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wednesday 06/05/2009

Monatans Fight Dirty
please rate and comment this preset i think it is very good i got 139 points in the DT with only 20mins left smileysmiley

I do not understand how a topic like this actually get's through approval by the mods:S Never the less I rated the deck...

Well since you got SOB, then an attack manipulation clan would be nice like uppers smiley

Any ideas about my deck

Just keep one existing clan ( either ulu watu or roots), and make that half your deck.
Then, you can focus your money on four rescue cards. You now have a half deck with Rescue ( although that's not very popular, since you either get +6,+9 and+12 as a bonus).
Just participate to DT with your deck, and keep buying newer (stonger) cards.
You should be able to own 8 Rescue cards very soon.

tuesday 05/05/2009

Incredibly... Standard? I don't see anything different from what people usually put in, except I guess you didn't put in Jackie.

You don't need to ask for opinions, just play tourneys and you'll see that 40% of the players run the same deck.

Tried it, it works better.. Is there any better deck idea that can works in ELO Survivor?

Hey there guys after reading what people have commented on i've built a new deck that is Uppers based with hugo its a tweaked deck that i used to run when Dorian was not banned in Elo Plz rate and comment


Rolph for the win he is in my opinion the best 5* GHIEST though for a spilt lock down due to GHIEST poor damage i rather use roots

Im just curious but has the game changed again and is SOA and SOB seeing alot more play if so why has this change happed as before it was mainly rescue uppers and sentinal and roots seein alot of play in t1 so why has there been this big move to wards soa and sob

Can some one answer this please as this has really thrown me how much the game has changed in 3 weeks sine i last played

Please rate and comment my new anti Roots/Gheist Elo deck:
ELO Ulu Uppers

Ulu Watu often annoys me in daily tournaments with their crazy 10-power cards. So why not give them a try in Elo? Especially against all the Roots and Gheist players their + 2 power bonus is quite useful while Nanook, Gaia, Lulabee and Lucia aren´t harmed by SoA at all. This powerful ulu watu half deck is supported by a 10 * uppers half deck (Dorian is banned anyway...).

Umm i dont like to use 25 stars in dt
its for elo

@mkap624: That's not the point of Skiner. Skiner should only be using 0-2 pills to best take advantage of his ability. If you're using 4 pills on him then he's a waste of space: he's supposed to save you pills while still being a threat, not eat up a third of them.

I'd personally modify it to be more like this:
Gibson 4*
Gil 2*
Rowdy 4*
Lolly 3*
Hawk 5*
Lehane 2* (she's unbanned now!)
Dayton 3* -> Note that he's good in this case because Lolly, Lehane, Gil and Rowdy (and Gibson, I guess) all pressure opponent for pills.
Aurelia 2*

Who cares if you've got quite a few 2*s? If your worst hand is Gil/Lolly/Lehane/Aurelia then something's obviously quite good (super pill pressure).

monday 04/05/2009

Here is my new ELO deck. Rate, comment, and use at your discretion.

Honestly, Try Junkz or Piranas with Pill manipulation, not too expensive, but can seriously get you the Elo points.
Get a Morphun or Eklore. Then grab the cards that suit your style from the Clan in the Market. Its pretty easy to make a good Elo deck with the Piranas, a little bit tougher with the Junkz as their awesome cards are all higher stars. But honestly, I have used both and can get to around 1200 Elo. I mean, if you make a deck your style, you might score better, but I am all Nightmare. I play it because it is my style, not because it is the best Clan.

UR staff and/or people who handle technical problems, glitches, etc. won't see problems, bugs, glitches, etc. if they are just posted here in the forums. For such problems, I advice you to contact customer support so the staff can do something about your problems.

I would pair them with a +-clan because they are poor in 1pillvs1pill play.
e.g uppers
something like this
windy mor
yu mei

but ask nubamura tho hes the FPC expert (and fanatic)

They like sweet & sour sauce, works wid everything

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