wednesday 22/04/2009

Oh thats cool i have replaced filomena to prince jr. and so do u think i should get mona or ottavia at all, i was also thinking about trying to get into nightmare or uppers possibly would that be a good idea? oh ok the crs good to know thanks but i am not planning on playing non elo, non type 1 they are probably needed for type one too.

oh is don and fabio and all them really that much better? i thought i heard to keep them out in favor of hugo someplace? and if i did go 1/2 deck who would i put with monana, oh ok so really only get ottavia and mona as the last things to get, ah thats good to know what character helps against what clan thanks, and i will definitely keep what u said in mind.

Vermyn needs to be somewhere in there.

Z3r0 d34d
soa is good
i like ghiest more than nightmare
and hes probbably better art

Mona for sharon...

Thanks elchew.

Wazzupz, you have to write presetsmileythe number at the end of the URL, in this case, 475072), without space, presetsmileyxxxxx

I've already deleted the deck, I didn't like it at the end, so Mods or Admins can close the thread smiley

tuesday 21/04/2009

I need some advice on what to switch out in this deck. My primary budget is around 8-9k, or at least it will be once my Sheitane and Chloe sell.

If you are doing a half deck, you need to stay away from Montana support cards like Oscar and Veccio, both pretty cheap. Spiaghi is the cheapest he's been ever and a much better damage taker than Ricardo. If you need another 2 star from Montana, Prince Jr is a solid choice.

With Uppers, going cheap, Rubie is a must. SOA and 6 damage for three stars. Since you can't afford the big cards, look at Beetenka and Nellie, both are solid 6-7 damage and good power. 2 star Samantha is very nice as the SOB can be used against Piranas and Nightmares to get an easier win. Wendel brings a courage SOA to the table and is the cheapest he's been in a while.

Hope this helps...

I have a budget of 9-10K, and I need a good deck for Elo and Tournaments. I am open to all suggestions, as well as budget advice.

In DT's I go sentinel/uppers or sentinel/sakrohm. Uppers for the walls and multiple 2 hit k.o's and sakrohm for the dmg reduction

I agree with gta0004, besides Nellie is just about best card in that deck, if you cut her out because of price, I'd reconsider and buy her as soon as you can, she is worth it.

@tbo - The trick is to use your bonus. The +2 damage is a beast and you're gonna have to commit to inflicting damage versus just trying to beat what card your opponent plays. You have a lot of 2 hit KOs in that deck and you need to look for them when playing Mons and Upps.

Sakrohm half-deck you are using is usually used to prevent opponent from catching up in damage once you hit them hard. You need some 5-6 damage dealers to complement Sakrohm . What you currently have is just blockers and damage reducers, so if for example you get smacked for 9 in round 1, you will have hard time catching up.

@gta - DJ Korr played violin for the Clint City orchestra, but it also says that he gave that up when he picked up the sampler. smiley

I now have Vladimir.

monday 20/04/2009

Frankie Hi (U) is cute but only because he's cheap. Rubie (R) is the way better choice .

@Neon pfull-pm
This was once a fact but after 7 to 8 power cards got released every release its no longer true. Rubie is far to weak to win much anymore these days. Yes she has a SoA but with that 5 power even the bonus helps little. Frankie with his one extra power and
- power ability is a better choice in DT type 2.

He was banned last week.

Go light on the FPC. Kerozinn Cr, Chan, 2* Windy Mor as a Marlysa Cr sub, and a 1* Unagi. That gives you 15 stars to devote to Dorian, Nellie, Zatman, Oxen smiley

Yeah we also need an ability that turns support boni into support mali like...guerrillia smiley

Hi drakelord3: random can be annoying but also full of suspense. It's not "for newbie", it's just different.
Players who dislike random tends to be more "vocal" than player who like random.

You can find (a lot) of discussions about it by searching in the boards.

I use this

i think i got around 1220 in elosmiley

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