saturday 18/04/2009

Best solution is BW Shacklers..... or keep him banned... or nerf his unevolved stats.

but a 4 star weelee definitely shoves ulus into the ELO fray

I tend to notice in my matches that every other card played has a random fight.. BUT this is easily chocked up to coincidence.

I would seriously love if the programmers would make there be a way to actually "know" how to win in random.. some kind of complicated elaborate coding so that maybe a reverse sureshot was the way to win matches.

It would probably be a great way for players to get together and spade things together as well! ^.^ (maybe even changing the code weekly? or every two weeks?)

No i check they are level 7
and it comes up level 10 for them because i battle corne alot and it says he is 13

This page explains all the info you can find on a card:

this page explains all about the different abilities and or bonusses cards can have and what they mean (like support:, team: stop:,...) :

specially useful abilities/bonus in the current game: + or - attack , Stop Opponent Ability (SOA) and Stop Opponent Bonus (SOB) and + or - pillz

this page explains how a fight goes down :

what it doesnt say (cause it's pretty obvious) is that you will always have one pill on a card, even if you didnt use any pills of your own. This is because attack is calculated as power * pillz and if pillz where to be 0, attack would be 0, so you will always have one pill. if you use 2 of your own you would get 2 + 1 = 3 pillz meaning power * 3 = attack

friday 17/04/2009

Here it is


There is the fanfiction of UR smiley

Most of the Power reducing world can defeat him. It's okay, i switched my deck to an ulu watu. here you go

Ok .. well im gonna keep playing with this current draft. just bought a fabio, have no idea how to integrate him into an ELO deck. just too many stars. Will start saving for a Mona and a Prince Jr .. but for now see what happens.

The guild room change mode option is still deactivated at the moment. An announcement about it will be given ones it is up and running again. smiley

Any further questions about this should be sent straight to the customers' support services or to any mod available.


They're both great, I use both of them in my T2 survivor deck, but lulabee is better, but seeing as how mis lulabee is quite cheap now you may aswell buy her till you can afford the regular.

Just an edit on what KON ARTIST said, it's double attack not double the power. If you Double your opp atk, in random rooms it will win no matter what. Example zatman Vs bodenpower both with bonus, zatman Vs bodenpower 0 pillz Vs 0 pillz, zatman wins because ability + bonus takes opp to 1 atk, bodenpower only has -5, leaving zatman on 3 atk, more than double so no matter what zatman wins. Now if bodenpower was to use 1 pill and zatman still using 0 pillz, bodenpower would have 4 atk and zatman would have 3 atk, normally bodenpower would win but because of stupid random, zatman can still beat him. if you play 2 pillz, then it would be more than double and prevent random from robbing you of your win.

DJ Korr Cr most definately

thursday 16/04/2009


well, there it is. could you post some feedback here please, read the preset description to see what i was aiming for. Thanks for your feedback.

All lower than maximum stared cards ... (their prices are way to high and maintaining them is really annoying)

I do not have enough clintz to buy or maintain decks that go for these strategies and most of the time if you draw your awesome all 5* half of your deck it doesnt even ensure you a win, while on the other hand if you go with your one stared pussycat half you for sure going to loose.

It would be nice if only in the Training and NON Tournament Rooms your cards would actually get expirience so you can enable this feature for all players ! (Vote for it ! ... somehow smiley )

Oscar in mono clan bonus.i really dont know why hes at the price he is other than the fact that he can be soad and hes not really that mcuh to look at when in non mono situation.but when he wins he wins.ive been tinkering around with what i could do if i ever got ambre and put her in a 5 space spot.just a thought but oscar does deserve at least a few more props.

Thats a very low budget for such an expensive clan... start with rolph i suppose.

the key cards are toro and leviatonn but both are well over 2k

bristone, methane, and zerodead are the other elo cards for gheist. platinum works too but with uppers and other attack clans running around at the moment he is a big liability

Go to google??

ELO is a week long tournament where you fight in the ELO room and get points for winning and lose points for losing. Players with high scores usually 1410+ end up in the top 100 and have a chance to win a Collector. Players in the Top 25( 1st place through 25th place) Get 20 Credits and a greater share of the jackpot. If your not in the top 100 then you have a slim chance at receiving a rare card at random. If your score is 1300+ then you receive 10 credits and if your score is 1200+ then you only receive 5. And when it says players beyond 25th then yes it means 26,27,28,29,30...etc. PM me if you have any questions or things I didn't make clear.

Imho it's really solid. If you get a hand without abomb and with only 1 great 3* you will have a hard time but If you draw one of these bombs...

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