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monday 11/05/2009

Hey Guys
This is what I am working with currently.


Any suggestions? I know when Timber hits 5 stars, I will need to sub him out for a 4 star Sent card.. not sure which one yet tho.

Think this could last at all for DT or Elo? thanks.

Gonna be tough with any Bonuses. As a leader on board will almost guarantee that 1 clans bonus is negated. Personally I would go Mono in one clan or the other with Ambre, she can help your serious Pill manipulators get through. Just my opinion though.

Can you make one with el gringo lvl 5 holding a pill instead of the chips things?
same letters as the one i got now, but with and boxing ring as backgroundsmiley

Feel free to take a look and comment, however as far as I'm concerned these two are as perfect as it gets for my personal playstyle, go ahead and modify either to suit yourselves. Have fun.

RESCUE 27-T2 deck intended to be used for DT got #2 with it

UPPERS PARTY CRASHERS T1 deck intended to be used for DT got #16 with it

Now this is a Bangers/Roots deck that seems a little wierd .

In elo this week I mainly vsed all stars (30%) roots (30%) gheist (10%) piranas (10%) bangers (5%) others (10%). The others where mainly junkz and montana + hugo, with a few uppers and jungo.

As for gheist and roots being the most banned in ELO they're not. gheist hasn't had any bans for a while, roots had no bans this week and only a couple recently. The most banned is sentinel, 1st week when cards where vote banned, sentinel had they're main 3 cards banned, and since then have had 1-2 cards banned every week. shortly followed by uppers with zatman and dorian.

When I do see people using freaks, I almost never see them use twyh due to her low power, and only sometimes see them using hula. I really think that freaks need a stop ability card, they are too vulnerable as is, and preferably 1 with decent stats, atleast 7 power and 4 - 5 dmg. Usually when I do see freaks, they are a 10* or 11* 1/2 deck, usually, olga, akendram, esmerelda and either hula or another 3 star.

sunday 10/05/2009

Any advice?????

Please help me improve my deck, thanks.
Let's Steal Money

5th Ca flag wasteroftime from guild Dark Carnival Guild of Juggalos with 442 battle points won 2 688 Clintz + 1 Credit.

thats from 19 wins 3 losses and 1 draw

Urban Rivals is a massive multiplayer game browser which registration is for free. It currently has over 4,000,000 players (4,200,304 at the time of editing) and more than 420 characters with which to fight and evolve.
The money game has two ways:

Clintz is the virtual currency used in the game. Is gained in several ways:
Playing any kind of combat (if you win you get a greater amount of clintz that if they draw or lose).
Play tournaments daily. In these tournaments give you 50 Clintz only a game during the time, and a prize if you're among the first 150 finishers.
ELO playing a game mode that gives a reward at the end of the week if it stays positive score (above 1000 ELO points).
The last way to get clintz is to sell the characters in the collection itself. To get real benefits from the sale of characters is advisable to buy credits and unlock modes of public and private sales.
Credits. The credits are:
Play tournaments daily, although they need to reach 100 points battle for 1 credit.
ELO playing at the end of week 2 gives credit to all participants who have stayed with positive score. This number increases as we advance in the classification.

I was wondering if anyone like me plays UR in Java if so what modifcations would you make to improve the style of it one thing that i miss compared to the flash version is that when your in a dt it dose not tell you how well your doing with-in that hour and how many points you've scored and where you currently stand.

I know the UR team are currently working on a new flash program for UR though it would be really great if they did not forget about us java players

As long as you have a good explanation for the cards you choose, you will also have a much easier time choosing something else when the time comessmiley And it makes it easy to learn somethingsmiley Give it a go in ELO and see how it goessmiley

Pheonix, could it be, and this is completely hypothetical, that people simply didn't like your preset as much as the others?? Presets are getting high ratings solely because of telling everyone what the final evolution of the new cards are... Afterwards they go way low IF the card is badsmiley It's actually quite simplesmiley

2 per day

then close this topic

I would want a pill and life manipultion clan.

Weed Smokin Pirates
tried to make a preset with Spycee.
Please give advice, thanks.

saturday 09/05/2009


plz green and comments plz

I am wanting ur guys opinions on if this preset could be used in elo.


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