saturday 02/05/2009

If you want a more offensive alternative to Tyrell's deck you could swith Rolph to Toro and Bristone to Methane. However, Bristone *is* one of the best DRs out there due to her bonus...

All Stars - Marina. I love her offensive and defensive capabilities.
Bangers - Graff. A great 8/2 SOA. Makes room for the 5 star Bangers.
Fang Pi Clang - Chan. A possible 10/5 with fury is amazing for a 2 star.
Freaks - Even though I don't play them, I do like Olga. Very powerful card that can stand by itself.
GHEIST - I guess Rolph. 7/6 SOA is a force to be reckoned with.
Jungo - Askai. I love this card. She cancels out all attack manipulation bonuses, and she can leave and 11 life gap.
Junkz - Gil. He reduces the opponents pillz by three. Hard to beat with 7 power and the +8 attack for a 2 star.
La Junta - Bryan. He's a 7/7 SOA. Nuff' said.
Leader - Morphun. I just love to have more pillz than the opponent. Plus 8 power is hard to beat.
Montana - Vickie Cr. An amazing card. I don't even need a reason why she's my favorite.
Nightmare - Kenny. 10 life gap, dude!
Piranas - Hawkins. A very powerful 7/2 that can reduce pillz by 2 min. 1
Pussycats - Charlie. Look at my Marina comment.
Rescue - Aurora. She has a lot of power and she gains 3 life if she wins. Awesome.
Roots - Ratanah. She is just amazing. 8/5 SOA is great.
Sakrohm - Murray. I love how he gets the opponent thinking, "Is he gonna bluff or not?"
Sentinel - Lehane. Great 8/2 SOB who's bonus gives her an extra pill.
Ulu Watu - Tanaereva. Do I have to tell you why I like him? He freakin' amazing! So glad I got him in a pack! smiley
Uppers - Zatman. His defensive capabilities are amazing.

friday 01/05/2009

Thanks but it needs to be type 1

I use junkz and sakrohm well look at my preset

Kate will rip u off if you sell to her(it?)

Don't make any changes - keep Ottavia and Prince Jr as both are very handy for slipping in a nice lil 3 damage with only 1/2 pillz, whereas Spiaghi is useless at that, purely obvious damage reducer. smiley

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Great idea,thanks

May3,2009 pacquiao and hatton
who do you think will win?

I vote for pacquiao!!!

Junks work for me

In order for my personal list:
1. Marlysa Cr (SOB and potential 6 dmg)
2. Gil
3. Wardog/Lehane/Hawkins/Jessie
4. Chan/Zero Dead/Spiaghi

Im sorry mods i dont know where to put it
pm me

@beanwire Im not a big fan of "GG's" myself but I throw them out occasionally if it was a really good game or if someone says it to me, I usually say it back but in LW, I never do, I just go in lvl up my card(s) and get out.

How can i improve this deck besides the obvious zatman?
btw plz rate up and constructive comments only smiley

thursday 30/04/2009

Wow a gheist desk i want a montana desk that would be awesome lol smiley

any who i know what your really asking for.

well gheist have problems in 1pill vs 1pill play do the best clan would be +-attack clans
e.g uppers, sentinels, sakrohm, junkz, montana
now im guessing you haven't bought credits so heres two deck ideas you can use of budget
luba (7power with an ability if used right at a cheap price)
darth ( if used right a big 6damage hole in your opponent
platinum (aka the 6powers worst nightmare)
dr saw (gr8 begginer card and can really turn games with that sinister ability mixed with its 4damage. with fury can create a 12life difference)
fabio (as gd as don (although i prefer don) nevertheless a gr8 5* and very cheap atm)
spaighi (one of the best 2* but with a 7/1 and a gr8 DR equals awesome)
sharon (7/5 (w/a) gr8 card)
giovanni (5/6 meh okay if used right a 6damage hole in your opponent).

now for uppers
nellie ( a big beffy 4stars mixed with her bonus makes her a gr8 card)
beentenka (7/6 ok i guess but can make holes and gr8 for finishing)
oxen (7/6 (w/a although use first because of the min) gr8 for 3stars)
samantha (gr8 for 1pill vs 1pill play and that sob ability will come in handy).

instead of the montana if you want.

gl and if you have any questions feel free to pm me
UM-1984 (o"o)

The rewards seem slightly different then the ones posted on this site..
They seemed to have lowered the win requirements to move to the next level.

Does anyone know the exact payouts?

I now have 1503 clintzs

Full decks arnt good you normally end up with 7 common and a rare while if you go new blood there are some cards worth a good price in there

Looks good to me, could also swap gheist - roots if you prefer.

wednesday 29/04/2009

I think because everybody was selling leaders to kate for 800 way back when and she-if Kate even exists-has maybe so many timbers that it just ain't funny no more.
I know I sold all my leaders to kate for 800 back then.

Roots && Nightmare

Pussycats && Nightmare

Nightmare && All Star

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