...the strategy is simply to overwhelm the opponent with ridiculously high power(as high as 14 if I'm not mistaken). And there are enough good bluff cards in there to make overpowering a viable option...worst hand would probably be Ambre, Miss Lulabee, Buck, Shayna or something like that. And even that's a pretty awesome hand

I get more from danger coz i have bad luck but if you go for new blood here are my top tips:
if you get the new cards - sell em straight away
if you get jungo - keep untill they are out of the packs then the price will rise

loma noju is not good put in striker instead or alexi

the cards you named cost lots of $$$ which i aint got

No Morphun wasnt appearing in the cards I was looking at. However it is possible a plus pillz was used and I didnt note it.

ATLEAST 6 pillz was used not counting the first one. This has happened before. Thus why I posted to ask for my future knowledge.

Thank you for the replies and giving me the chance to learn. smiley

It is a mono elo deck with the following cards all at max level

Glorg ( or new four star guy whos name I forgot, if i can afford him)
Nimminte (er whatever) a.k.a. mummy dude
Erzebet (actually a mona wiht 1 less damage smileysmileysmileysmiley

Tell me if it is good. Rate 0-10 (10=best ever, 0= worst card combination I could have possibly made) smiley

Vermyn N

It happened to me, it is some sort of glitch.

monday 13/04/2009

I hope to be 1 day!


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