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sunday 10/05/2009

Weed Smokin Pirates
tried to make a preset with Spycee.
Please give advice, thanks.

saturday 09/05/2009


plz green and comments plz

I am wanting ur guys opinions on if this preset could be used in elo.


It's good trust me

Piranas are second choice.


plz first read comments and then comment and rate.if u red face me plz propose changes.thnx

All-gheist deck!

I hope you enjoy it!

Comment and Rate Please smiley

No Hopes Of Dmg
No Hopes Of Dmg

Please rate and comment on this deck
hopefully its in the best deck in the newsletter netx fortnight HAVE FUN PLAYING

These are the most valuable cards that I have!
I celebrate the 5 months that I am in the Urban Rivals (Thank you,Kate) and also in these 5 months I made to collect 400 cards!!!
Rate it and comment it!
Also give me advice for an elo deck that I wanna make!

Thank you so much!
Elm_Rey 619

Appreciate the input. However, since I assume you mean a one star caciope, I have to say that I don't want to play a deck with un-max cards. Too much of a hassle to constantly replace cards.

Randy, for two reasons he always has a +2 power difference, and if he gets hit by SOA =, he is still a 3* 7/6 which is nothing to scoff at.

The Fang Pi half doesn't have enough impact on the game - most of the time, you're going to rely entirely on your two GHEIST draws to win, and if one of them is beaten, you're going to have a hard time winning the game.

If you want to play the same GHEIST half deck, you could very easily run a deck of Dreen, Gil, Veenyle, and Onik/Lolly. I've been playing the following deck with great results: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=482528 .

You could also run Gibson/Rowdy over Onik/Lolly, and drop Leviatonn down to Zero Dead.

Click "Destroy guild"

You can't leave it if you are the only member.

friday 08/05/2009

Rolph / Lin Xia / XU52 (depends on your playing style)
Bristone / Dolly
Z3r0 d34d
Arkn / Ludmilla

Rolph / Lin Xia / XU52 (depends on your playing style)
Z3r0 d34d/Arkn

A bit of criticism i use 3stars in survivor (e.g uranus) 4stars (grakkmxxt and trinmmxtt and i manage to get 12victories.
any who for the new players i wouldn't suggest playing survivor now you will just get owned.


check it out

Lol at both your topics (unban jackie and ban kolos). If you ask me, you need to play a bit more with both those cards and you'll understand why jackie is banned and kolos isn't. Kolos is a good card but is stopped by so many cards. (Damage reducers, SOA, Power reducers...) Kolos need his ability to be useful, he needs to be played unchallenged at that to actually make a difference.
Jackie does not need her ability, especially as her ability is one that only levels the playing field. But she is a 8./6 with an attack manipulating bonus. If Kolos had an attack manipulating bonus he'd be a scary card. (Have you never wondered why attack-modifying clans dont have 1HKO's, this is the reason). The only cards that work well against jackie are either from Nightmare or Piranas, and both lack characters with enough power to beat her.

For some reason people really seem to like mixing up the jungo with junkz..

Is it for the damage reductions and pill playing that junkz can do and jungo cannot? (aside from niva)

I think jungo do a fantastic job in ELO, just think about it: Someone hits you with 6 points of damage or even 5 and has the potential to do a 2hitKO with fury! Use a jungo card (like ongh or even mindy! (I like using mindy in these situations actually, no one thinks she will be pilled like HECK!)) and then BOOM you just saved yourself from a 2hitKO AND you can score an upperhand if the game plays well!

I just really like not having to worry anymore about getting 2hitKO'ed! Lol, Jungo is my new favorite deck!

(And I am also running a jungo/junkz half deck.. I like the pills manipulation and damage reduction I can get from junkz! AND with cards like rowdy and gibson, who cant resist?!)

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