friday 10/05/2013

Ok deck. I would personally change Gyro to Graff, Massiv to Lil Jey, Arawaka to Pan, Cutey to Edwin and Nerfeniti to Sargh.

I made 1400 with the deck so far this week smiley. Im not so sure about Akendram UM_AaaBattery as the deck already has 3 Freaks fairly capable of winning the round and getting that poison in, although if I was going to go with an offensive 3 star over Quasichoco I think Akendram would be my first choice.

thursday 09/05/2013

Nice deck. smiley

Im gessing Jean is full in the real deck lol.

It dosn't really need a heavy hitter. Its more for the long game (you don't have to ko just make your opponents life lower).

wednesday 08/05/2013

Welp. Not much of a junkz player so no comment on the junkz side. Maybe eebiza > gibson?

Honestly, my favourite 3* in jungo is nyema. she's just too scary with her 8 life gap stuff.

Nice deck. I would personally change Cutey to Pan and Sheitane to Artus.


WOW! smiley

edited by UM_AaaBattery wednesday 08/05/2013, 16:32

monday 06/05/2013

Interesting deck. I would personally change Dreadlash to Deea.

Nice deck. I would personally change XU52 to Hriger and Mok to Klawz.

Interesting deck. smiley

Interesting deck. I would personally change Lolly to Romana and Fuzz to Peeler (though you can keep fuzz if you prefer him).

Nice deck. I would personally change Dreadlash to Deea.

sunday 05/05/2013

I think the min should have been min. 1, though. Almost impossible to mono-deck these guys, and you won't want to play them in the last round looking for a KO.

saturday 04/05/2013

Thanks.. uranus is unbanned so, i chose praxie over her. smiley

friday 03/05/2013

A flawed argument, sir. When a card becomes obsolete, the content provided by that card is effectively reduced. The fact that some people may enjoy the simple act of owning the card doesn't really negate that.

Outside of certain kinds of player events, I have no reason to discuss the strategic merits of Yumi, or put her into any of my decks. I've glanced at her art once or twice. But give her 7 power, or change her Confidence to a better condition, and she suddenly becomes relevant again. She would even be fair as a Courage: +14 attack: a slightly better Toliver with 1 less damage. Now she becomes the subject of discussion, more people want to buy her, more people want to slot her into all different kinds of decks.

Rather long-winded way to make my point, I guess, but what I'm trying to say is that changes can be constructive rather than destructive, and that serves the game by making content more relevant in general.

Can this deck work?


Ok deck. I would personally change Corrina to Anakrohm, Lakit to Mantiz and Shayna to Zack. This still keeps the price down.

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