monday 13/04/2009

While Montanna/upper owns in t1 t2.
In elo you might want to try sakrom for some damage reduction.

2 options

1) Play , get better, win in ELO

2) Play , get better, win Events

3) Continue spending more money

Ok. ill see how it plays out. Last week i had 4 piranas but i still used Clara, soz yeah

There are certain times when your ELO value will not increase or decrease as you win/lose. This time often occur a couple of hours before the end of each ELO week and a couple of hours after the announcement of the winners for the previous week. Therefore, when your ELO value remains 1000, it is not a glitch.

Other than those times, the scores will go up and down depending on your wins and loses. The updates of scores are immediately shown after every battle.


The second is closer to beeing good smiley But I don't like Ambre in Elo, makes your deck too predictable. But the build seems nice for elo survivor probably. In Elo, I would take out Ambre and Taham for Gibson and Rowdy and use the saved 2 stars to fit Bloodh into the Piranah half

Neon, wee lee is 4* tanaereva is 5* taigo is 2* nanook is 3* jackie is 4* oxen is3* zatman is 3* and rubie is 3*which equals 27*
while without rubie and swich her for samantha which is 2* whic would make a 26* deck

This is my new dt deck inspired by tiny cuts run deep

tell me what u think
willys dt point gainer deck

hopefully with some practice someone can use this deck and place in the top ten, maybe even win one
but thts a long way away for me smiley

anywways please rate and comment thank you everyone smiley

sunday 12/04/2009

Leviatonn is overrated, Bristone is more useful.
You might wanna play around with Clara, Louise and Charlie; they are all great

Wow a low star half deck torres!

Taigo would be a good option once Gaia is levelled up smiley

@0UC-DarkEagle wow you really don't no me do you
1. lol m8 fang pi clang was my start clan (along with montana) back in the day. back then you got a 5star card (mine was kinjo) so you were pretty much bound to that clan. i used to own kerrozinn cr (got her for around 9k before her Cr-ing i believe). so saying ive never played with them is a bold statement i must say.
2. i never said dean was better i said chan was better. quote: "soz i thought it was stop: +3power (lol) so i guess Chan (R) wins" any who apart from chan yes they have got marlysa cr (but she is virtually unobtainable because of her high price) but apart from them the rest are a bunch of mediocre fillers.
3. yu mei (ok i haven't played with her alot) still what i meant on the defensive was no pillz or bluffing not countering your opponent soz for the confusion there.
4. your deck, really fair when you have got a billion clint worth deck vs a 35k la junta deck. i really really really doubt (unless you get into the 1400's in elo) that you will ever play a deck like that because no1 can afford it.
to kill a mockingnoob there we go my counter to that deck. your nightmare will be rendered useless (especially kolos with uranus/na boh/ jane ramba. my other la junta cards pretty match up to your cards.
all the cards as well (apart from naginata) have been in the game for at least a year.

any who whatever i just was a little hashed by your statement i've never played with fang pi clang.

UM-1984 (o"o)

Since your asking about cards from the Uppers/Roots/Allstar clans I assume your building a half deck so if your going with a Roots/Uppers combo I'd go for Oxen since you already have Soa. If your going with the Allstar/Uppers combo I'd still go for Oxen.

Oxen, a 3* 7 powered card that can essentially lower half your opponents life points and is barely touched by -dmg cards and has a -10min3 attack bonus, hes a very sturdy card. Sure Soa will make him less lethal but that just means hes good at baiting out your opponents Soa cards.

But if your really worried about Sob clans such as Nightmare or Piranas then go with Rubie but if not then stick with Oxen at 5 power a good amount of UR cards can rock her even with her bonus.

Between Oyoh and Armand both cards having no abilities I'd go with Oyoh, -2 power just looks more attractive then soa in tipping the scale in your favor imo but I'd have to agree with UM-1984 both are pretty rubbish, when you can upgrade to better cards.

Hope this helps.

Gertrud is so overrated she is only 6 power burger would be better

Thanks tanto!!smileysmiley

Whoa, people are playing Sting? Since when?!

saturday 11/04/2009

+ life per damage
Kenny is the most popular, but a 6 power is just bad
Lelena is a good one because her 8 power makes sure she gets through
Theres also Mojo, Perle and others

Taham is great with 8 power, Nobroidoid is somewhat good with 4 pillz but 6 power makes him weak,
Smokey is like the ultimate one, with SOB, 7 power and 3 pillz. Great for playing with people. Katan is average and scubb sucks.


I would have your piranas as your supporting clan.
(ok bloodh is a gd 5star but rolph is better)
so this is what i was thinking of


anywho thats who i picture it anyway

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