wednesday 08/04/2009

Type 2 with ambre

miss chloe
skiner /dayton or zdrone or if u got money ..Tessa cr

tuesday 07/04/2009

What do you think,its for getting lots of points in fight club

Yes but Arno can prevent some damages =/
And I prefer Noodile to remplace arno =)

Close please

Sakto sakrohm na binili ko thanks
pls close this subject

Their boss is the only one i like most, ongh, smiley

Kl let Um-1984 help
ok let me have a looky here
oghn (tough 5star card with his 8/6 stats with his evil abilty.)
scopia (gr8 for her high power and the fact that she is able to evade blockers.)
radek (a nice beefy card.)
mindy (good for 1pill vs 1pill play and can (rarely serve you in attack.)
toro (a strong beefy 4star card.)
leviatonn (a full stopper.)
bristone ( a gr8 blocker/attacker if needed though.)
d34d z3r0 ( 7/4 w/a for 2stars another good addition.)

gl UM-1984

monday 06/04/2009

Well......aparently people aren't too fond of this one smiley

Karmtic.. the preset you posted was bangers and Eyrik.. not a bad deck, but like 7 cards I don't have...
Half bangers half piranas could work... something like:
Bodenpower, Lennox, Bennie, Laetitia, Katan, Tula, Smokey, Trey...?

And Amuous.. good ideas. I like the top deck quite alot.. I believe I've played something very similar in the past. Your "worst case" hand is actually a dream hand in a DT.

The fourth deck is good.. I have some trouble playing Gheist against montana or uppers decks though... but the piranas should help.. I'll try it.

This is what I would call Eeevil, how about you??smiley


I got bothsmiley Now, Bryan or Naginata??? ill prob save up more for either one, but ive noticed Naginata has gone up in price a bit, and might keep doing so, so should i get her bor just Bryan???smiley

You should sell them now, and when they are about to get out of New Blood, by them as they will be cheaper.

Where do you get those report with time and your ELO value?


Ok im trying to find a deck that works well with Bangers for Elo. But I c'ant pick right now well because.... Ok this is what happened. First I started with pure Bangers (which didn't work out). Then Bangers/Sentinel that didn't work out because 2 of it's main cards are banned which are Hawk and Lehane. Then i'm thinking Bangers/Junkz but since the Elo format election just started it has Gil, Gibson, Veenyle and Rowdy there are a big change that Rowdy and Gil will be banned. But I want to stick with Bangers/Junkz but i'm not sure so here I am asking you for your help. Which clan do you think is the best clan to go with Bangers for Elo and why. I really hope you guys can help me out.

All Star Pu$$ie$
Tell me what to change

Crappy, weak cards are there for a reason; so that new players (that aren't willing to lay down tons of money on this game) can purchase those cards in the market to get a taste of what it's like to buy and sell. Rewriting these cards simply means that new weak cards need to be made to compensate. There's no reason to recreate these cards.

I used tis one to get 8 wins just now
CoOol nAn

sunday 05/04/2009

I would mix them with a -+attack clan to patch up their weakness in 1pillvs 1pill play

Thanks for the suggestions

Good deck but ji would change shann to bodenpower but its your choice

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