thursday 30/04/2009

Looks good to me, could also swap gheist - roots if you prefer.

wednesday 29/04/2009

I think because everybody was selling leaders to kate for 800 way back when and she-if Kate even exists-has maybe so many timbers that it just ain't funny no more.
I know I sold all my leaders to kate for 800 back then.

Roots && Nightmare

Pussycats && Nightmare

Nightmare && All Star

Please Rate & Comment.
Help me improve these decks!


Betty to Feelyn OR Effie
Baby Q to Charlie OR Clara
Mindy to Bors

If your buying. Then you should prioritize first GraksmxxT. He's very good in DT's.

But if you'll decide for ELO. Vermyn N.

GraksmxxT is perma-banned because its the law of ELO. No high powered, fair bonus, fair damage, damage reducer.

ref: Urban Gazzette

I agress with the three.

Also try joining a guild. This works quite well in playing urban.

Any suggestions to improve this deck would be appreciated



tuesday 28/04/2009

Sry ment i prefer don
but if fabio has lower minimum i would tak him

Face palm you don't need dr wise you want a fast game!
i would use elo banned cards (jackie and vickie cr) and have at least 6cards capable of 6damage.
you would want to run type2 as well because you get more pionts then.

par example

vickie cr (don if you can't afford which is the most likely case)
mona (big and beefy)
sharon (7/5 (w/a) good stats)
prince jr (beefy at 2stars

jackie (mega mega mega ultra beef)
zatman (mega beef)
oxen (7/6 (w/a))
rubie (5/6 with soa gr8 for 2hitkos) (although i have heard that you can use frankie hi due to the fact that no1 expects a ko from him)


Eyrik, Hugo, morphun, and Ambre

And there's still a strict ELO protocol damage reducer which are high powered and such damage of six or more. banned.

that's an ELO rule. said in the Urban Gazette

Depends if its a card you don't want to be hit by and if you got any other cards worth anything. Kolos by himself isn't much of a bluff. Kolos and kenny in the same hand, however...

Maybe you should try other clans if you want really low priced?

Even Winston from La Junta, which was the cheapest card ever, has jumped up to 200 clintz. Next best really is Dacote at 600 clintz, and then there's Dean and Chiro who are quite good for their price at around 700 clintz each.

For Sentinels, past the growing cheaper Z-drone which is 250 clintz, the next usable card is Aurelia at 550, which is probably out of your price range too.

I'd try Rescue. Like every card on the first page is usable except Denise, though you can't just add cards to your deck and wait for the stronger cards like you can with other clans.

The poison used last will take effect over any poison used before...even if its a weaker poison

monday 27/04/2009

I like this preset that i made with jungo/sakrohm

Gil is just more deadly. If Dreen ability work to its full power she is basically a 8/3 +8 atk which isn't bad but its nothing to 7/2 -3 opp pillz +8 atk. I have won many games with gil's ability

The Jungo bonus isnt that important to the build so the possibility of no bonus isnt that big of a deal and I would much rather have 3 more power with Nistarok than a chance at -8 opp atk bonus that I would draw less than 1/4 of the time so uranus is not even a consideration. The only thing i am considering right now is swapping Scopica or Niva for Psylo to give me an SOA. It would be the same life differential but i would be losing 1 power that I might miss when I get up to 6+ wins. I guess I'll try it both ways and see which works better.

Thanks for the assist guys!

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